July 23, 2024
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Zodiac Signs Ranked by Creativity

How Creative Are You? Zodiac Signs Ranked by Creativity

Your zodiac sign is what is behind your personality, your likes, your dislikes, as well as many other traits. Your sign can also reveal your skills. Creativity is one skill you have, and you may not realize this if you don’t think you are creative. However, everyone has a creative side. If you are not a Michelangelo but are good at organizing your items instead, believe it or not, it also involves creativity.

The thing is that when people think of creativity, they think of painting, sculpting, sketching, writing novels, and making music. However, creativity goes beyond the arts. Even the most mundane things you do each day, such as cooking, cleaning, and filing, involve creativity. That is the case when you do those things your way. How creative are you? Your zodiac sign reveals that side of you, and let’s look at the zodiac signs ranked by creativity right now, so you have a good idea!


Pisces is the most creative sign as it characterizes you as having a powerfully vivid imagination. That is the main reason that Pisceans love the arts, and so many people with this sun sign become artists whether they go into painting, sketching, sculpting, or music.

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One of the things that you can say about Pisces is that those who have the sun sign are incredibly dreamy, and that can get into the way of grounding to reality. If the Pisces can ground themselves while they utilize their rich creative side, they can do quite well in life. A rich creative side can also coincide with having strong intuition and profound psychic abilities – which the Pisces has.


Aquarius is the second most creative sign. People with this sun sign aren’t known to be the zodiac painters and musicians the same way that those with the Pisces sun sign do. However, Aquarians rank high in creativity because of their innovative and inventive abilities.

Aquarians are dreamers, and instead of painting a picture, they will use their inventive and innovative skills to create another type of masterpiece. An Aquarian can be the kind of individual to build a robot that involves brilliance and a strong creative side.


Gemini people aren’t inventors or painters. However, they rank relatively high in creativity because they use their creative side in conjunction with their communication skills. That is why plenty of people who have their sun in Gemini are known as writers, broadcasters, or public speakers. To maintain interest and engagement with audiences is by using their creative side through their communication methods.

It is not a surprise if many morning show radio hosts have a lot of Gemini influences. Those radio shows are entertaining, and that is through the use of creativity by the host.

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Libra people relate to fashion and esthetics quite well. Therefore, they will use their creative side to coordinate clothing and accessories to have an appealing and fashionable appearance.

There is not a surprise that clothing designers such as Ralph Lauren have their sun sign in Libra. When it comes to clothing and fashion, their creativity takes over. 


There is a reason that those who have the Leo sun sign have an affinity for acting, theatre, and have a way of getting into the spotlight. Their creative side shines whenever it comes to drama and theatre. You can bet that many Broadway theatre actors or any actor have plenty of Leo influence in their natal charts.

They take advantage of their creative skills for acting, which gets them right into the spotlight because their creativity makes them great actors.


Taurus has the ruler of Venus, the planet of beauty, as Libra has the same ruler. Therefore, Taurus would use their creative side when it comes to fashion and esthetics as well. However, that is not the main area where Taurus places their creative skills.

Taurus is all about comfort and has an affinity for food. Therefore, they will use their creative skills to design their cozy rooms the way they like. Another area where Taurus places their creativity is cooking, which means they can make up their recipes.

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Scorpio is a sign of mystery more than creativity. However, the way the Scorpio expresses themselves through body art, clothing, and accessories involves many of their imagination. If they have plenty of tattoos and body piercings, especially if they are eye-grabbing, that shows that Scorpio has a creative side. Otherwise, no one would pay attention to their presence.

The way Scorpio expresses themselves through what they wear and what they have on their bodies involves a mixture of creativity and mystery.


Cancer is the sign representing home and family, and it’s the most nurturing sign of the zodiac. Cancer isn’t creative when it comes to making anything from scratch. However, since Cancer has an affinity for the home, they will use their creative skills to design their own homes to their liking. It isn’t a surprise that those with heavy Cancer influences in their natal charts would fall into interior design professions.

Cancer can also use their creative skills to cook and create recipes in the same way as Taurus. That especially goes for sugary sweets and pastries.


Sagittarius is all about exploration, travel, and spirituality. That sun sign isn’t mainly known for its creativity. However, since everyone has a degree of a creative side, Sagittarius isn’t an exception to that. Sagittarians are quite good at building networks, which is where they use their creativity.

Finding innovative ways to create a network of people who can help them out when it comes to business or reason is something that the Sagittarius knows how to do quite well. In addition to that, when they travel, they can create their itineraries. They do that instead of relying on others to do that for them.


Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, and those with the sun sign are known to be powerful go-getters. Attaining goals is what they aim to do. That is not a sign known for their creativity as they rely on passion and energy to go after what they want. However, if they notice that a particular plan of action isn’t helping them attain their goal, they will dig into their creative side. That can help them find another way to approach their goal.

Aries will rely on both logic and creativity when it comes to looking for alternate ways to get what they want.


Capricorn is very ambitious and will work overtime to go after their goals. Those who have this sun sign are not necessarily one of the least creative ones around. However, Capricorns are so incredibly rigid in the approaches they use for goal-setting that they rarely allow their creativity to shine through. Capricorns are technical and logical thinkers, which is why it is common for those who have a strong Capricorn influence in their horoscope to be CEOs, managers, and to have high-ranking positions.

It’s rare to find someone who has a lot of Capricorn influences in their charts to go into the arts. You will not find them in fields that involve acting, painting, or music production.


Virgos are the ones who are the workers, the servers, and the analyzers of the zodiac. Those with heavy Virgo influences in their natal charts will not utilize creativity. They are logical thinkers and doers. Virgos are the ones who are busy analyzing, organizing, cleaning, and working.

The only time they will allow their creative side to shine through is by experimenting with healthy recipes. You need creativity to make tweaks when it comes to testing out different recipes. However, Virgo is the least creative sign of the zodiac.

Does that mean those who have a Capricorn or Virgo sun will not go into the arts? What about incredibly talented musical artists such as Michael Jackson, who was a Virgo? What about that highly analytical accountant that has no affinity for the arts that is a Pisces? When it comes to your sun sign, the one thing to remember is that it only accounts for a small section of your horoscope.

Your sun sign is a significant influence; however, there are other influences in your chart that can affect you more than your sun sign. Those influences can go beyond your Moon and rising sign as well. You have to look at planetary aspects and house placements in your chart, which can significantly influence your creativity and method of thinking.