July 23, 2024
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Which Euphoria Character Are You Based on Your Zodiac Sign?

There’s no shortage of drama on everyone’s current favorite binge-worthy TV show Euphoria, and even if your own high school experience was much more on the tame side, you’ve likely found yourself relating to a few characters.

Astrology is an incredible tool that allows us to study the human experience, which television and movies can do as well, allowing us to see the varied human archetypes in our society and in ourselves. Studying these archetypes gives us the opportunity to self-reflect and gain more insight into our own struggles and triumphs.

Each of the 12 signs in astrology has defined traits and characteristics, which we can often see play out when we are watching our favorite shows and movies. To get the most out of this article you’ll want to read the character for your sun, moon, and rising signs!

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Aries: Ashtray

The first fire sign of the zodiac is known for being passionate, bold, and a little heavy-handed when it comes to their aggression. Ashtray may be the youngest on this show, but he is the muscle in his and Fezco’s operation, often quick to jump in and cause a bit of well-intended violence. When the tensions rise Ashtray sticks to his guns (literally) and follow his impulses to protect himself and his brother.

Taurus: Cassie

This earth sign is ruled by Venus, so beauty and love are of the highest priority. Taurus is known to enjoy comfort-especially regarding their relationships-often sticking around for longer than they should. Cassie is always in love, and she tends to find herself unable to walk away even when that love isn’t good for her. Plus, we’ve seen that she’s no stranger to elaborate beauty rituals, which can bring a Taurus some much-needed comfort and stability.

Gemini: Kat

Often pegged incorrectly as two-faced, Gemini is adaptable and understands which side of their personality will be more welcomed and accepted in certain situations. Paired with the witty intellectualism of this sign, they tend to be good writers. Naturally, Kat, with her secret life of being a popular online fanfic writer, fits this archetype. Also, the audience watches as she explores different sides of herself both offline and online, showcasing the duality of this sign.

Cancer: Fezco

Cancer is known for their sensitivity, nurturing nature, and drive to do anything for the ones that they love (nothing is more important than family). Fezco didn’t have the most typical upbringing, but his grandmother did the best she could, and he pays it back to her by taking on the family business, and dutifully caring for her after she is left comatose. Plus, to Fezco, family is more than just blood, he would do anything to protect Ashtray and Rue.

Leo: Maddy

The second fire sign of the zodiac is known for being passionate and flamboyant; they’re good at drawing a crowd and getting the attention they deserve. There’s no denying that the outfits Maddy serves are top tier, and as an ex-pageant kid, there’s no shortage of glitter or rhinestones. Aside from the way she dresses, when Maddy has something to say she’s going to say it with her whole chest, and that’s a heart-centered Leo quality!

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Virgo: McKay

Virgos tend to put a lot of pressure on themselves to be the very best at what they do, they either do it perfectly or not at all. Throughout the first season, we watch as McKay struggles to make a name for himself on his college football team. Eventually, with the classic cynicism that comes with Virgo’s perfectionism, he begins to realize that his dream might be impractical, one in a million.

Libra: Jules

This air sign is known for being fashionable and for falling in love often. Aside from wanting to study fashion design in college, Jules also seems to find herself falling in love more often than not. Between her friend Anna, and the complicated relationship she’s formed with Elliot, we see how important loving bonds are to her. Rue has even scornfully said, “you don’t love me, you love being loved.”

Scorpio: Elliot

This water sign is dark, deep, and mysterious like the bottom of the ocean. They are very perceptive and intelligent, but they tend to keep their motives and emotions to themselves. Since Elliot came on the scene in season 2 it’s been unclear what his true intentions are with Jules and Rue, showing us the mysterious side of Scorpio.

Sagittarius: Ali

Sagittarius is known as a perennial student and teacher of life, so topics like spirituality and religion usually appeal to them. Ali’s relationship with Rue is one of a sponsors but also a mentor, something Sagittarius excels at. He is a spiritual man, a convert of Islam, and he is never short on the guidance and wise words that are akin to this fire sign.

Capricorn: Nate

Much like their sister sign Cancer, Capricorn has a strong sense of commitment to family. Like a protective Capricorn Nate will always do what needs to be done for his family, even if it requires a bit of blackmail and manipulation. For Capricorn success is the only option, and Nate tends to live by this rule as well.

Aquarius: Lexi

Aquarius is known for its ability to observe humanity and discern vital information about the human psyche through analytical reflection. They can often feel like outsiders looking in, which Lexi recognizes in herself by season 2, realizing that she’s played the role of the observer for so long that feels like an actor (or an alien) in her own life.

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Pisces: Rue

Pisces is a deeply sensitive water sign; they are known for feeling and sensing much more than one human should have to. Because of this sensitivity to the world, they can struggle with escapism, and the pinnacle character of euphoria certainly struggles with the same issue. Love can also be deep and all-consuming for a Pisces, and we see that in Rue’s relationship with Jules, she often finds herself lost in the waters of their connection.