The Tiger Horoscope 2020

Tigers are extremely brave beings that can easily become heroes because they are practically fearless. They stand out thanks to their frankness, warmth, and sense of honor. For them, it’s important to live by noble values, in order to live life to the fullest, with dignity.

Their strong personalities and authority make tigers natural leaders, bosses, and guides, that are respected and listened to. One does not challenge the orders of a Tiger.

Tigers have a very high level of ambition, which it is difficult to steer them away from. They are ready to fight for any cause that they deem worthy. They won’t drop anything until they achieve satisfaction. They are respectful of the law and justice. It’s not easy to deal with them socially as their mood is very changeable. They are hypersensitive and struggle to take criticism.

Tigers are quite emotional. They struggle to hide their feelings and emotions. If they are stressed or provoked, they can lose control of themselves and say very hurtful things or become very violent.

Their mood swings are usually feared. When they begin to let themselves be carried away by emotion, it’s clear that it risks being devastating. Tigers need to learn how to control their emotions and how to master their extraordinary power. Then they will experience dazzling success.

Astrological Predictions for the Tiger for the year of the Rat

Overall, the year of the Rat promises to be positive for people born under the sign of the Tiger. They should be favored in lots of areas because this year of the Rat will smile upon the bold and the brave, two qualities typical of people born under this sign. All their efforts should, therefore, yield rewards if they manage to throw themselves into achieving their objectives, sparing no effort. But to do so, they must always remain in control.

General tips

You should have lots of energy during this year of the Rat. If you’re lacking energy, consider taking food supplements capable of providing you with this energy that you’ll require in order to achieve all the projects you want to undertake during the year of the Rat.

That won’t scare you because, like everyone born under the sign of the Tiger, you are not lacking in courage. If you like rising to challenges, you’ll have several opportunities to shine and make yourself noticed during the year of the Rat.

You’ll need to be kind and attentive towards others. Nevertheless, some people may try to take advantage of your genuine desire to help others. So, only grant requests made to you as long as they don’t encroach upon your independence and as long as you retain control of situations without letting yourself be dragged into doing something you don’t want to do.

Display genuine empathy toward others. However, calmly but firmly drive away people who seem to want to take advantage of you. Don’t make any concessions in that regard, because you would be wasting a lot of time, energy and possibly even money!

You’ll get the opportunity to take an interest in plenty of things and areas to satisfy your craving for activities. Your curiosity should motivate you, but don’t let yourself be overcome by emotion.

It would be good for you to engage in several activities, because you are an active person, but don’t spread yourself too thin. Know when to make choices and set your priorities depending on your timetable.

Dedicate enough time to each of your activities, and make sure that entertaining but time-consuming activities don’t take precedence over rewarding activities that allow you to increase your knowledge and, more importantly, your income. In summary, business before pleasure.

You’ll, of course, be able to entertain yourself, but remember to save your energy for activities that benefit your mind and finances, in order to improve your overall situation.

Career – Money

If you can be bold, you’ll be able to take advantage of the many opportunities to improve your financial situation that should present themselves to you during the year of the Rat. However, don’t rush headlong into every plan that seems interesting to you. Never let yourself be driven solely by the lure of financial gain, but remember to take the time to carefully examine these opportunities from every angle. In order to check whether there is a hidden flaw or trick. Which isn’t always immediately obvious, especially when you’re excited.

Avoid making decisions based solely on the dazzling but sometimes deceiving appearance of these plans to get rich. If you are in an urgent financial situation and someone offers you quick money, be careful because that’s rarely possible. Don’t be too gullible and take the time to think.

In addition to taking the time to think carefully before committing yourself to these opportunities to get rich, you should succeed in getting rich if you can make use of the amazing ability of Tigers to not let go until they’ve achieved their projects.

You’ll also succeed if you have strong motivations to achieve your financial objectives beyond the simple desire for money. You’ll need to regularly visualize the benefits you expect from these windfalls. Money shouldn’t be an end in itself because it is only one of the many forms of the formidable energy circulating in the universe, also known as Ch’i.

Ch’i can bring you luck because it can appear in lots of forms, including in the form of money if your goals are truly positive. These goals must serve to improve your own condition, but also that of your loved ones. This generous attitude will draw even more Ch’i towards you and will speed up its appearance in the form of money and material goods!

Given your Tiger personality, you also have the temperament of a leader. You should, therefore, find an independent occupation to complement your current activity or aim for a role in which you can express and bring to fruition your often-brilliant ideas. You should be wary about making hasty decisions, which have caused you so much harm in the past.

Love – Friendship

The year of the Rat promises to be fairly calm for people born under the sign of the Tiger. If you are in a relationship, maintain it with small gestures and by avoiding routine. Never take your romantic relationship for granted because that’s the surest way to let go and sink back into old habits that end up bringing the greatest love stories to an end.

Of course, with time, the insatiable passion of the start often transforms into a calmer form of love and affection. You must nevertheless keep the passion alive, by regularly getting out of your emotional comfort zone. You can do so with sweet talk, romantic dinners, surprise trips or weekend getaways organized for your partner.

This year of the Rat promises to be plain sailing, but don’t let yourself drift towards branches of the river that could be dead-ends for your relationship.

Letting yourself be dragged into old habits could create serious problems with your partner, and possibly even lead to a break-up!

As for single people, they will need to make more effort when attempting to seduce people than in previous years. Otherwise, they will struggle more to achieve their romantic goals. In the event the person you want to seduce is resisting too much and/or taking too long to make decisions, don’t waste too much time and energy on them. If they are too slow to respond, drop it and try your luck with someone else.

Friendships should actually reveal themselves to be more satisfying than seduction attempts or romantic affairs for people born under the sign of the Tiger. In fact, you’ll often find that an upside to your romantic disappointments will be your friendships getting closer. Sometimes, a good friendship is better than a difficult or troubled romantic relationship. And who knows, one of these friendships could well lead to something deeper!