July 16, 2024
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How You Should Be Proposed To According To Your Zodiac Sign

How You Should Be Proposed to According to Your Zodiac Sign

Have you ever wondered what your perfect wedding proposal would look like?

Are you the type that dreams of a flowery and romantic setting at a lovely restaurant, or would you prefer for your bae to take you on an adventurous skydive to pop the question?

And maybe, just maybe, you’re searching for some ideas that you can send along to your unsuspecting partner…after all, we all need a little help from time to time, right?

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How You Should Be Proposed to According to Your Zodiac Sign

So, with that in mind, here’s a few great ideas for your perfect proposal, according to your particular zodiac sign – enjoy!

How to Propose to An Aries

The best way to pop the question to you is by doing it very spontaneously. As a sign that loves the spur of the moment, you’ll feel adored when your partner Aries, seemingly out of the blue, drops to one knee and asks you to be theirs.

You don’t want to know when or if it will happen. It must simply flow. Your ideal setting would probably be when you’re on some grand adventure together, like climbing Mount Everest or riding your motorbikes together through the Himalayas.

You’d also love it if your person took you skydiving and proposed in mid-air – this is something that you’ll remember forever!

How to Propose to A Taurus

As one of the most romantic signs in the zodiac, you’ll want this done in a very memorable way Taurus. The thing is, you don’t much like surprises, so it is best for your bae to put out feelers many months before – even years – so that you can get used to the idea of marriage.

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It’s definitely something that you want, but you also need time. Then, your perfect proposal would be for your honey to take you to your absolute favorite restaurant, preferably when on holiday, and do something tried and tested, such as putting the ring at the bottom of your champagne glass, accompanied by musicians when they drop to their knee and gallantly ask you to be theirs.

How to Propose to A Gemini

First of all, don’t panic Gemini! Marriage is really not that bad, once you get used to the idea that your person will be right by your side for the rest of your life, watching you change into all the different (and entertaining) versions of you.

Now, an ideal marriage proposal wouldn’t be too heavy or overly romantic. It would have to be done with humor, even a bit of trickery.

For example, you may enjoy on of those proposals where you’re blindfolded and made to think something else is happing, meanwhile, your honey has those home-made signboards that they share on camera to capture your very surprised (and happy!) face when they finally as you for your hand in marriage.

Another great idea would be to propose to you on the air, making sure that you are tuned in to the right radio station!

How to Propose to A Cancer

Marriage is a very sacred thing to you Cancerians. It has to be done the right way, with enormous emotional energy invested into the experience. Because if you don’t feel like your partner has their heart in it, you’ll become very uncomfortable.

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You don’t necessarily need anything fancy. In fact, a sweet, homecooked meal surrounded by candles and your closest family – maybe your kids or your beloved mum – may be just the way to your heart.

And if that sounds like too much, well, you’ll certainly be calling mum right way to tell her the great news! An intimate setting is really the best for you, as you’ll get quite emotional!

How to Propose to A Leo

Your bae better listen up Leo. They are going to have to spend quite a bit of money on making sure that all the stops are pulled out for you. And maybe it’s not about money, but it certainly is about effort.

Your proposal has to be glamorous, fun and creative. In fact, you’d quite like one of those grand proposals where you’re dropped off on a secret island by a private helicopter where all your family and friends are waiting to see what happens.

Of course, we can’t all have that, but you get the idea. You love the idea of your sweetheart showing the entire world just how much they want you to be their love for life.

How to Propose to A Virgo

Unlike many other zodiac signs, you just want something simple and sweet, Virgo. The idea of being on display to the world makes you want to cringe with anxiety.

The most important thing for you is when they take care of the tiniest details – from the moment they pick you up, to the place they choose, the color themes, the food, the aftercare. You don’t want to have to do any work on this special day or evening. You may love a nature proposal, near a waterfall or on top of a mountain, where you always feel at your very best.

