June 20, 2024
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understanding generation y

Understanding Generation Y – Millennials

Generation Y is the generation that comes after Generation X. Those who are part of Generation Y were born between 1981 and 1995. Currently, this generation consists of young adults and adults. Millennials are confident individuals who have high hopes and aspirations for themselves. From a young age, they were told to “follow their dreams.” Growing up, many of them have high hopes for the future, but they are often limited by societal structures and rules restricting their ability to manifest their highest potential.

Many millennials find themselves stuck in a hard place where they spend a large portion of their life working to pay off their debt, and due to this, they have to put their dreams aside. It is said that Millennials are highly optimistic but can be blinded by their optimism and fail to see reality or the bigger picture. Millennials become highly self-aware over time as they are faced with many trials and challenges that push them to transform their weaknesses and connect with their true selves. 

Pluto in Scorpio

Pluto entered Scorpio in November 1983, and it remained there until November 1995. Although Pluto in Scorpio started after generation Y started, it remains the transit linked to generation Y. Those with Pluto in Scorpio are an intense and powerful generation that cannot be broken down despite their difficulties. Many Pluto in Scorpio individuals undergo abandonment trauma and intensely transformative periods growing up. Divorce statistics skyrocketed during the ’80s and ’90s, and many Millennials had to undergo the trauma of broken households and a parent not being present. These individuals experience extremely tough, challenging, and traumatic conditions and experiences throughout their lives, making them some of the most resilient and tough people you will ever meet.

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Life is an emotional roller coaster for the Pluto in Scorpio generation, as they came to adulthood in a fast-paced, rapidly changing world, and they are constantly forced to strengthen their emotional and mental space to deal with the challenges they face. 

What Makes Generation Y Unique?

Generation Z individuals are highly focused on their goals, making them highly driven individuals with tough spines that are ready to overcome any challenge. Right now, millennials make up most of the adults in the world, with around 1.8 billion millennial adults worldwide. Millennials take up 22% percent of our population. Out of all the generations, millennials are the most educated, as a large portion of Millennials are enrolled in tertiary education. Millennials are highly concerned with including sustainable development goals, meaning they place a lot of focus on alleviating poverty, climate change and ensuring that society operates in a fair and just way for all. They can be highly aware of ulterior motives and intentions of political organizations and industries and tend to unearth many secrets that are kept from us. 

Millennials Infographic

Interesting facts about Generation Y

The Majority of Millennials Are Located in Asia

There are 76 million Millennials in North America, 148 million in Europe, 278 million in Africa, 9 million in Australia, 155 million in South America, and 1.1 billion in Asia, making Asia the country that houses more than half of our global millennial population.  

Millennials Are Highly Spiritually Aware

When Millennials became young adults, there was a massive boom in alternative spiritual lifestyles. As a result, many Millennials say they are not religious but “spiritual” and tend to follow an alternative belief system based on their own experiences compared to previous generations. Self-exploration and self-understanding are a focus for many Millennials, which pushes them toward spiritual exploration. 

Millennials Might Struggle Financially

Millennials are a highly underestimated generation who needs to work twice as hard to prove their worth compared to previous generations. For example, not many millennials own property, and their low income can often force them to rent a property. In addition, millennials use digital services that allow them to get around and live in various places much more often than other generations, which means they usually do not have their own cars and properties. As a result, Millennials often need to work twice as hard to prove their worth and earn a living compared to other generations. 

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It is Easy to Adapt to Diversity

Millennials find it much easier to get along with people from different social backgrounds than previous generations and find it much easier to adapt to a culturally diverse workplace. In addition, many Millennials will travel and work in other countries for a large portion of their life and will find making this adjustment relatively easy. 

Millennials Delay Life’s Traditions

Many millennials are in massive amounts of student debt and need to delay many essential experiences in life. For example, a lot of millennials do not own a car, only get married in their late 30’s, have no children, and can only purchase a house much later in life. Because millennials spend a large portion of their lives studying and paying off debt, many things they want in life need to take a back seat. As a result, they can usually only experience important life events much later in life. 

Health and Lifestyle Are Important

Most Millennials prefer healthy food over fast food and will go out of their way to ensure the food they eat is healthy, sustainable, unprocessed, and organic. The natural lifestyle industry appeals primarily to Millennials, and many of them find themselves working in health and wellness. They know exactly which foods cure which ailments and aim to improve their well-being as well as the well-being of others.