The Snake Horoscope 2020

Contrary to the negative image snakes have in the West, they don’t have the same sinister reputation in the East.

Snakes are considered to be generous, good, charming and seductive. They love living in society, but they also like to isolate themselves to think sometimes.

They don’t usually have big financial worries because they know how to get money and guarantee themselves a comfortable life. Snakes know how to stop and think before launching themselves into action. Their charming and seductive appearance in fact hides a rather reserved personality.

Although they love socializing and going out, they also appreciate spending a day alone doing nothing, reading, lazing about and developing projects… In terms of love, they’re capable of being very persuasive and are appreciated for their generosity and sensuality.

Nevertheless, they are suspicious and always on their guard. They struggle to be trusting and are rather jealous. Their sometimes overly possessive side often causes harm and makes romantic relationships difficult. Sometimes, these end in separation.

Snakes generally trust themselves to make their own decisions and only rarely listen to the opinion of others. They rely on their intuition rather than on logic and thought to make decisions.

Snakes, when highly motivated, can get through a considerable amount of work to reach their goals. They are very enthusiastic when beginning a new project.

Sometimes, they struggle to understand when others don’t share that same enthusiasm. The great intelligence and creativity of Snakes are great assets in all fields.

Snakes would benefit from being less arrogant, taking more time to get to know themselves and exploring their great qualities. They would thus develop their self-confidence, which is sometimes lacking.

Astrological Predictions for the Snake for the year of the Rat

An interesting year is in store for people born under the sign of the Snake if they manage to highlight certain abilities and drastically change the way they perceive life.

If people born under the sign of the Snake don’t implement these changes, they will struggle to take full advantage of this year of the Rat, which could even become extremely unpleasant and bring them lots of problems.

General tips

Generally, you shouldn’t let your guard down in any area where you wish to take action to improve your living conditions, whether it’s to earn more money, have good luck, experience a balanced love life…

If you manage to be vigilant on a regular basis, you should avoid plenty of problems that would otherwise have been in store for you. Your capacity for success will be based primarily on your ability to anticipate difficult situations and to learn from your failures or mistakes.

When you encounter a failure, don’t feel guilty, don’t be angry with yourself or others, don’t put yourself down and, most importantly, don’t give up.

The people born under the sign of the Snake who will get the most out of this year of the Rat will be those who manage to not wallow in self-pity, and who instead manage to put the aforementioned advice into practice and find solutions to put things right.

Moreover, if you let your quirks and flaws flare up and if you give free rein to your bad habits, you’ll put yourself in a difficult position. Pre-empt nasty surprises by reviewing all your failures from the previous year of the Pig. Then, look for new solutions and implement them as soon as possible, especially when old problems reappear.

You can expect to relive past problems or certain difficult relationships, that you’ll only manage to overcome when you use different solutions from the ones you used in the past if those resulted in failure.

Career – Money

Don’t expect spectacular success in terms of your career or in terms of finding new income. However, if you dedicate yourself to profitable activities, you shouldn’t return empty-handed. Your motivations should then help you take advantage of opportunities to make money.

You should receive sums, throughout this year, which even if they won’t be huge, will nonetheless help you lead a more comfortable life with fewer worries about making ends meet.

If you use the innate ability of people born in the year of the Snake to never let anything go, then: you should have some wonderful surprises in the field of money because this year of the Rat will favor the bold.

Don’t let yourself be blocked by your past lack of success, but rather, dedicate yourself to improving your finances. That will change your perspective and should motivate you and attract people who can help you achieve your financial projects, whether it’s in your current field of work, or in another area, or by doing what motivates you most.

This new work could even be a profitable source of new intellectual and financial satisfaction. For that, you’ll need to convince partners whom you’ll need.

You’ll be very convincing if you can present your project in a personal way, by leaving the beaten track. Otherwise, no one will be interested and you’ll struggle to find financial benefactors and support.

You would be well advised to establish partnerships, but avoid doing so with friends. Which could be a source of conflict, or even spell the end of a friendship if you don’t consider certain things. Separate business from friendship by treating friends whom you work with just like any other partner, without granting them any special privileges.

Love – Friendship

Your year of the Rat is likely to be mixed on a financial level if you don’t follow the advice below, however, your love life should be greatly favored. Even if you don’t make much effort in that regard, you should experience a good year romantically.

Enjoy adventure after adventure, because you’ll have plenty of opportunities throughout this year of the Rat. It promises to be filled with emotion for you if you are born under the sign of the Snake. Take the time to appreciate all the good times you should experience in 2020.

That will fill you with energy and positive thoughts and will boost your self-confidence and self-assurance. This accrual of benefits will enable you to experience even more satisfaction. In the field of love, you’ll probably see desires finally materialize that you’ve long waited to experience, unsuccessfully until now.

Improving your communication skills will also be important if you want to continue a relationship. Never interrupt them, even if that sometimes proves difficult. In those cases, don’t break off the discussion, but instead, try to find new ways of communicating.

Don’t be afraid, out of pride or modesty, to express your emotions, feelings, and sensations. Don’t assume that others already know them. Keep them to yourself if you need to, but take the simple path of sharing them with your partner. That way, you’ll avoid misunderstandings that often lead to break-ups.

It will be difficult to break through with certain people, but don’t give up and make the effort necessary to reinforce your relationships with them. Your efforts will be rewarded as you discover new ways of seeing life and as shared desires are fulfilled.

Dare to meet new people, including people who are different from you, because you’ll always learn from those relationships, even if they are complicated and tempestuous, or don’t last.