July 13, 2024
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How the Major Arcana is Associated with Food

How The Major Arcana Of The Tarot Is Associated With Food

Major things in life that people associate astrology or numerology to are parenthood, traveling, career, and leisure. More often than not, they don’t necessarily associate the tarot with those things. However, when they are given the opportunity to do so, then they see how each card correlates to different types or aspects of all of those things. 

What about associating the tarot with different types of food? Have you considered doing that? What would that even look like? Sometimes not only food is the issue, but the way food is eaten and adopting certain diets have associations. Let’s find out right now. Let’s check out how the Major Arcana of the tarot is associated with food!

The Fool

The Fool represents going into something that you don’t know about or new beginnings. This card can easily represent trying out a recipe that you have never tried before and not knowing how it turns out. This can go for any type of dish or dessert.

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The Magician

The Magician is the master creator, and the best type of food that this card represents is pizza. Why pizza? Because you build it in any way that you choose. You call the pizzeria and order a pizza. What do you want on it? That is up for you to decide and to tell them so you can have the pizza that you essentially created even though they are the ones that made it.

The High Priestess

The High Priestess is the card that encourages you to tap into your intuition and any foods that are known to enhance intuition are associated with this card. Those foods are cacao which is in dark chocolate, goji berries, and beets that are known to open up your Third Eye chakra, the one that rules intuition.


This is the mom card, and any type of homemade comfort food is associated with this one. Homemade lasagna, pasta dishes, meatloaf, casserole, or chili. Mom’s cooking is what the Empress card represents.


This card is the one that rules order and leadership, and it is a very masculine card. Foods that are associated with this are red meat such as steaks and burgers. A double cheeseburger would be fitting for this card. However, some men are vegans and mock red meat would also fit in that case.

The Hierophant

This is the card that rules conformity and is associated with the sign Taurus. This is an earthy card which means foods grown from the ground are fitting to this card. Vegetables and fruits are associated with Taurus. Therefore, a garden salad or a fruit salad would be represented by this card.

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The Lovers

The Lovers card is the one that rules you making choices and there isn’t a particular type of food that is associated with the Lovers. However, it does represent dining out at a buffet. You have to choose the types of foods you are looking to eat that are presented to you.

The Chariot

The Chariot is a card that represents movement and the best food that is ruled by this card is coffee. It is technically not a food, but it is the drink that everyone is wanting in order to wake up and to get going.


This card represents inner and outer strength, and the best foods that this card rules are those that are loaded in protein such as meat, eggs, nuts, and protein shakes to help with muscle building. Additionally, foods loaded in Vitamin C such as citrus fruits and berries count as well because it strengthens the immune system

The Hermit

The Hermit is the card that rules introspection and it does not necessarily rule a particular food, but it does rule eating foods that are fitting to a healthy lifestyle such as foods that are lower in sugar and are organic in reasonable amounts. After doing some soul searching and reflecting, a change to make is one in the diet to improve health.

The Wheel of Fortune

This is the card that represents a change in direction. And as for food, this card represents a significant dietary change such as becoming vegan or adopting the ketogenic lifestyle. This type of change is for improving health or due to having a change of beliefs.


The cause and effect card most definitely represent diet when it comes to calories going in and calories going out. Do you have a craving for something that may be loaded with calories? That is fine but what this card shows you are that you are aware of what you are taking in and this will motivate you to burn off what you eat.

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The Hanged Man

The card that represents sacrifice and again this can represent making significant dietary changes due to a belief that you have adopted or for health reasons. Additionally, if you are on a caloric daily limit, this is about budgeting your calories and giving up those that don’t fit. There is always tomorrow to try it out.


Moderation is what this card represents, and the way it is associated with food is that it is a card that states that moderation is the key to everything. If you want to have the pasta as well as the chocolate cake for dessert, of course, you can! It is not about omitting as The Hanged Man card represents. It is about fitting it all in but within moderation.

The Devil

The Devil card is one that presents decadence and this one easily does represent actual food. Decadent desserts and the 10-layers of chocolate cake that gets you drooling is what this card represents. That extremely large piece of chocolate that is a dream, this is the card that it shows. This card can represent banquets as well.


This is the card that represents upheavals that are unexpected. This would go for extremely spicy foods in particular. Think about the ghost pepper for instance. Just by looking at it you can tell it is spicy, but no matter how spicy it appears, you will not know it until you actually try it and if you do, do it with caution. It is the spiciest pepper in the world. Can you handle that?

The Star

This is the card that represents hope and this card is fitting for foods that you can eat when you are sick that will help keep your strength up. For instance, the BRAT (bananas, rice, applesauce, and toast) diet is fitting for this card. So is chicken soup and ginger tea as those are great remedies to help promote healing.

The Moon

This is the card that represents anything that is hidden and mysterious. Think about salads that you get at restaurants. They are incredibly delicious, and it is easy to think about how nutritious they really are because salads are nutritious. You would never consider that they often have a very high fat and caloric content, and this is the kind of food that this card is fitting for!

The Sun

The Sun is shining bright and everything is wonderful. Imagine food that is highly delicious and that is so good for you at the same time! Delicious fruits such as berries, watermelon, kiwi and anything else that is sweet and healthy are what is associated with the Sun. Think about dark chocolate as well. This is a health food and is quite delicious. Chocolate, after all, makes you feel better!\


This card represents you aligning to your Higher Self. This is the conscious awakening card. Foods that represent the seven chakras are fitting to this card if you are purposely eating them to keep your chakras balanced. For instance, purposely eating a radish to open up the root chakra because it is red and eating blueberries to open up the Throat chakra because it is blue is what this card represents.

The World

This is the card of completion and you are ready to take the next step. Think about eating well for the day, going to bed with a full stomach so you will be ready to start the day again. That is what is associated with this card as far as food goes.

If you could associate any cards in the tarot to food and diet in either the Major or Minor Arcana, please share what you think!