July 23, 2024
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How the Major Arcana is Associated with Saturday Night Activities

How The Major Arcana Of The Tarot Is Associated With Saturday Night Activities

Almost everything can be associated with metaphysics and anything that is esoteric. That means there is an astrological association even for simple activities that you choose to do on a given day or night.  

For instance, when the Sun is in Cancer, many times people are influenced to hang out at home, or if they are traveling, to make themselves where they are staying at home. That means they may choose to eat a home-cooked meal at the hotel they are staying in.

If activities are influenced by astrology, then how can they be associated with tarot cards? Let’s find out what activities to do on a Saturday night are associated with each of the tarot cards in the Major Arcana (or experiences).

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The Fool

The Fool is the card that represents naivety and going into something without knowing anything about it. It is a risk that is being taken. Therefore, an activity that is associated with this card is basically doing something on a Saturday night that someone has never done before and has no knowledge it in. For instance, if someone has the urge to go wall-climbing and never has done it in the past, this is an example.

The Magician

The Magician is creating something new and inventing something. Therefore, a Saturday night activity that matches this card is testing out a brand-new creation. It could be a new recipe being cooked or spending the night at home and doing some creative writing, or sculpting.

The High Priestess

The High Priestess is the card that represents digging into secrets by tapping into one’s intuition. A fitting activity for this is spending the night at home doing tarot readings for one’s self or for others. It can even mean being hired to do readings at a party as well. But as long as it involves tapping into intuition and using the psychic ability, this is the fitting card.

The Empress

This is the nurturing card and it also rules creativity. This is easily interpreted as spending the Saturday night with the kids doing arts and crafts. Moms need a break from the kids often, but sometimes there are some nights when they enjoy spending alone time doing fun activities with them.

The Emperor

The Emperor is the card that rules leadership, creating order, and it is a masculine card. The most fitting activity that is tied to this card is playing spots and having the intention to win the game, which is what every player’s intention is. It can be hockey, baseball, basketball, any type of sports.

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The Hierophant

The Hierophant is the card that rules conforming and following the rules. Therefore, a Saturday night activity that is tied to this card is not overly exciting. It may just be a simple case of watching a movie and going to bed after early on. That is because of the fact that in order to stay in a good sleep cycle, going to bed at the same time each night is the best thing to do, and that includes Saturday nights.

The Lovers

The Lovers card is about choices and relationships. Therefore, there is a choice between spending Saturday night alone or hanging out with friends, or with the significant other if that is in the picture. Whatever choice is made will determine how the evening goes and what activities are done.

The Chariot

The Chariot is the card that represents pushing through adversity while you emotionally want to quit. The best activity tied to this card is going to the gym on a Saturday night to do a workout. Who really wants to do that? Those who are committed to staying fit despite how they feel will do that.


This card represents what it is, strength. This can be the same type of activity as described above for the Chariot’s association or doing a home renovation that can potentially take all night long. However, one who decides to do that will find it within to get it done.

The Hermit

The Hermit is the card where one stays away to be introspective and to analyze. This Saturday night involved literally staying at home, reflecting on the past month or year, and thinking about any area of life that has room for improvement. Not a fun Saturday night activity, but it happens when anyone is feeling reflective.

The Wheel of Fortune

The Wheel of Fortune card is the one that indicates a turning point, and the way this card could represent a Saturday night situation involving a movie night that did not turn into a movie night. Someone was planning to go to dinner with some friends and making plans to see a movie after. However, it is decided at the last minute that they want to go for dessert instead. Therefore, this change in plans resulted in no movie night in the end.

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The Justice card represents cause and effect, or fairness and balance. Therefore, this can involve spending a Saturday night to help out a friend to assemble a piece of furniture they had gotten. How is this related to the card? That is because when you are in need of help for something on a Saturday night, your friend will be the one to take their evening off to help you out. And if they don’t help, then that results in a lack of fairness and balance and a lost friendship to someone who really was not a friend.

The Hanged Man

The Hanged Man is a card that represents sacrifice or giving up something for the greater good. If you adopted a new healthy lifestyle, you would not spend the night at the bar and spend it eating a healthy meal at a restaurant and then going to go work out, after dinner has been digested.


One of the most misunderstood cards in the Major Arcana is Death. It is a card that represents transformation, not even so much the physical aspect of death. And a perfect way to describe this card that represents a Saturday night is new parents having to spend the first Saturday night with their newborn being stuck at home, sleepless, and missing the lives that they had before they became parents.


Temperance is the card that represents moderation, patience, and going with the flow. This can represent going to the movies but having to experience a delay in the start of the show. Instead of getting impatient and annoyed, find ways to distract yourself. Play a game on your iPhone, or have a good conversation with the friend you are going with. Know the movie will start when it is ready.

The Devil

When the Devil comes up, you know it represents decadence, and obsession, and addiction. It is easy to imagine a Saturday night activity that is associated with this card. It can be a night at a very expensive buffet and then going back home to watch a movie, and somehow having more room for a slice of chocolate cake.

The Tower

The Tower is another card in the Major Arcana that is not welcome to be seen. It is one that represents unexpected destruction or upheavals coming one’s way. This can clearly represent eating out at a high-quality restaurant and then ending up with food poisoning after that would ruin the rest of the evening.

The Star

The Star card is the one that represents hope and faith. This one can indicate a couple going out on the first date, and it is going well. This means there will be more dates to come because there is a mutual connection and the potential for something to grow out of it is there.

The Sun

The Sun is the happiest card in the Major Arcana, and it is one that represents joy. This card can easily represent a Saturday night that is all about a celebration such as a wedding or an engagement party, and it turns out to be a beautiful event.


Judgment is the card that represents an awakening, and rebirth to higher consciousness. This can easily indicate a Saturday night right after giving up bad habits. Instead of going to the bar which was done all of the time previously, it would be a night of sitting at home and watching a movie because spending those nights at the bar was not helpful or fun in any way. Or it could be spending quality time with friends instead of choosing to be alone all of the time.

The World or The Universe

The World is the card that represents the completion of one phase so the next can be started. It is quite easy to compare this to a Saturday night. The evening is done, and it is time to go to bed just to be up and ready to start the Sunday chores.

Do you have any other ideas on how to compare an activity or an experience on a Saturday night to the tarot?