A healthy picnic, lush champagne and plenty of privacy to celebrate in your own sexy way will be just the thing to make you smile from ear to ear.

How to Propose to A Libra

As a sign ruled by the love planet, Venus, you do expect a lot from a proposal. It’s not about money, necessarily, but it is certainly about heart.

You’re super romantic Libra, so you’d love for your partner to whisk you away to a gorgeous destination, where there’s a hot tub, lovely restaurant, and scenic walks so that you can celebrate the entire weekend long.

Of course, your proposal itself also has to have the sweetest words to make you weak at the knees!

A word of warning – you may need a while beforehand to know they are proposing, because decision-making is terribly difficult for you, and you don’t want to ever be put on the spot. If you’re reading this, then there’s probably something brewing already!

How to Propose to A Scorpio

Your ideal proposal needs to be extremely intimate and private. You really don’t want the whole wide world to watch you collapse into happy tears, now do you Scorpio? We didn’t think so.

Now that you know this, please let your honey know not to invite your entire friendship group or family, unless you have children, of course. But, even then, you might still want something just for yourself.

Ideally, the proposal has to be very deep, intense, and memorable. Time away would be nice, but the crux will come down to how the bedroom is going to look, as this is where the real action happens.

You may just love a trail of rose petals leading to the most gorgeous room (perhaps in a fancy hotel), with the bed being covered with them, spelling out ‘marry me’. Chilled champagne on the side and a night of naughty antics together followed by cuddles sounds just yummy!

How to Propose to A Sagittarius

Where to start Sagittarius? There are so many great ways to propose to you, from an announcement on the airplane when you’re on your way to a trip (best ever!), or something planned by your tour guide in a cozy little nature nook on one of your many adventures together.

You may also like a spontaneous road trip with friends, with your sweetie popping the question right in the middle of a fun party – just so you can party harder! Another great idea is a horseback proposal, or a helicopter ride.

So long as it’s exciting, adrenaline-fueled and interesting, you’ll be happy. Of course, you do also have to make sure that you’re ready to tie the knot – being a sign that can shies away from commitment, you do need heads up.

How to Propose to A Capricorn

The best way to win your heart is by following all the rules. Dropping to one knee, a nice ring, flowers, champagne, the works Capricorn. Also, nothing too flashy, please.

You’d be quite happy with a great restaurant and a long stroll afterwards, followed by celebrating with family and friends. You also don’t need it to be terribly soppy – just enough, and you’ll feel satisfied.

You may also appreciate getting a huge bunch of roses at work, with a treasure map leading you to a park picnic somewhere – just as long as your lover has arranged for you to be off work, of course!

A final idea would be the top of a mountain, or somewhere in nature, as you just love being outdoors and connected to the earth.

How to Propose to An Aquarius

Now, your proposal has to be a little unusual Aquarius. Twelve roses and champagne won’t do the trick with you.

You’d also like it if you could celebrate with your friends right away, so a music festival would be a great way to ask for your hand in marriage – then you can really have fun afterwards!

You might also quite like an online proposal, such as updating their Facebook status to ‘engaged” whilst you gaze on confusion – until you get it! Or maybe they could ask you to marry them during virtual gameplay, for example.

Another great idea is to make some sort of video or TikTok and show it to you in front of all your friends. Your sweetheart will need to think a little outside of the box for this one.

How to Propose to A Pisces

Your biggest dream Pisces, it would be to experience your magical proposal right next to the ocean, during sunset or sunrise, while your hair blows in the cool sea breeze and you’re wearing nothing but a beach towel and coconut suntan oil.

A deserted island paradise is just your cup of tea! Other than that, you’d also appreciate your lover to arrange a musical proposal, where the question is popped doing the performance.

Seeing as you love music so much; this will really blow your heart wide open! You could also enjoy your partner re-enacting your first date and proposing to you then.

Being a spiritual sign, you may also love it if your sweetheart proposes to you in front of your congregation, after a powerful service or perhaps after/during a yoga class or temple worship (with permission!).