June 21, 2024
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Think Succinct - the secret most powerful manifestation technique

“Think Succinct” – the secret, most powerful manifestation technique

Many of us are unaware of how powerful we really are.  In the article I will explain; not only how to believe more strongly in yourself, but also how to take steps towards altering your entire life to better suit your bliss. The most important thing for you to remember is that your mind does not know the difference between imagination and reality. Therefore, everything you imagine is processed in your mind as if it was real, this is why learning to “think succinctly” is so integral.  

Think Succinct – Understanding the mind

Many of us are aware of our thoughts to a certain extent.  We know the themes that we fixate on and the types of worry or concerns that may frequent our awareness.

Perhaps you’re somebody who watches the news every day and whilst you believe this is helping you to ‘stay aware’ the information you take in is ‘believed’ by your mind.

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So imagine your mind as an entity that is separate from the brain, but a center that collects all of your thoughts and awareness.  In a way, this is the truest essence of what is ‘you’ and what makes up your ‘personality’. Every thought you have influenced this mind.

The Subconscious linked to the Think Succinct method

Equally important in our reality is the subconscious.  Whilst the thoughts which are held here are less easy to access, they are just as powerful when it comes to manifesting.

The subconscious center links strongly to the childlike side of our personality.  All of the information and programming, we were subject to as children is replayed here in the subconscious.

The impact of the ‘formative years’ is a very real thing.  What we first learn about life up until the age of about 5 or 6 continually affects our perception of reality and even more importantly ~our perception of *ourselves*.

Hence, many of us unwittingly still believe all the criticism and limiting thoughts that were thrust upon us in our earliest years.

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For those of you who are struggling with self-esteem or confidence issues, it’s quite likely that these issues are sourced in earlier childhood and that you were not fully supported or nurtured by the adults and peers around you.

It’s important that we become more aware of this, as it will continue to limit our reality unless we start to acknowledge, unravel and re-program these thoughts.

Understanding your own mind

I am in the process of creating an extremely powerful meditation to assist you in this exercise, however, the gist of it is, that we start to recognize and observe our thoughts without prejudice. Think Succinct can take In an open, conscious meditative state, about 5 minutes to observe the kinds of inner dialogue you perpetuate.

Don’t be alarmed if it turns out to be very negative and fear-based at first also.  This is very common.  Most people are very self-critical and unsupportive of themselves.

One of the first easy things to practice at this stage is to start to note any harsh criticism focussed upon the self, and then consider how you would respond to somebody you love.

Now try to replace the negative reinforcements with the kind of support and encouragement that you would give to your partner, your beloved family memory, or your best friend.

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Practice this for a while each day, or a few times a day if you can.  You will start to become aware of a reduction in stress.

Learning to re-program

The next level of the process centers around revisiting minor traumas and trying to recall blocks or issues which affect child you, in a way that limits adults you.

Now, depending on the person this can require quite a lot of work, so I don’t advocate going into too much detail or reliving any very powerful traumatic times.

Again, I am creating a tailored meditation that can be used and re-used to help you to work through these blocks so that they no longer confine you.

To summarise, however, if you can recall yourself as your younger self, and really step inside the memory as if all of it is occurring at this moment. Whilst in the memory, become aware of how you feel and the fears, insecurities, and pressures you are aware of.

Now imagine that adult you are approaching that is still in the child state, and your adult self comes and hugs you and tells you that “you are enough” “you are beautiful” “you are perfect as you are” and “you are loved.”

Although the guided meditation process can take you a lot deeper into this process.  Just working through this brief outline a couple of times a week, will really help you to feel more safe, satisfied, and loved.

How we connect metaphysically

You’ve probably heard before that “we are all one” and for some this makes perfect sense and for others, not so much.

So for those of you who are more scientific imagine yourself as a walking ecosystem, with all of your cells, bacteria, and energy flowing through you as one entity.  Then observe that you are part of a community – even if you live in an isolated area – you are impacting everything and everybody you encounter.

When you walk through a field, you are affecting the grass, the insects living within, the mushrooms, and the small flowers within.  You may unsettle a mouse or a bird, and they in turn will respond to your presence.

If you’re in a city you may walk in front of somebody who delays catching a train which is important, or maybe would have broken down and delayed their day.  Or you may smile at somebody whose life is crashing down around them, and for who your kind acknowledgment sends them a lifeline.

Everything around us is affected by us. Now stretch this a little further to incorporate not only your physical energy, and your auric energy but actually your thoughts impact those around you.

If you expect somebody to be warm and kind to you when you see them, they are so much more likely to show up as that.

Equally, if you have limiting thoughts of another and never imagine them at their best, chances are they will feel suppressed and repressed around you and you may just miss out on many beautiful potential qualities in them.

Developing Visualisation

Even if you start to visualize before you work through the limitations that you have in your mind, it is still a very powerful tool.  It’s just that the better the clarity and the more focus you can develop mentally; the more powerful and quickly you will be able use visualization to change your life.

To start off you can imagine memories of happy times in your life.  So spend a few minutes relaxed, and try to recall a really powerful and uplifting memory of a great time in your life.

It may be of a birthday in childhood when you met somebody that matters a lot, or perhaps a time of exhilaration when you won at something or maybe even jumped out of a plane!

Whatever it is really take yourself back into that experience.  Feel the happiness in your breath, the clarity in your body, and an overall feeling of health (even if you weren’t 100% healthy at that time, remember yourself that way).

It’s fine if you alter the memory, it’s only a practice for you to learn to be able to bring great feelings to yourself at short notice.

Using an actual experience is easier for most people, but as you become more comfortable with recalling great times in your life, you can make them up too!

The point of learning to develop a strong ability to visualize is that it may just be the most powerful tool you ever have, once you have mastered it!

Think Succint, A very powerful secret

Now for the most important part, the powerful thought process that can change your life in just days!

It comes down to simply becoming great at thinking “what if…”:

What if I were in a happy, loving committed relationship?

What if I was living in my dream home?

What if I was earning money doing what I love the most?

What If I had a better relationship with my friend, or spouse, or family member?

So for whatever you wish to create, start a sentence with “what if….” and integrate your dream outcome into this.

Now the next step of the process is believing that this has already happened.  So if you are looking for love, you need to imagine your partner is with you.  Set a place for them at the table, talk to them as if they are present, and give them a hug when they come from work.

I tend to encourage people not to imagine the person too clearly, but to imagine the love.  Once you start interacting with very accurate manifestation tools, you will start to become very powerful.

So I would imagine your highest soul connection if you want to manifest love and allow that energy to reach you just as it does. For manifesting a home, you can simply imagine what it looks like when you walk in, how it feels waking up there and having friends around.

The point is that you don’t have to think about what you need to achieve to reach your goal, in fact, you will find your way there much more quickly if you focus solely on energy and less on specifics that are around you in your life already.

Reiki blessings and magical manifestations to you all,