July 23, 2024
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Understanding How Your Energy Attracts Love

Understanding How Your Energy Attracts Love

In my capacity as an astrologer, healer, and tarot reader, I get to hear a lot about relationships and how people interrelate with one another behind closed doors.  I also have many clients who are experiencing complicated soulmate and twin flame relationships and are following advice that perpetuates separation from their loved ones.  

These key areas will help you to understand and better ~tune in~ to your soul relationships and help you to reunite faster with your destined love partner.

How do you know if this is a soul connection?

If you are reading this, then you are likely to have already met at least one soulmate in your lifetime and if you are curious about this subject the chances are that it is destiny for you to find a ~higher~ vibrational relationship in this life.

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A soul connection can be felt on a lot of levels, but the most important ways to gauge it are by tuning into the sense that is beyond the usual 5 (sight, smell, touch, taste, and sound).

The sixth sense is known to correlate to the third eye and pineal gland, which is located between our eyebrows and is a sensitive area that is able to perceive on many levels.  We can all feel if somebody is staring at us from behind.  This is because intense energy activates the pineal gland and allows the aura to extend more powerfully, so as to be more easily perceived by others.   It becomes ‘normal’ to use the sixth sense in a soul relationship, as each individual’s frequency is more recognizable and similar that with others.  Telepathy is a classic example of sixth sense communication.

There is also a seventh sense which works on a higher vibrational frequency, this connects soulmates and twin flames when there are no barriers between the two of you and your auras are able to be felt merging with one another.

By meditating and staying love focused we can keep the seventh sense activated, but only soul connections will be able to interact with us on this level and merge with our frequency so profoundly.

Tuning into your shared energy body to understand it

By working on this shared frequency, we can develop a stronger connection with our soul love.  For those people who are currently in separation, developing this vibration will help you to reunite more quickly if indeed it is your path to do so in this life.

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Meditation can help to keep this channel clear, as thoughts can block us, and over-analysis brings us straight back to the 3D physical world.  The key is to recognize light and color and allow yourself to be drawn to all that vibrates at a faster frequency.  Spend more time in nature, eat clean foods, drink vibrant water, and assuage doubt and expectations.  We can have the healthiest lives, but our energy bodies are more affect by our thoughts than anything else, so it is these that require our attention and practice.

Recognize that every thought you have of your soul connection affects them directly and the more merged you have been, the more your own personal energetic health affects their own wellbeing.

Learning to be responsible for everything that goes on between the two of you and recognizing that the energy between you can behave as its own entity.  Meaning whatever you feed and fuel it with will take on a life of its own.

Be integral with your thoughts and your focus, everything is karmic and faster on the higher frequencies.

What is ‘cord-cutting’ and why is it important?

I find that many people get mixed up when they think of cutting cords.   We are told that there is a cord linking the heart chakras of twin flames, and whilst this isn’t untrue, it isn’t an energy cord, it is the intermingling of the two souls which are one.  Even soulmates may have an overlap of soul energy, created by their energy body, as I have explained above.

An exercise to cut cords is one that refers to 3D energy.  It is easy to become encumbered in other people’s dramas and energy and get into repetitive cycles of behaviour with others.  This can occur in all relationships; from rudimentary ones, such as colleagues, to our family, friends and soul connections.  Any two people can develop an unhealthy pattern based around control dramas (my previous article will show full details) and this is unhealthy for both parties.

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Cutting cords with somebody does not remove them from your life unless they are dependent and feeding off your energy.  It is not possible to cut away a soul connection, neither is it possible to damage anything by removing the unhealthy attachment.

Cord-cutting is done to free us from the past and allow purer and newer energy to enter our lives.  It is healthy to do this with all relationships, as we should never measure our love on the basis of somebody’s past, we should allow them to show up on the highest and most vibrant level all the time.  Cutting cords gives both parties the space to interact on the highest possible frequency anew.

What is 5D and how does it benefit our relationships?

The 5D dimension vibration is on a faster and much lighter level than our usual 3D existence.  In the 3D world, we are controlled by mass consciousness, need to prove and verify things before we believe them, and are no magic is encountered.

The 5th Dimension, on the other hand, is full of magic and synchronicity, our understanding of things is on a deeper level and we learn to trust.  We recognize that everything exists at this very moment and that by living completely open to that, that anything becomes possible.  Quantum proves that thought is powerful, and perception forms our only reality, 5D allows us to start working with these frequencies and integrating them into our lives.

In the 5D we learn that ‘control’ is a manmade concept and that we flow and inter-relate with everything.  We know that the people in our lives are all there for a reason, and that absence of somebody has its own purpose.  We appreciate what is in our lives and acknowledge that this is meant to be, we are also able to love unconditionally in 5D and our soul connections will feel this energy as bliss, even if they are on a purely 3D level and the impact upon them come sin only on a subliminal level.

How to vibrate on 5D and higher frequencies

Intention is the first step, as thoughts and beliefs are ever powerful in the 5D realm.  Remember you are not ~trying~ to reach the 5D level, you are already there.  Your frequency interacts at this level already, so you are not changing your actual vibration, you are allowing your consciousness to connect here, rather than in the physical world.

Next pay attention to your thoughts; envy, revenge, anger, competition, maliciousness, cruelty, etc. Do not exist on the 5D plane.  Start practicing mindfulness now.  If somebody is rude to you, just for today, do not anger, step back and recognize that they are operating on their chosen frequency, just as you can choose to operate on a much happier, and more enjoyable frequency.  Other people’s behavior is, “not your stuff” and focusing upon it will have no benefit to you, or them.

Get used to checking your inner thoughts, are they useful?  Are you judging people in your mind, or are you noticing the sound of the birds and the new leaves sprouting from the buds?  Working on your mental chatter is a challenge for most people, but it is usually the change that makes the most difference.  You can enhance this by taking on some daily mantras or affirmations, and reminding yourself that you are grateful, you are vibrant that you are open to the beauty of the moment.

This can be effective quite quickly and you will notice that people and animals respond to you differently.  Don’t be surprised if you become an animal magnet.  Animals operate far more actively on the 5D level.

Finally, note your interaction with loved ones, do you have expectations of them?  Do you hold anger towards them for past misdemeanors?  Is there a desire to control them in any way?

On a 5D level, you do have to accept people just as they are, on the plus side, loving people unconditionally helps them to heal and vibrate at their best frequency.  Love is the single, most powerful way to elevate those around you.

Be warned, there will be those who do not wish to be happier or accepted.  You will find that some people leave your life as you raise your frequency.  You won’t find that you miss them though, whilst it is infeasible to disregard the 3D world and all that goes with it (needing to earn money, pay bills, experience grief, occasionally have health issues or allergies) you can never miss people who do not wish to see you be happier and more vibrant.

The people who matter will celebrate our growth and allow our kindness and appreciation towards them to lift up their spirits so that they meet us on that level.

Note: ego does not have a place in 5D, everybody is equal, and all types of experience are valid, and just as they should be in the eyes of the universe.  Our path is our own concern and we should not interfere in another’s – not even our twin flame.  We are only ever experts of our own journey. 

Wishing you all; peace, love, faith, and joy.  Shalom and blessings~~~~~