June 20, 2024
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The twelve houses of the Zodiac have numerous classifications, including elements, masculine/feminine, and modalities. This section explains the Zodiac modalities for the houses. There are three modalities that apply to the houses: Angular, Succedent, and Cadent. These modalities correspond to the three qualities of the signs, and they have a significant effect on a person’s general outlook and attitude and indicate how they function in their daily life.

The modalities represent how a person with certain signs ruling certain houses will operate in the areas of life ruled by each house. Most people do not have the natural sign ruler aligned with its mode; in other words, Aries, on average, only rules the first house of an individual’s chart 1/12th of the time. Each mode has its defining features, strengths, and weaknesses that are influenced by the Zodiac sign which rules the chart based on the time of the person’s birth.

Below is a table of the modes of the houses and qualities of the signs that “naturally” rule them.

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House Mode Sign Quality
1st Angular Aries Cardinal
2nd Succedent Taurus Fixed
3rd Cadent Gemini Mutable
4th Angular Cancer Cardinal
5th Succedent Leo Fixed
6th Cadent Virgo Mutable
7th Angular Libra Cardinal
8th Succedent Scorpio Fixed
9th Cadent Sagittarius Mutable
10th Angular Capricorn Cardinal
11th Succedent Aquarius Fixed
12th Cadent Pisces Mutable