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numerology of maria montessori

The Numerology of Maria Montessori

Maria Tecla Artemisia Montessori (born August 31, 1870) was an Italian physician and educator best known for the philosophy of education that bears her name, the Montessori Method.

Her educational method is used throughout the world in both public and private education. She is the author of numerous books, still in print and use today.

This article will explore her numerology to see how she expresses her numbers.

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Life Path Number

The Life Path is the total of a person’s birthday (mm/dd/yyyy). Montessori’s birthday was August 31, 1870, so 08/31/1870, which totals 1909, which totals 19, which reduces to a 1. If the numbers are added sequentially, the total is 28, which totals 10, which reduces to a 1.

An individual that has life path number one is a natural-born maverick. Therefore, they have the passion and energy to become a pioneer in a better world. Their personality manifests with ease as they will have a strong desire to be authentic.

As determined people, they embrace what is new and create what is new in life. So, they quickly become successful and easily fail. Since they drive hard in life, they overcome challenges thrown in their way through resilience and will get back up quickly when life knocks them down.

For a more complete understanding of this Life Path Number, visit the Life Path Number 1 page.

One of the true pioneers in education, the number 1 is a fitting life path number for Maria Montessori. She began her education career by applying to an all-boys engineering program before switching over to medicine. Her very scientific approach to how children learn still challenges romantic notions, as well as simpler mechanical models (children the same age learn at the same pace), about childhood development.

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Destiny Number

The Destiny Number is the total of the full birth name. Maria Tecla Artemisia Montessori is her birth certificate name, so her Destiny Number is the total of her first name, two middle names, and last name, which adds up to 127, which totals 10, which reduces to 1.

An individual that has a Destiny number one attracts maverick energy. Pioneers seek them out to get help breaking barriers and charting new directions. They can get along with people who have strong personalities and individualistic drives.

Determined people seek them out because they are not afraid of what is new or the need to change. People can come and go in their lives, which is okay since destiny wants them to help others along their unique life path and keep on moving on.

For a more complete understanding of this Destiny Number, visit the Destiny Number 1 page.

Within the Destiny Number are several key numbers: the Active Number, the Heredity Number, the Soul Urge Number, and the Personality Number.

Active Number

You lead into life with your first name, which is why its numerical value is your Active Number. Some people use their given first name, some take on a nickname given to them by a family member or peer, and some people choose a nickname or even an alternative name.

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The “true” active number is the given birth name. Even if you legally change your first name, the core Active Number is the birth name given to you by your parents. A legally changed name is more powerful than a nickname. And any name used to identify a person in the world is an Active Number. Maria totals 24, which reduces to 6.

An individual that has an Active Number 6 wants to help and heal. Therefore, they understand and enjoy service, can teach what they learn, and tend to be highly sympathetic or empathic. A child with a 6 first name will make sure no other children are left out of a game and want to help with chores. First name 6 individuals spot needs and work to fill them.

Hereditary Number

Essentially, you inherit numbers from your parents. Most often, the father’s surname is the one that dominates and is known out in the world. The mother’s surname often becomes her middle name after marriage, when she assumes the surname of her husband. Maria’s last name is Montessori, which totals 48, which totals 12, which reduces to 3.

An individual that has a Heredity Number 3 inherits creativity from one or both parents. The person must determine how to understand number 3 energy through the influence of the parent. That influence may manifest as support or suppression. In other words, the child gets encouragement to be creative and artistic or support for only practical choices. Either way, the child learns the lesson of creativity from the parent or despite the parent with the last name that is the number 3.

Soul Urge Number

The Soul Urge Number is the total of the vowels in a name, specifically the full birth name. The Soul Urge is like an energy charge within the numerology of a person. The number of the Soul Urge “powers” the Destiny Number. In Montessori’s case, her number is 68, which totals 14, which reduces to 5.

An individual that has a Soul Urge Number 5 draws energy from exploring and conflict. Therefore, they operate with a need to challenge themselves and others to generate energy. These individuals are often playful, competitive, and fearless. Accepting that you need to be unafraid of what is new to get what you want and to get things done will help you be more successful in your relationships and endeavors.

Personality Number

The Personality Number is the total of consonants in the name, specifically the full birth name. The Personality Number is how people encounter someone and interpret them. It is like the clothing you choose when you plan to go out in public, which causes people to react to you a certain way. For Montessori, her number is 59, which totals 14, which reduces to 5.

An individual that has a Personality Number 5 presents as adventurous to others. Therefore, others see them as either self-confident or selfish. People who like explorers will expect a Personality 5 to fulfill that role in life. Do not be surprised if people treat you as someone who embraces, even if you want to stay “right where you are”.

Soul Purpose Number

Your Life Path Number reveals your numerical engine; it is the energy that drives you. Your Destiny Number reveals the numerical energy the world wants from you. When you combine them, you get your Soul Purpose Number, which reveals the “why” of your existence in this lifetime.

In Maria Montessori’s case, her Soul Purpose Number is the total of her Life Path Number 1 plus her Destiny Number 1, which totals 2, the Partner. With a 1 + 1 combination, she is here to “partner and be individual”.

Maria Montessori’s total numerology is:

  • LPN = 1
  • DN = 1
  • AN = 6
  • HN = 3
  • SUN = 5
  • PN = 5
  • SPN = 2

Maria Montessori was both a pioneer (two 1s) and a disruptive change agent (two 5s). She used her creativity (3) to teach and serve (6) in the hopes of making partnerships, between children and teachers/children, work to the benefit of all.