July 19, 2024
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Tarot Reading for the New Year 2021

Tarot Reading for the New Year 2021

Tarot cards are excellent tools for insight and revelation.  As a professional reader, I work with clients by doing readings to help them navigate life.  With a New Year about to be under way, I thought it would be useful to do a tarot reading about the year 2021.

The Question, the Method, and the Spread

The question I asked was, “what do the visitors to Ask Astrology need to know about the year 2021?”  I have over 75 decks in my tarot and oracle card collection and I chose to use the Sun and Moon Tarot (it is one of 5 must-have decks to learn to read tarot)    

When I do a reading for a client, I ask them questions for each card draw.  For this reading, I decided to select 10 cards.  The layout I chose was the traditional Celtic Cross, shown below:

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Celtic Cross Spread
Source: Wikimedia

Question 1: What Does the Readership Need to Know Right Now about 2021?

The card selected is the Two of Swords

Sun Moon 2 of Swords card

We all need to find a way to be at peace with our decisions.  The figure above is sitting in the lotus position and meditating on a dock in front of a lake.  She holds two swords with her arms crossed.  The waters of the lake are calm and the scene is serene.  In essence, we need to be at peace and find peace in this upcoming year, which will be a challenging task given the chaos and tumultuousness of 2020.

Question 2: What is the Challenge We Need to be Aware of?

The card selected is the Prince of Pentacles

Sun Moon Prince of Pentacles card

The Prince of Pentacles is an innovator, go-getter, and entrepreneur.  His energy challenges us to find new ways to cope with and succeed in the ever and fast-paced changing world.  There is a rather clear break of life pre-COVID in 2019 and post-COVID in 2021.  That break in the flow of life took place in 2020.  We need to see the failures of institutions as opportunities for corrective measures, long-overdue, which would not have been able to occur without some massive breakdown or breakthrough.

Question 3: What is Obvious?

The card selected is the Moon (XVIII)

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Sun Moon The Moon card

The Moon represents our connection to our emotions and how we need to take care of ourselves.  There is a constant navigation between darkness and light, identified by the two wolves staring up at the woman on the crescent moon.  The rough sea represents the tumult of emotions and the two fish together are the symbol for Pisces and universal consciousness.  The Hebrew letter is Qof; Qof has to do with the requirement of removing the husk of the superficial to reveal the holiness within.  It is obvious that 2021 will be deeply emotional and make us question our soul purpose.

Question 4: What is Hidden?

The card selected is the Queen of Cups

Sun Moon Queen of Cups card

The Queen of Cups represents conviction and the deep emotions needed to stabilize us in times of crisis.  Her Zodiac sign is Scorpio, which rules death/rebirth, transformation, and trauma.  She stands in front of a Full Moon, able to handle any challenges that require her to remain steadfast in the face of danger or disaster.  In calm times, she is an emotionally stable confidant and friend who helps us feel safe.

Question 5: What Do We Need to Know from 2020 to Help Us in 2021?

The card selected is The Lovers (VI)

Sun Moon The Lovers card

Last year was certainly one to force the globe to confront mortality in an interconnected way that has not been known since World War II or the previous pandemic, the Spanish Flu.  Did you have someone close in your life?  Was this person a tether for you, or did the crisis reveal catastrophic failings in your romantic relationship?  Were you single in 2020?  Whatever you learned about romance in 2020, is a key lesson you need to bring with you into 2021.

Question 6: What Do We Need to Know for Guidance Going Forward?

The card selected is the Hanged Man

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Sun Moon The Hanged Man card

The Hanged Man understands sacrifice and makes it knowingly.  We will need to be guided by willing and necessary sacrifice to get to a greater end for everyone.  Selfishness will only cause more harm, so the guidance going forward is focused on giving up something in the short term to gain something more valuable in the long run.  This is a card of delayed gratification as the solution to 2021.

Question 7: What is Purpose for 2021, Spiritually Speaking?

The card selected is the 6 of Cups

Sun Moon 6 of Cups card

The keyword for this card is pleasure.  The 6 of Cups represents the joy we attain when we do something fun with someone we care about.  The two figures splashing in the water are allowing themselves to experience fun together, which is a reminder that simple pleasure in an ongoing crisis can be one of the most powerful balms for aching hearts, dealing with loss, and emotional fatigue.

Question 8: How Do we Fulfill the Purpose Positively?

The card selected is the 8 of Swords

Sun Moon 8 of Swords card

The 8 of Swords keyword is interference.  It represents mental anxiety and appears to warn us to be mindful of our thoughts and how they shape our reality and influence our emotions.  It is essential that we adopt as positive a mindset so we can move through and embrace the pleasant energy of the 6 of Cups.  We have to acknowledge that it is both okay and necessary to find pleasure in dark times to be able to survive the dark times.  We cannot give way to negative thinking.

Question 9: What are our Hopes and Fears?

The card selected is the 2 of Wands

Sun Moon 2 of Wands card

The 2 of wands keyword is dominion, and the image shows a figure who must overcome a serious obstacle to get to where he needs to be.  The hope aspect of the card is the firm belief that he can find a way through, under, over, or around the fiery obstacle.  There is no turning back.  The fear aspect of the card is being defeated by the obstacle, even harmed by it.  Unfortunately, not only can he not go back, he cannot stay where he is either.  He must find a way to go forward.

Question 10: What is an Action to Consider Taking in 2021?

The card selected is the Fool (0)

Sun Moon The Fool card

Unsurprising the card for action is The Fool, which represents a leap of faith and trust in the universe.  If you are reading this article and decide to share it with others, then your action needs to be to keep going forward, be open to the lesson of this upcoming year, and stay focused on where you need to get to without looking back.  There is a persistent theme in this reading of going forward and not going back.  If you can embrace the idea that the world prior to 2020 is gone for good, then you will have the best chance of navigating 2021 positively.