July 15, 2024
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how high maintenance are you

How High Maintenance Are You According to Your Zodiac Sign?

Do you consider yourself to be high maintenance, or are you easy to please and easy to manage? High-maintenance people do not only mean they have very expensive tastes and expect you to live up to them.

They also can be highly dramatic and challenging to handle and reason with, which makes them very high maintenance.

Those who fit that definition are very pushy and will not quickly take “no” for an answer.  If you know how to keep them in line, then you can handle someone who is high maintenance.

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How High Maintenance Are You?

However, would you consider yourself that way? Let’s take a look at how high maintenance you are according to your zodiac sign.

Aries – Impatience

Aries, you are not the one who is the most high maintenance around, but you can be because you lack patience. For example, if your partner or friend takes a long time to decide something, you become irritated and make that clear.

Therefore, they will need to make a quick decision because you make them feel pressured to do so. You also expect anyone in your life to be punctual, and if they are not, you will become quite annoyed that they are not, and you will even give them an earful for being late.

However, if they let you know that they will be late because of traffic, you can understand, and you will appreciate them giving you the heads up.

Taurus – The Need for Pampering and Luxury

Taurus, you are not the most high-maintenance sign of the zodiac because as long as your partner and friends are going along with what you want, you are laid back.

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However, if you are not getting what you want, you will become cranky and demanding. You need plenty of pampering, and you also need your luxury. You have a love for expensive restaurants and shopping.

You want your friends or partner to dine out with you at those restaurants and then go on a shopping spree with you. When it comes to anything physical, you are pretty high maintenance.

Gemini – Expects Others to Read Their Minds

Gemini, you are highly social and have a love for intellectual stimulation. However, the area where you can be high maintenance is that even though you are a good communicator, you also expect others to read your mind.

So, for example, when you don’t convey something, you want to a friend or your partner, you still expect them to read your mind and do what they want for you.

When they don’t, you give them a hard time about it, which always starts an argument. Remember that no one is a mind reader, and you must always convey your wants and needs and expect to have some denied.

Cancer – Can Be Very Possessive

Cancer, you know that you are highly emotional and can be overly possessive if you cannot get a hold of the one you care about. You are the type that will send them one text after another if you worry about them because they are not responding to you.

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Therefore, those you care about understand you mean well but will avoid you because you are smothering them. Your partner will also feel a lot of stress because you are incredibly possessive in this way.

You are pretty high maintenance for this reason. Your partner cannot go out without telling you where they are going and when they will return because you will keep calling and texting them to ask them if they are okay while they are out.

Leo – Needs Constant Approval

Leo, you are not into living the luxurious lifestyle, or you will not keep calling your partner or friend to ask where they are if they don’t tell you. However, you need that constant ego boost which is where you can be seen as high maintenance.

You constantly need your partner and friends to pat you on the back, telling you how wonderful you are or how lovely you look. If they don’t do that for you, you will start to ask them if you are good enough.

They have to not only reassure you that you are, but they have to tell you how amazing you are in addition to that to make you happy. You need everyone’s approval for that.

Virgo – They Need Perfection

Virgo, you have very high standards to the point that you will only accept what you deem as perfect. Therefore, you have to have a clean home, an organized closet, and drawers, eat foods with specific nutritional value, and stick to your schedule or routine.

If anyone you are with must respect and abide by your expectations, or else you will become very critical of them. And yes, even if you are working all day and hungry, and your partner goes out and gets you a Big Mac, you will yell at them for not knowing you well enough never to get highly processed food – nevermind that they went out of their way to get you something to eat.

That makes you very high-maintenance, and your partner will rightfully so be angry with you – while they eat the Big Mac themselves. When that happens, the worst thing you can do is criticize them for making poor food choices.

Libra – Not Overly High-Maintenance but Can Be Clingy

Libra, you are not known to be overly high-maintenance, and that is because you are known to take things as they come. Part of that is that you don’t like having conflicts as they cause you a lot of stress, which is why you avoid them.

However, you do end up becoming passive-aggressive, but the one with whom you are upset catches on that quickly. You won’t have a choice but to hash it out then, but you find that you can resolve it soon because you are all about peace and balance.

The issue that you will face is that you don’t like to be lonely and can become clingy, making others think you are smothering them. That is where you can be somewhat high maintenance.

Scorpio – Jealousy Makes Them High-Maintenance

Scorpio, you have a hard time trusting anyone because you don’t allow anyone into your world quickly, and you will assume the worst of others. You fear betrayal.

And if you do allow your friends or a partner, even more so, into your world, then if they give you a reason to be jealous, you will express it. You will not let your envious feelings go, and you will do a great job by letting your partner know that.

That means if they have to go out with their friends, you will keep texting them to make sure that they are staying loyal, which will exhaust them. Your inability to trust and how quickly you become jealous is what makes you high maintenance.

Sagittarius – Take Over Conversations

Sagittarius, you love your freedom and your independence, and you do your own thing by traveling. Therefore, that in itself makes you one of the lower-maintenance signs.

However, you have a lot of knowledge because you study a lot, and you are intelligent. The area where you are high maintenance is when it comes to others having conversations with you.

You will not let them speak, and you will be the one who will take over the conversation because you think you know more, and you have better words to offer. That will exhaust others, and they will not want to have intense discussions with you anymore.

Capricorn – Not High-Maintenance Unless It Comes to Their Expectations

Capricorn, you are the type to mind your own business as you do your work and focus on your ambitions. You do not ask much of anyone. However, there is one thing that you could be seen as high maintenance about, and that is when it comes to the expectations of others.

You will give someone a hard time if you feel that they are not ambitious enough or care enough about working. You do not have patience for laziness at all, and that in itself does not make you high maintenance.

However, sometimes your expectations of others can be somewhat high, which can cause arguments with your partner or friends. If you can lower your expectations a notch or two, then you will not be the high-maintenance type at all.

Aquarius – Isolates Themselves to The Point You Will Worry

Aquarius, you like to keep your distance, and you are not the type to show your emotions. However, you also want to do your own thing, and you embrace your unique side.

Here is the thing. Even though you sound like you are as low-maintenance as one can get, you do an excellent job of getting others to worry about you. That is because you are the type that can isolate yourself since you don’t show emotion and you are so aloof.

That means if they ask you “what is wrong,” and you answer “nothing,” they won’t believe you even if you are telling the truth. They’ll be worrying about why you are pulling away from everyone and not discussing the issue.

You have to find a way to make them know that you are not hiding anything as this is just how you naturally are!

Pisces – Needy and Can Be Irrational

Pisces, you are the type that is dreamy and intuitive, but at the same time, you struggle to ground yourself, and that is where you can become high maintenance. For example, you tend to cling to others, and you become very upset if you send them a text and they don’t respond to you immediately after you see that they read it.

That is when you begin to become irrational, and you will think that they are purposely ignoring you, which will cause you to have an outburst with them.

You would not consider that they were in the middle of doing something and quickly looked at your text but could not reply at that time. And they became distracted with something else, which made them forget to respond to you.

In that situation, the best thing you could do is calmly send them another text and ask them if they received the first one.

You probably see that by reading any of these descriptions that you are high maintenance in one way or another. There is a greater chance that your Moon sign shows those traits more than your sun sign.

You are high maintenance in areas that involve your emotions. For instance, if you are a Capricorn but your Moon is in Pisces, you are the type that would think irrational thoughts if someone does not acknowledge you or does not answer your texts immediately.

However, you can always make yourself lower maintenance if you realize how you may appear to others. Awareness is always the key to everything.