The Dragon Horoscope 2020

Dragons are stubborn. When they want something, they do everything to achieve it. Their main features are their power of conviction and audacity. Their natural skill and power of attraction often make them the center of attention. Wherever Dragons are, they never go unnoticed because of their innate magnetism.

Dragons are generally listened to because they give good advice. They are also good speakers and usually know how to enthrall a crowd.

Dragons struggle to control their emotions. In the event of conflict, their words and actions can be very violent.

At times like those, they can spread fear and panic because their power is fabulous and can, therefore, be devastating.

Dragons don’t deal well with failure. They can become sore losers and unleash their rage. They’ll mark the occasion but will ensure they don’t show their disappointment nor admit defeat. They’ll emerge wounded and humiliated, but will remain dignified and force themselves to not let it show.

Dragons have the soul of a leader. They always try to take control of every situation. In fact, they consider that power is theirs by right and they don’t tolerate others challenging them for this prerogative. In general, it’s true that they are excellent at playing this role and making decisions.

Dragons would nonetheless be well advised to “mix water with wine” and make concessions. They must be less intransigent to facilitate relationships with others and make life easier.

Astrological Predictions for the Dragon for the year of the Rat

The year of the Rat bodes well for you if you are born under the sign of the Dragon because 2020 should be filled with opportunities for you to be lucky in several fields. Take care to surround yourself with well-intentioned people because the sensitive side of the Dragon could emerge. You could then lose motivation if you don’t receive the support you were expecting. In the event of a serious loss of motivation, you even run the risk of feeling overwhelmed and struggling to get out of difficult situations you may encounter!

General tips

Generally, you will of course experience plenty of successes, but you will no doubt have to expend a great deal of effort, on several occasions, to achieve your goals. You’ll usually succeed, even if sometimes, you succeed later than planned. Don’t set yourself too many time limits.

Should there be a delay in the appearance of expected results, continue in your efforts. Working regularly towards achieving your goals will be rewarded because this year of the Rat is extremely beneficial for people born under the sign of the Dragon.

However, do be careful to not overestimate your strength. Have the wisdom to slow down the pace when you feel tiredness or even exhaustion coming on. In that case, even if you have time constraints, it would be more beneficial to take a break and gather your strength, rather than risk a nervous and/or physical break-down. Which would prevent you from fulfilling your tasks in good time.

Go out of your way to achieve your objectives and improve your living conditions, as that seems to be promised to you during this year of the Rat that’s very beneficial for Dragons. Moreover, take the time to enjoy life and to fully appreciate your relationships, with your loved ones, friends, relatives…

You’ll have plenty of opportunities to show your inner strength in situations where others would give up too easily. Even when adversity seems strong, or even insurmountable, or when opponents are too powerful for you, look within to find the resources you need to reverse the situation.

Even in situations where you are expected to lose, you’ll be capable of reversing the situation to the astonishment of others. The resulting achievements will reinforce your inner strength and self-confidence.

These two qualities will then regularly help you rack up successes, but don’t let that go to your head. Otherwise, you run the risk of slacking off, which could be disastrous in certain situations and make you lose hard-won advantages.

Career – Money

Your two great strengths in the professional sphere and in terms of getting rich will be your conscientiousness and your ethics.

You like things to be done right. You hate for things or projects to be slap-dash or botched. This meticulousness will be useful to you throughout the year of the Rat. Whereas other people will want to go too quickly, sometimes overlooking certain details, you’ll need to resist their pressure in order to successfully complete your projects in a methodical and organized way.

Hold steady, because you should, in fact, have the last word by behaving this way. Moreover, you’ll show that you were right to act methodically, taking your time, whereas lots of the people who were in too much of a hurry, and who urged you to hurry, will bite the dust.

Be ruthless in your relationships with people who are supposed to help you or align themselves with you in order to succeed in your work and/or business. Don’t be overly sentimental, or else you may lose control of things and others may take advantage of what you are entitled to.

It could be a promotion, a raise, a better posting, new colleagues. All these benefits could slip through your fingers if you show yourself to be too weak with certain people.

That doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to drive them away or cut yourself off from them unless there’s no other way. Instead, you should demonstrate leadership, be firm and show off your skills without denigrating them.

The best way to demonstrate your worth and improve your reputation will be by actually achieving your objectives, rather than delivering long speeches or blaming others.

Love – Friendship

Your love life should be perfectly satisfying during the year of the Rat, if you can be respectful of others, one of the best features of Dragons. You should definitely consider your other half as a partner in their own right, who you will treat as an equal, and not as a subordinate at your beck and call.

That will help you spontaneously develop a respectful attitude that you won’t struggle to maintain as it’s in line with your principles. The consideration you will give your partner if you are already in a relationship, or your potential partners if you are looking for love, will help strengthen your relationships.

You’ll need to put energy and effort into developing deep bonds, or reinforcing them. During this year of the Rat, this will be one of the most important recommendations for living a pleasant life to the fullest, on a daily basis, because time goes by quickly!

You should also make your decisions concerning your love life and relationship independently. Don’t let anyone make your decisions for you. Even if you have to make compromises to satisfy your partner, you shouldn’t do it at the expense of your own interests and desires.

Although your relationship should be based on shared activities and long-term projects, you’ll also need, from time to time, to do things independently from your partner. Otherwise, you’ll soon stifle the relationship. You would suffer from it, and it could lead to arguments or even a break-up.

You’ll need to find a delicate balance between shared activities and ones in which you can express your independent nature. Which will require you to sometimes do different things. That will enrich your relationship, through the sharing of knowledge that will occur when you’re reunited.

Take this opportunity to test out new fields, where you can both push your physical limits and develop your expertise. Which will subsequently benefit your shared life. You could even make new friends who bring you out of your comfort zone.

This bold attitude towards novelty will be particularly recommended for single people, who may find their soul mate.