July 16, 2024
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The Manifestational Power of Unconditional Love

The Manifestational Power of Unconditional Love

It is thrilling when we can bring about exactly what we want through manifestational techniques like affirmations or creative visualization.

But what if we wish to transcend the wants of the mere conscious mind and fulfill the wants of the soul? What if we wish to serve the desires of the Universe or God? What if we would like to make our lives the canvas of a painter whose imagination and creativity vastly exceeds our own?

If you wish to manifest a life that is not only in your own highest interest, but in the highest interest of your eternal spirit, as well as in the highest interest of all, then the most important quality to activate is unconditional love.

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Living Unconditionally

The state of unconditional love brings us into perfect union with All-That-Is. In this state, our magnetism is vastly increased in a generalized way, just as Creative Visualization or affirmation increases our magnetism in a specialized way.

To activate the energy of unconditional love, make it a priority throughout your days to feel those emotions which are aspects of this transcendent state: Happiness, Gratitude, Abundance and Compassion.

Typically, we think of feelings like love, gratitude and happiness as emotional responses to events that occur around us. We feel grateful when something good happens to us, loving when someone loves us, and happy when things are going well for us.

Looking at these energies in this manner diminishes them to reactions which are outside of our control. This is a conditional approach that implies that we need certain events or circumstances in order to experience these energies, and if negative events are occurring then our only option is to be ungrateful, unloving and unhappy.

Loving unconditionally involves activating these states of consciousness at will. Your life need not change at all for you to feel grateful, happy or abundant. We can increase and sustain these feelings by applying certain strategies, and in so doing, we keep ourselves open to the mystery and wonder of life.

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Happiness brings you fully into the present moment. If we are anything less than happy, our mind drifts forward to the future or backward to the past. We start thinking about something other than where we are.

True happiness means: I love where I am right now. I love what I’m doing. I love how I feel. I am loving being here, now.

Many of us do not make time for simple pleasures. We find it self-indulgent or a waste of time to do something whose exclusive purpose is bringing warmth to our hearts. We are much more fixated on “getting things done” or looking impressive to other people.

Make time every day to do one thing that makes you genuinely happy. Commit to this practice for one month, no matter how silly it may seem to you, and notice the changes in your life.

This activity can be anything that makes you feel joy and pleasure. Pet with your cat for twenty minutes. Go for a walk in nature. Play an instrument. Hug a loved one. Go shopping or dancing. Get a massage. Play a sport. Call a friend who makes you laugh.

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This activity does not need to be useful, productive or satisfy ANY OTHER PURPOSE other than making you feel good! Be purely indulgent, and watch what happens to your productivity, relationships, career, wealth and health.


It has been said that “The attitude of gratitude creates the space for grace.”

Feelings of thankfulness and appreciation open up one’s heart energy and increase awareness of the abundance we are already receiving.

We become more aware of all those blessings in our lives which have come without any effort or exchange. We notice all of the miracles of life that are hiding quietly in plain sight all around us. We take a moment to truly value the bounty that exists in every breath, every smile, every leaf, every cloud, every hug, every touch. This acknowledgment and appreciation increase magnetism so that more blessings to flow to us.

Most of us are not grateful until we feel happy with something. In unconditional love, we take the reverse approach: when I am grateful, then I am happy. Gratitude is a powerful generator of happiness. It can turn a meal into a feast, a house into a home, confusion into clarity and a stranger into a friend.


Compassion is forgiveness of the frailty of human condition in the mysterious riddle of our existence.

It is the awareness that “there but for the grace of God go I”— the recognition of our commonality, however different we may appear. With compassion we recognize that if we had walked in the shoes of the other, we may very well be making those decisions which we are now so quick to condemn.

To practice compassion in your life, look for commonalities between yourself and other people. If you find yourself judging someone else, acknowledge what you have in common with them— even those who seem weird or evil. Ask: in what ways do I see the creator in them? In what ways do I see myself in them?

Your answer may be as simple as: “we both need food, water, shelter and love”. Yet even this bridges the divide between you and makes them more relatable.


Abundance is a state of mind. It is the awareness of our total and incorruptible freedom to have, do and be anything we wish. Truly abundant feelings is the awareness of infinite supply— not just for yourself but for all.

In a truly abundant spirit, we are fully aware that no one loses for another’s gain, for there is no shortage of anything in this vibrational Universe.

Make it a daily practice to notice abundance. Anywhere you see a surplus, or an exponential growth cycle, appreciate it.

Witness the countless numbers of plants and animals on this earth. Witness the blades of grass on your lawn, the grains of sand on one beach, the huge numbers of plants in one forest. Consider how many trees are on earth. Consider how much water is in one ocean. Consider the cells in your body. Consider the stars in the sky.

Admire the abundance within you. There is no limit to the thoughts you can think, the ideas you can ponder, the information you can learn, the love that you can give or receive in any moment. Abundance abounds!