July 15, 2024
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Angel numbers provide us with specific spiritual insight and guidance. These numbers may appear to us at certain moments in our lives to deliver a message. The message is that you may be on the right path and heading in the right direction. The message will align with the ascended master connected to the number. Continue reading to learn about the 1111 Guardian Angel Number…

Besides the 9 Archangels who provide special links to the divine energy of God, there are 9 Angelic Orders, also represented by repeating mundane numbers, this time in quadruplicity. They are ranked lowest to highest, in terms of their “proximity” to God.

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Guardian Angels, the 1st Order

Guardian Angels are the furthest from God and closest to humanity. These angels are the most active in the lives of people on earth. They offer and provide protection and guidance in our daily lives. They can give us a nudge here and a gentle push there, but we must be open to their presence and tune into their messages.

For the most part, we are supposed to work through life on our own or with the help of other incarnated souls sharing the planet with us. However, every so often we can use a little extra help and our Guardian Angels will let us know they are present and trying to help, but the effort is rarely direct and clear until we learn how to read the signs our angels send us.

Seeing 1111

If you see 1111, then know that a Guardian Angel is around and available to help you. 1111 indicates the presence of your guardian, but not the intent of the connection. That information you will have to determine by other means suggested below.

Identify Your Guardian Angel

Often, we have one consistent Guardian Angel, who can be the soul of someone important to us who has passed on, a minor angel who has an interest or even assignment to us, or possibly an Archangel.

If you review your life story and look at times when you “got a break” or avoided a problem because of a “gut feeling” or sign in life that appeared just before the crucial moment (and that sign repeats), then your Guardian Angel is working on your behalf.

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Is it Archangel Uriel?

Angel number 1111 is often associated with the archangel Uriel, who is thought to be a guiding force in our lives. According to numerology, the angel number 111 is a sign that Uriel is trying to get our attention. He is working with us to manifest our highest desires and open our minds to new possibilities.

Archangel Uriel is encouraging us to take action on our dreams and to be open to the beauty of the universe. He is a powerful source of healing, love, and light, and his presence can be felt whenever we see the number 1111 or 111.

Family Members

Many times, one of our Guardian Angels will be a family member who has died. These guardians will show their presence in ways that reflect something about them and the relationship they have with them.

Let’s say you worry about your finances, but somehow always seem to make ends meet, and even build some abundance.

In your life you had a great aunt, who always gave you a quarter when she saw you, telling you that you should sometimes spend and enjoy the money and other times you should save the money in case you want something that costs many quarters.

Your aunt passes away. On a day when you are particularly worried about money, you discover a quarter on the ground somewhere. Your aunt is watching over you and letting you know that your money situation will be okay so long as you take care of money.

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She may even try to tell you if now is a time to spend (maybe you find the coin heads up) or a time to save (when the coin is tails up). Any pattern you have with any family member can show up in your life after they have died to let you know that they are around and trying to protect you.

Lesser Angels

Lesser Angels are a mix of souls who have finished their incarnated journeys and permanently remain in spirit form. There are also lesser angels who were created by God to administer the unending daily tasks of life.

These angels may be “assigned” to you or choose you. Unless you have the psychic acumen to make direct communication, which is very rare, then, they too, will communicate through subtle, and not so subtle, signs.

Most likely you will have one dedicated Guardian Angel, but others may “pop in” from time to time for specific reasons, say the birth of a child or making a special trip over a great distance.

One of the “codes of conduct” regarding angel help is an openness to be helped, to see signs, and to live in God’s Grace. With free will, the angels can be present and willing to help, but unable if you reject the notion of spiritual support or spiritual life.


Archangels can act as Guardian Angels, but usually under very special and difficult circumstances. One way to determine your connection to an Archangel is through numerology.

If you look at the total of your birth date, your full birth certificate name, and the collection of the numbers in each. You will likely find certain numbers in triplicity. If you have a number or more than one number in triplicity, then you have a connection to the Archangel represented by that number.

Archangel’s involvement can go unnoticed because they can choose to intervene on your behalf without your input, which is why you may have to do numerology to find the connection or consult with someone who has the psychic acumen to know and communicate with Archangels.

Think of the Archangel as the producer of a film. The lesser angels as directors, and the souls of loved ones as the support crew that makes the film.


Direct Requests, Meditation, and Observation

You can make a direct request to get information about your Guardian. The most common way is by saying aloud or in your mind, “God, show me a sign.” If the sign is something familiar to you from a loved one who died, then you will know which loved one is there as your Guardian.

You may receive a sign that indicates the Guardian is a lesser angel with “jurisdiction” over your concern. Perhaps you are looking for romance and want guidance in this area of your life. An angel may help guard you against emotional harm by sending signals to let you know if someone is safe or unsafe. 

You can also practice meditation as a way to open your psychic vision to “see” your Guardian. If you get deep into the meditative state, with the intention to meet your Guardian Angel(s). Then he/she/they may choose to reveal themselves to you as clearly as you would see them passing by you on the street.

Finally, astute and focused observation can reveal your Guardian or the type of Guardian you have helping you. Spend a day intending to observe, forcing yourself to “pay attention” to the world around you.

When you go out and into a store, take time to look around you, rather than just trying to get your task accomplished. Stop walking and look at the world happening around you. Pull over in your car, get out and sit on the hood, and watch the other cars go by.

What do Guardian Angels do

Guardian Angles perform many different functions; below is a list of some of their duties, efforts, and goals:

  • Bolster your confidence
  • Intervene in a miraculous way
  • Help you resist temptation
  • Protection from harm
  • Ward off evil
  • Help us see other perspectives
  • Bring us closer to God’s Grace and Love
  • Show us the truth
  • Strengthen our resolve
  • Show us our purpose
  • Be present in our time of need when we are alone