June 15, 2024
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The hidden beauty of Gemini, zodiac sign gemini

The hidden beauty of Gemini

Historically the zodiac sign Gemini has been given an unfair reputation for being dishonest and disparate; often being referred to as “two-faced” and “untrustworthy”.

My personal experience has been the opposite, and on this basis, one must factor in that if you expect the worst of somebody, then you are unlikely to recognize or acknowledge them at their best. 

Objectivity should always be present, and the Sun (or ‘star’) sign is such a small part of the psyche, each person has so much of their own individual way to express.

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That said, the Sun sign is a very prominent and important part of us, and if one is to view Gemini with understanding and recognition then it becomes obvious how fabulous these messengers really are. 

The hidden beauty of Gemini – basic

Geminis are generally born between 21st May and 20th June – although the time the Sun moves into Gemini will change from year to year, so if you are born near these dates you may need to check with an Astrologer.

As the first air sign in the zodiac year (which begins on 21st March) Geminis are very focused upon all forms of communication, as this is what being an ‘air sign’ is all about.

Also, Gemini is a ‘mutable’ sign (along with Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces), which means that they are more flexible and prone to change.  All of the mutual signs have a desire to ‘merge’ with others and their surroundings in some manner and so are more amenable, open-minded, and adaptable overall than the other signs.

As Gemini is the only communication /air sign, which is flexible (mutable) this means that they will be more willing to show the sides of their personality that best suit their surroundings.  They will in fact try harder to ‘fit in’ to where they are and match characteristics to who they are with.

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The hidden beauty of Gemini & the many faces of Gemini

As Geminis are more likely to change their manner in different surroundings, some regard that their behavior as less genuine, or lacking in depth.

This is an inaccurate observation however, one of the amazing things about Geminis is that they have an ever-changing external self as they are constantly seeking to explore new ways to think, learn and view the world.

On the inside however they are usually very sure of who they are and very set on their moral codes, once they have reached the point at which they have decided this (usually by their early 30s, following their Saturn return).

By socializing with an ever-changing face, they are not being ‘in-genuine’ they are simply ‘finding out’.

They love to talk to people but they also love to listen to and really understand what motivates and inspires others and they know exactly how to interact with each person on their level so that the other will open up and share their true inner motivations.  This is the shape-shifting gift of being a mutable air sign!

Understanding Others

As with all signs, some Geminis will be judgemental or harsh critics, but overall, there is a side to Gemini which is more accepting and curious of other people than most.  Drawn as they are to all forms of communication, Gemini loves to go deeper into others’ thoughts and mannerisms.

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This often makes them great mimics and even more often, fantastic writers and comics.  They love to analyze and really step into others’ mindsets and then almost emulate their ways or re-create them as characters or perfect elements of a story.

They have a never-ending thirst for understanding and learning and so will usually be reading, learning, or researching something or other.

Often, they will be drawn to politics and observance of societal behavior, because of the sociological impact this may have not only upon themselves but also others around them and many are hoarders of facts and details which they love to share and show off to others with.

Generally intelligent, quick-witted, and interested in many things, one of their weak spots can be that their fascination with others’ lives can turn them into gossip.  The more evolved amongst them, however, will use their knowledge for psychological development and observational perceptions.

The ruling planet Mercury and the hidden beauty of Gemini

Gemini is ruled by ’Mercury the messenger’ planet – so known because of its speedy orbit, as it is closest to the Sun. Historically Mercury has been regarded as symbolic of all forms of connective communication, such as post, transport, and messaging systems and in many ways, Gemini’s fast, and able ability to interact effectively with others, illustrates this beautifully.

It is due to this fast motion that we, on the earth, often perceive Mercury to be ‘retrograde’ as when it overtakes us, it appears as if it is moving ‘backwards’.  This occurs approximately every 4 months and for just over 3 weeks.

During a Mercury retrograde, all of us may be aware of more delays in our lives and find that many things aren’t so straightforward or easy to plan. The real lesson of this is to learn other ways to do to things and to consider adapting our habits to other methods.

Gemini intrinsically understands the importance of change and being flexible, nonetheless, they can also be impatient and are used to being supremely able and intelligent.  Hence, Geminis often do find Mercury retrograde periods particularly tricky, as they do not appreciate obstacles, or being forced to wait or re-do anything.

Their understandable ‘unsettled’ energy around the time of a Mercury retrograde, is another reason that they may seem ‘out of sorts’ or very different from time to time.

Love, Compatibility and Relationships

A Gemini will not settle down or commit until they are ready, and no amount of pressure will have any effect upon them.  In fact, pressurizing or trying to control a Gemini will usually result in them distancing themselves completely.

As they enjoy all types of people they can come across as flirtatious at times when they are simply intrigued enough by somebody to want to understand them. As for compatibility, they are not generally motivated by ‘flings’ or flippant romances, drawn as they are too great minds and intellectual stimulation and compatibility.

They will be the first to say that they want a partner with whom they can share all of their thoughts, ideas, and creative musings and most importantly somebody that they can laugh with.

Once they perceive a person who is intelligent enough to remain fascinating, changeable enough to be intriguing, and insightful enough to be infinitely stimulating, then they will consider a love match.

Although they may look to be drawn to the superficial, they are in fact very deep and are usually looking for a great love and soulmate match.

Some Geminis are quite easy to manipulate as they are surprisingly empathic and kind-hearted and if one manages to snare a Gemini using subversive means, then they will do all they can to escape and find freedom, which is how they may end up seemingly ‘unfaithful’.

However, once a Gemini finds love they are very romantic, usually completely doting and honest.  Hence, they make for fantastic funny, erudite, upbeat, kind, and generous partners.

Further depths and Chiron

Secretly, Geminis are quite emotional, romantic, and deep.  Like many, they dream of love and feeling a sense of ‘belonging’ and personal connection to another. Despite their ability to interact and befriend almost anybody when they are on form, they do not easily share their vulnerabilities or wish to ‘burden’ others with their worries and problems.

Therefore, when they do find somebody, they can feel comfortable enough to be themselves with and enduring enough to trust, they value this above all else.  They are incredibly loyal friends, never forgetting a good deed and they are the ones who will always be the first to help another in need.

Whether a friend or a veritable stranger, they have the kindest hearts and are most generous with their time and energy when another is in need.  If another betrays or forgets them, they are hurt very deeply, as they have an innocence and naivety of spirit, often forgetting that many are more selfish in their motives.

Gemini Psyche

It is easy for them to see the best in others to the point where they end up drained, used, or bullied. The ‘wounded healer’ Chiron is at its best in Gemini and this shows in these deeper elements of the Gemini psyche.

They are often drawn to work or create situations where they can help other people, animals, or the environment and deep down you may find that Gemini who always seems to be laughing, networking, and relaying funny quotes actually does a lot of work for charity, or has an animal rescue shed in their garden.

Some may never see the hidden beauty of Gemini, as it’s only when you take the time to get close enough to one that they will share this side with you.  I can assure you though, once you see their ability to love and their propensity for kindness, you will realize that the reason they appear ‘two-faced’ is simply that they feel so very much.

They wish only to spread joy, laughter, and validation to others, and so they will hide their own needs, vulnerabilities, and fears until sometimes this disparity begins to show.

Next time you see a Gemini behaving oddly, reach out to them with the gift of friendship.  Chances are they feel sad, or lonely and need some of the lovely they emanate to be given to them too.

Shalom and Reiki Blessings~~~