The Horse Horoscope 2020

The Horse is a sign of movement and instability. They struggle to settle down, whether that’s in a place or with a person. They constantly have itchy feet. As soon as they’ve settled down somewhere, they’re already thinking about where to go next.

Their social life is difficult because they can’t stabilize themselves. They wrongly develop an inferiority complex, which makes them constantly go from one activity to the next.

In their family and private lives, Horses are often stuck between two attitudes. On the one hand, they like to settle down and feel safe at home. On the other, they are scared of finding themselves stuck and trapped.

Horses, with their vivacious spirit, natural charisma, and dazzling charm are never alone for very long.

Horses struggle to clinically analyze things and situations. If something annoys or bothers them, they are capable of reassessing everything over something silly, over an incident of no importance. They are used to throwing tantrums.

This often, unfortunately, causes problems for them in their professional, family and social life. They are capable of causing a scandal and ruining projects, work and relationships on a whim.

Horses need to control their impulses and stop believing that “the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence” so that they can live their lives to the fullest.

Astrological Predictions for the Horse for the year of the Rat

The year of the Rat isn’t the most auspicious for people born under the sign of the Horse. If this is your sign, you shouldn’t nonetheless despair. You will indeed encounter lots of tricky situations at the start of the year of the Rat. However, if you can be humble and learn from them, you’ll make things easier for yourself for the rest of the year.

General tips

With your year not shaping up great, at least you have the advantage of knowing that. You’ll, therefore, be able to prepare yourself to tackle most of the delicate situations that will present themselves. That will give you a head start to ensure that these events aren’t as difficult to go through as predicted in your horoscope for the year of the Rat!

Not only will you be able to prepare, but that will also give you the time to get closer to people who mean a lot to you because lots of them will help you when you’re struggling.

Moreover, going through difficult experiences will help you sort who you can rely on from the others. You can expect a few surprises in both regards.

People who you thought you could rely on will let you down, whereas others, from whom you expected nothing or very little, will be of great help to you. You’ll thus get the opportunity to do a clear-out in your circle of friends. That will be a positive thing, like cutting off the dead or rotten branches of a tree, whereas they seemed healthy.

You’ll also change the way you perceive your problems. You’ll understand that you need to use them to discover hidden aspects of your personality and to learn from them to avoid making the same mistakes again in the future.

You’ll learn a great deal from the ordeals you go through, in addition to sorting your true friends from the rest. You’ll emerge mentally stronger, more determined and more self-assured, with a better understanding of yourself.

In difficult times, don’t stay on your own. Don’t prevent yourself from calling upon others out of pride or fear that others might have a negative view of you. Ask for help and people will give it to you when they know that they can trust you and that you would do the same thing if they were in a tricky situation. You should have no qualms and no shame asking for help, as long as you’re not taking advantage of them.

Career – Money

A difficult and delicate year is taking shape on a financial level. You’ll have the choice between giving up or using the qualities of the Horse to get by, or even to turn situations in your favor and profit from them.

If instead of giving up in the face of obstacles, you use the energy that someone born under the sign of the Horse can muster, then you’ll soon be able to overcome obstacles. Moreover, you’ll succeed if you step out of your confines and explore all the wide-open spaces that will open up before you, with an open mind and consistency.

As the year of the Rat will be a year of great transformation and profound change, especially for people born in the year of the Horse, you’ll need to develop new ideas and behaviors. Indeed, most past solutions will no longer be suitable for new situations that will present themselves.

You’ll, therefore, have to get off the beaten track to increase your income. You’ll certainly have to gallop towards new pastures, which will bring you what you need to overcome the ordeals you encounter. In other words, you must adopt new principles while sweeping away most of the ones you’ve led your life by until now.

You’ll achieve that and discover new paths and sources of income by relying on your tendency to never give up and to rebel when necessary until you find solutions that are appropriate for your search for money and material goods.

You’ll be even more successful if your goal is not solely to amass money for the sake of it, but if you set yourself noble objectives that motivate the idealist slumbering within those born under the sign of the Horse.

Your noble objectives will thus give you the motivation to continue along difficult paths, that many would just give up on out of a lack of courage. Which will leave the door open and give you free rein to take advantage of several opportunities to get rich, that were given up on by many!

Love – Friendship

You’ll make things easier for yourself in terms of love and friendship, and even in terms of your family and social life, if you avoid giving into negative emotions, which people born under the sign of the Horse sometimes struggle to control.

§This doesn’t mean feeling sorry for yourself or wallowing in self-pity, because an unstable nature is one of the characteristics of people born under the sign of the Horse. They can quickly switch from one mood to another, sometimes without being able to help themselves. You’ll need to try to control this tendency.

That will help you be more measured in what you say and will help you experience greater stability in your sometimes-tumultuous romantic relationships.

Don’t get carried away or make irreversible decisions if the person doesn’t react as quickly as you’d hoped to your advances or affection. Horses have the ability to react quickly to invitations and make decisions quickly. Which is not the case for all astral signs, whether they’re from the Chinese or Western zodiac.

Try not to lose patience if there’s a delayed response to your advances or attempts to develop connections. That doesn’t necessarily mean that the person isn’t interested, just that they need a little time to think. However, if they take too long, that will be a sign that they’re not right for you because you don’t like unresponsive people.

If you are dealing with this kind of person, the relationship won’t be able to last because you can’t stand waiting, as a result of your disposition, which always drives you to take initiative. And someone who takes too long to make decisions will slow down your growth.

In addition to your physical attraction criteria, you should also choose people capable of reacting quickly, but who are also good at dealing with your sudden mood changes if you struggle to control them.

That will enable you to base your love life on strong relationships because that’s what you’ll need to get through this delicate year for you.