July 18, 2024
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Tarot Advice For How To Handle The Holidays If Conflict Comes Up

Tarot Advice For How To Handle The Holidays If Conflict Comes Up

The holidays are a time of excitement, stress, and everything revolving around both. That is when friends and family gather together, eat meals, and open gifts if they do so with one another. It does not matter what holiday anyone celebrates, whether it is Christmas, Hannukah, or Kwanza, as they all can be exciting and stressful because these holidays involve you being around other people, whether they are family members or friends.

If you are happy with the people you are with during the holidays, you will have intriguing conversations and engage in laughter. However, if someone mentions something that triggers you or vice versa, it can end up in a heated conflict.

You may also have to deal with those you don’t like during the holidays, such as estranged family members or former friends. If you encounter them, that can become a conflict. For example, if you are invited to a holiday party with someone you had a falling out with, you will not be comfortable around them. A situation at the party can cause you and that former friend to start arguing.

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Or, you could also have a falling out with someone you love because they may mention something that triggers you or vice versa, which will cause a lot of arguing. Therefore, since many people are gathering for a holiday celebration, the chances of a conflict arising are high. How are you going to be able to resolve a dispute that occurs during the holidays?

A Tarot Spread For Resolving Conflict

Because you know that since you are gathering with a lot of people during the holidays, whether you love, like, or dislike them or not, the chances of developing a conflict are high. That is because differences of opinions or political stances will come up or someone will judge someone else, or resentments that someone had towards you or vice versa will bubble up to the surface. I am drawing a tarot reading to help provide you with the insight you need to resolve any conflicts during the holidays.

Here is a six-card conflict resolution tarot spread from Emerald Lotus Divination. The spread appears because you have card one on the far left, and then card two is right beneath card two. Next to this card is card three, and card four is right beneath card three, meaning cards two and four are next to one another. And then cards five and six are on the right of card three.

Card one represents the leading cause of the dispute. Card two represents how you can help resolve the disagreement. Card three shows you what you may need help understanding about the point of view of the individual you are arguing with, and card four shows your role in the dispute. Card five shows the type of energy you need to approach the other individual, and finally, card six shows how you can move forward from the argument. So here is the conflict resolution spread I have for you:

Card one: Moon

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Card two: Hermit

Card three: Ten of Wands

Card four: Knight of Cups reversed

Card five: Queen of Cups

Card six: Emperor

Let’s go over the meanings of these cards and what they are telling you about how to resolve any conflicts you experience over the holidays.

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Card One: Moon

The leading cause of the disputes you will face will be plenty of confusion, and you and others need to see situations clearly, represented by the Moon. Unfortunately, the Moon can cause you not to see things how they are and is known to skew reality. Therefore, plenty of misunderstandings will happen, which will be the leading cause of disputes.

Unfortunately, that is common, and misunderstandings often lead to arguments. Still, it will be worse this holiday because Mercury is also heading into retrograde, and we are in its shadow now. Now, let’s look at how you can resolve the conflict.

Card Two: Hermit

Card two represents the best way to resolve the argument, and the Hermit represents that. Therefore, that tells you to pull back and think clearly about how to respond and how to find a resolution to the conflict is what you need to do. The Hermit pulls away from everyone to collect their thoughts, and the best thing to do when the argument gets too heated is to walk away.

If the weather is clear and tolerable, if you live in a cold climate, then go outside and take a walk to get some fresh air. If not, then go into another room if you can. When in hermit mode, you will have a much easier time thinking about ways to pass the olive branch. Now, let’s take a look and see what point of view of the individual you are arguing with.

Card Three: Ten of Wands

This card indicates what you need to do to help understand the point of view of the individual you have a conflict with, and the Ten of Wands comes up. Here is the thing. People are stressed over the holidays and have too much on their plates. Perhaps they lost loved ones and are grieving over how they cannot spend the holidays with them.

Or they may be being hit hard financially, or if none is happening, they could face stress just from having kids home from school for the holidays. Either way, people are stressed, and it is not a surprise that they would have a short fuse – and you may be dealing with stress too that is shortening your fuse too.

Card Four: Knight of Cups Reversed

Let’s be honest and take a look at the role you are playing in this conflict. The Knight of Cups reversed comes up, which means you allow your emotions to get the best of you. As stated, you may also be stressed and burned out, as the holidays are difficult for everyone.

It is not a surprise that you would have a short fuse and allow your emotions to take over, as you would overreact to what you think would be a dig at you from someone. And vice versa to them. Therefore, overreactions would make the conflict worse. Now, let’s look at how you should approach the individual you have a conflict.

Card Five: Queen of Cups

The best way to approach the individual is to listen to them and be supportive. That is indicated by the Queen of Cups, as she is highly supportive and empathetic. After you get upset and get through processing the conflict, apologize to the individual and ask them if they are okay or if there is something on their mind they want to talk about since they were heated.

They may decline, but approaching them in a Queen of Cups fashion will get them to quiet down and even apologize to you for their role in the conflict. Lending an empathetic ear and approaching the situation in a supportive fashion always wins. Now, let’s take a look at how you can move forward.

Card Six: Emperor

Now, let’s see how you can move forward from the argument. The Emperor comes up, reminding you that you are in full control of your emotions and behavior, and exercising some self-control and self-discipline will help you stop other arguments from happening.

You can disengage and walk away if someone else starts up with you. There is no reason you have to get into an argument if anyone else wants to pick a fight with you.

There you have it. To sum up, the leading cause of conflict will be due to misunderstandings and confusion. You are overreacting to it, and so is the individual you are arguing with, and that is because everyone is facing loads of stress and burnout. The best thing to do is to walk away from the individual and collect your thoughts and emotions. Meditate on what you want to say and how to approach them.

The best way to approach them is to lend an empathetic ear, and they will respond to it how they choose to do so. However, you are the one who is in the driver’s seat with how you respond to conflict and always remember that. If you need to take several time-outs, then do so. The holidays can trigger many people, and there can be a lot of heat. Despite that, enjoy your festive time with your friends and loved ones.