The Cow (Ox) Horoscope 2020

Their main qualities are loyalty and dependability. Cows can get through a great deal of work because they have excellent organizational skills and can work tirelessly until they reach their goals. Nothing can deter them. Cows are also adventurers, always ready to take on challenges and accomplish feats in the fields they love.

Cows aren’t very sought after for their company because they are generally considered to be too serious and reserved. They are also stubborn and struggle to admit they’re wrong, even when that is the case. First, they trust their judgment. And in general, they don’t take other people’s opinions into account in their everyday life and in their projects.

In their private lives, Cows are very pleasant because they are capable of being faithful, tender, attentive and affectionate. They love family life and have an innate respect for their parents and ancestors because they know they owe their lives to them. Cows can be trusted in all fields: friendship, love, family life, work, business, contracts…

Nonetheless, Cows would benefit from being more flexible in their relationships with others, making more concessions and not criticizing others so easily. They should also be more self-confident and trust their own abilities to fulfill themselves.

Astrological Predictions for the Ox (or Cow) for the year of the Rat

Your year will be a success if you can be honest and serious, two qualities typical of people born under the sign of the Ox.

The year of the Rat won’t be favorable for illegal or dishonest practices. It will smile upon people who can be ethical and moral in their daily lives.

Moreover, 2020 will be beneficial for all those who resist the temptation of get-rich-quick schemes or to exploit others for their own profit.

These negative tendencies will have serious consequences on people born under the sign of the Cow who give in to temptation.

General tips

The serious nature of the Ox should enable you to accomplish well-thought-out projects, that you implement in accordance with your plan of attack to achieve your objectives.

You’ll succeed if you don’t boast skills you don’t have and if you manage to remain humble. Don’t claim to be able to achieve objectives that you know you can’t reach. It’s better to recognize it. Others will then esteem and respect you and you’ll avoid embarrassing situations. Moreover, you’ll avoid failures that would ruin your reputation and credibility for a long time.

On the contrary, acting with humility and without putting yourself forward too obviously will enable you to avoid drawing attention, so that you can move slowly but surely towards achieving your plans.

Don’t give in to pressure from others who want you to move faster or, on the contrary, to slow down the pace. They will only be serving their own interests, not yours. Go calmly at your own pace, and you’ll no doubt manage to achieve your goals even faster than expected.

Indeed, your best quality will be the regular work you put in to achieve your objectives if you have strong motivations. If that’s the case, then very little could prevent you from reaching the finish line.

You’ll make a name for yourself and build your reputation based upon actions and results. Which will be much more effective for convincing people whose help you need, than long theoretical speeches.

All you’ll need to do is show them what you have already achieved, for them to align themselves with you or help you in one way or another.

Your other great strength will be the fact that you won’t let yourself be influenced by your emotions when the time comes to make decisions about your career. You’ll know to rely on reason and solid proof to be convinced by others. Take your time to react with composure.

Career – Money

If on a professional level, the year of Pig wasn’t beneficial for you, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to make up for it this year, especially if you can be serious and determined in your career or work.

Don’t claim what you think you deserve in advance (a job, a promotion, colleagues, a raise…). Trying to convince others in a theoretical way would be a waste of time. It could even irritate them, or turn them against you by giving them the bad impression that you’re forcing their hand.

Instead, take action and fulfill the objectives that others have given you or that you have set yourself. Take initiative and honor your commitments.

When you succeed, you won’t need to spend time convincing people, your achievements will speak for themselves. Whatever you do, don’t expect or beg for acknowledgment. Keep going until you achieve ultimate success. That will be your greatest reward, rather than the praise of others.

Your achievements will soon result in you getting what you want: a job or better role, a promotion, a long-awaited raise, extra staff whom you can entrust with some of your repetitive tasks so that you can dedicate yourself to more important and financially-rewarding work.

The projects you begin during this year of the Rat will play an important role in your future, in your financial security and in improving your living conditions.

Your attempts will be especially rewarded if you throw yourself into a company where you are in control, or into a business that you run without the help of anyone else, always developing it at your own pace.

Treat the people you work with, with respect and consideration for the work they do. Don’t forget to congratulate them when they deserve it and you’ll make yourself allies, which you’ll need during this year of the Rat.

Love – Friendship

Love should play a crucial role in your life because, even if you can be strong, you also need affection and psychological support from the people around you, in order to motivate yourself and take regular steps to improve your life. Family will be of crucial importance to you this year.

You’ll need people to pay special attention to you and show you affection, even though your shy disposition sometimes prevents you from asking for it. Don’t assume that others know your emotional needs, or that they can’t or don’t want to fulfill them.

Your impassive disposition often makes them think that you’re okay on your own or that you don’t need tenderness. They often think that you don’t need displays of affection. So, don’t be angry with them.

Make your desires and intentions understood in a clearer way. You’ll, therefore, need to improve your communication skills and open yourself up to more to others emotionally. Which you sometimes struggle to do.

You’ll need to make a bit of an effort, but you’ll see that you’ll get positive reactions from the people concerned because your love life will be favored during the year of the Rat and all your desires should come true.

Don’t cut ties with people with whom you share special relationships that mean a lot to you, simply based on assumptions or rumors. Be wary of appearances. You would be better off making your own opinions. Never trigger a break-up or stop talking to someone until after you’ve confirmed your suspicions… or realized that you were wrong about the situation!

This objective attitude will avoid misunderstandings, including someone very close to you, the connection to whom would be broken in a definitive and irreparable way. Which you would regret for a long time afterward.

Check whether what you’re being told about so-and-so is true to avoid the same kind of mistake that could ruin your romantic relationships, but also your friendships and family ties. State your intentions clearly and you won’t have to suffer misunderstandings or disagreements.