The Dog Horoscope 2020

The Dog is a sign that has an innate sense of justice. They are quick to feel indignant and outraged when they think that someone is suffering injustice.

 In fact, they are the first to help out when there’s a problem, by putting themselves in the line of fire to defend others. Their other qualities include being loyal, faithful and honest.

Dogs have a very affirmed sense of values. They have their own code which they hold very dear and to which they cling unwaveringly.

The problem for Dogs is that they struggle to trust others. They are very careful about getting irrefutable proof that they can trust someone but always remain wary nonetheless.

Dogs are sought out as friends because of all the qualities mentioned above. Moreover, they have another rare quality: they’re good listeners. People naturally confide in them because they know how to keep a secret. If you ask them not to, they will never reveal anything.

Dogs nonetheless are very attached to their private lives and independence. They struggle to blend into groups. They avoid gatherings of more than two people like the plague. For them, it’s genuine torture when they have to take part in social obligations, gatherings, meetings, celebrations…

They want to live their own lives and don’t want to live the life of the average person. They are original thinkers and their ideas have nothing to do with what’s fashionable.

They tend to shut themselves away in their own world, surrounded by a few close friends. Dogs have a lot of mood swings and struggle to control their emotions.

Dogs should learn how to relax because they are often stressed and worried. They need to be less rigid in terms of their principles, by accepting those of others.

Astrological Predictions for the Dog for the year of the Rat

A good year of the Rat awaits people born under the sign of the Dog. They should expect lots of changes throughout 2020. However, they will need to get rid of some of their past principles and not replicate certain behavior. That way, they’ll be able to make the most of this very beneficial period for people born under the sign of the Dog.

General tips

If you are born in the year of the Dog, you shouldn’t have any trouble adapting to the changes awaiting you in various fields. Indeed, people born under this sign are fairly flexible. You are capable of quickly changing your views if you are provided with sound reasoning for new advice or principles that people give you.

You then easily adopt the attitude enabling you to implement them. That will work in your favor and people will call upon you more and more.

Nevertheless, you will need the emotional support of trustworthy people to get through these changes as quickly and flexibly as possible. You’ll be able to find this support in a romantic relationship.

But it could also come from family members, friends, people whom you generally admire, in your core business, in your social life, in your community, in your religion…

You’ll manage to earn people’s trust if you can be reliable and achieve what is asked of you by the agreed deadlines. Your loyalty and honesty will be much appreciated.

These qualities will open doors to you, which you’ve wanted to open for a long time as well as other more unexpected doors, which will give you access to new areas and new options to guarantee yourself a more secure and pleasant future.

Develop your relationships naturally without adopting fake positions that aren’t yours with the aim of pleasing others or benefiting from it. Doing so would be unsustainable because you won’t be able to go against your profoundly honest nature for long. Your relationships will need to be based on openness if you want them to succeed.

Career – Finances

Great financial wealth is heralded for you during the year of the Rat because you’ll know how to inspire trust in people through your honest and irreproachable behavior. They will, therefore, be receptive to your requests, whether it’s for advice or financial support. You’ll therefore have a solid foundation upon which to develop your own prosperity and improve your financial situation.

You should also rely on the powerful network of relationships that you’ll have managed to put in place. That network will be necessary to support you in your efforts, initiatives, and projects, if not to join forces with you. Which will give you greater power of persuasion and a more impressive stature in certain negotiations to benefit from even more advantages, because you should become a voice that is listened to and respected.

People influenced by the sign of the Dog tend to like working in roles that may be subordinate, but which require talent. Without necessarily showing off, you’ll, therefore, be able to silently move forwards, earning more and more money.

You will however often have to struggle to achieve your goals, thereby respecting the famous saying, “No pain, no gain”! You won’t resent the efforts you need to make because you know that nothing comes easy and that you need to earn everything for yourself.

You’ll be rewarded with successes and sums that should gradually appear to inflate your bank account, if you behave as explained in these recommendations for the year of the Rat.

The financial sector should then be a source of great joy for you. You’ll find balance and inner strength that will help you in the projects you undertake in following years, capitalizing upon your successes in 2020.

Love – Friendship

Your financial success should be accompanied by great emotional happiness because the year of the Rat is favorable to people who are capable of being faithful, loyal and responsible. This should guarantee you a happy life as a couple if you already have a partner, or which should lead to a serious and lasting relationship if you are still single and/or getting out of a difficult relationship.

Whether you are already with someone or looking for the perfect partner, the horizon is clear for you in the emotional sphere and you should experience very few crises or serious problems.

There will, of course, be disagreements, arguments, and snags, like in any self-respecting couple. They won’t be serious and will be easily resolved if your partner is aware that you are seriously committed and that you are someone trustworthy, whom they can rely on without any problems.

If you are looking for a new soul mate, since the big-hearted qualities of people born under the sign of the Dog are favored during the year of the Rat, you shouldn’t have any problem finding the perfect partner, as long as you act natural and rely on your above-mentioned profound qualities.

When you have honestly made the decision to find someone who suits you and to have a long-term relationship, you won’t have much to do or long to wait before finding your soul mate.

Once the decision is made, be vigilant because the perfect partner will certainly appear, but perhaps not in the way you might expect. Moreover, expect a few unpleasant surprises from people you were interested in, because appearances can sometimes be deceiving, and true intentions are sometimes hidden and not always the ones you’d expect!

Overall, you should expect great joy in your friendships, where your loyalty will do wonders and could bring you closer to certain people to whom you weren’t that close until now. On several occasions, you’ll discover their true nature and qualities, which until now weren’t obvious.