July 19, 2024
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How the Major Arcana is Associated with Travel

How The Major Arcana Of The Tarot is Associated with Travel

Many people enjoy traveling and traveling to different places several times a year, or even once a year is something that is part of the lives of many people. Whenever the idea of travel is talked about when they think about it in astrological terms, the planets Mercury and Jupiter are thought of. Mercury rules transportation and Jupiter rules the expansion of horizons. The signs Gemini and Sagittarius are also thought of. Gemini rules short trips that are local and Sagittarius rules overseas trips and exploring different cultures.  

However, when people think of the tarot, how often do they associate it with travel? Perhaps when the 6 of Swords in the Minor Arcana is pulled that can represent traveling by water, or when the 8 of Wands is pulled, that can represent travel by air. Let’s now look at each card in the Major Arcana and see how all 22 cards can be relevant to travel, regardless of whether it is long-distance or local traveling.

The Fool

This card represents those who are entering something that they don’t know much about, or a brand-new beginning or a clean slate. The Fool can represent visiting a place for the first time and not knowing much about it until actually gaining experience there. This can apply to long-distance travel or going on a road trip to a place that you have never visited before.

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The Magician

The Magician is creating something new for the first time. Traveling to a new place or even to an old place in order to gain new experiences is most definitely relevant to what this card represents. Because traveling will bring new experiences whether it is to somewhere you have never been to before or not.

The High Priestess

This card is the one that is all about tapping into your intuition if there is something that you are unsure about. This one is highly relevant to traveling as you can read reviews about what is said about restaurants, attractions, and hotels in foreign places. However, only you can make the decision on which ones to go to while you rely on your intuition to do so.

The Empress

This is the motherhood card, and this does not necessarily mean traveling with your mother. The Empress can represent relying on tour guides to keep you safe while taking you on guided tours. And this card comes in handy when going to countries that are notorious for being unsafe. You need to be in groups, so you are taken care of by a tour guide.

The Emperor

This card represents authority and order and you need to plan out your trip through an itinerary so you are staying organized on your trip as much as you can be. And this means to be in control no matter what happens such as getting travel insurance just in case something was to go wrong while you were on your trip.

The Hierophant

Conforming and following the rules is what the Hierophant represents, and you will want to listen to people’s recommendations based on what to visit and what not to visit. Yes, you will want to use your intuition too based on what was discussed for the High Priestess. However, if too many people are saying not to go to a particular restaurant because they all got sick, then listen to them and avoid it.

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The Lovers

This is the choices card and when it comes to traveling you will need to make many decisions. Which hotel do you want to stay in, and why? You have to decide to stay in one so this is where this card applies.

The Chariot

The Chariot is the action card and it can represent the determination to visit a certain country or city. It can also mean the desire is so strong to save up for the trip that you successfully do save so you can experience going to a certain country or city that you have wanted to do for a long time.


This card is self-explanatory as you need to have strength when you are traveling whether it is by taking a road trip or by air travel. Traveling is tiring, especially on those days when you are driving or flying, and you need to find it within you to get settled to the hotel. If jet lag is in the equation, then that means you have to work with it as well.

The Hermit

This is the introspective card and sometimes traveling for the sake of recharging your batteries and getting to know yourself is necessary which is what this card would represent. Think about a busy mom who needed to take a weekend to herself to travel somewhere to recharge her batteries.

The Wheel of Fortune

This card is all about a change in direction and that is what traveling anywhere represents. That is because it means there is a change in routine that will be necessary.


The Justice card is the one that represents cause and effect, and essentially a reward system. This can mean taking a vacation to somewhere you wanted to visit for a long time as a reward for accomplishing something that you held yourself accountable to. For instance, if you made a vow to do better with budgeting, and you have been successful with saving money where you could, then a trip is a great reward.

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The Hanged Man

The Hanged Man is a card that represents giving something up or making a sacrifice. This can easily mean that you ended up not making the big purchase you wanted to make in order to have the money to go away for a holiday. This means instead of getting that expensive home stereo, you decided to take a trip instead. That is all about making a sacrifice


Death is a card that represents transformation and rarely physical death. Therefore, it does not represent meeting your demise on a holiday. What it represents instead is that the trip you are going to take is a life-changing experience for one reason or another. You come back home as a changed person after being on holiday.


Temperance is the moderation card. This definitely applies when you are spending money on holidays. Only spend on the things that you will get value out of and be careful not to overspend on anything that you may not. A splurge, while you are on vacation, is fine but again, within moderation.

The Devil

This card is about giving into material pleasures and it is the opposite as the Temperance. Instead of splurging on vacation in moderation, the Devil represents you going all out. You are going to the most expensive and high-end restaurants while you are on vacation which means you will find when you get back home your bank account has taken a hit from racking up credit card bills fast.

The Tower

Unpleasant surprises that cause you to fall is what the Tower is about. This can represent you losing your passport which is something that is always unwelcome. It can also represent being mugged and your wallet being stolen while on holiday. Or a flood happening in the hotel. Travel nightmares are what this card sums up.

The Star

The Star is the card that represents hope, and it can represent a travel destination that you want to go to. And each time you save money in the bank, you are one step closer to making the dream trip come true.

The Moon

The Moon is a card that represents delusions and even deception. It can be ranging from you hearing about good things about a hotel or destination and finding out that the hotel is a 2-star hotel instead of a 4 or 5-star one. It can also represent a housekeeper taking your belongings when cleaning up the hotel room.

The Sun

The Sun card is as sunny as it represents, and this means that you are having a trip of your lifetime and it is living up to everything you have hoped it would! Continue to have fun on your holiday!


The Judgement card is one that represents a time of awakening and the trip you are taking has been quite enlightening on a spiritual level for one reason or another. This can literally mean taking a trip to countries such as Israel, the Vatican, or other highly spiritual countries making a permanent spiritual impact on you.

The World

The World is actually the ultimate travel card whereas you are discovering new worlds to the places that you are traveling to. Or it can signify traveling to all of the countries or continents on your bucket list as it is the card of accomplishment too.

If you could associate any cards in the tarot whether it is in the Major or Minor Arcana with other aspects of travel, why not share that?