June 15, 2024
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Libra and Pisces: The Battle of Water and Air

Initially, it seems like “how could these signs not be perfect.” Pisces is dreamy, empathic, and easy-going, which compliments Libra’s cool, artistic and charming nature. They have some chemistry right off the bat. On the surface, everything looks great, Libra and Pisces are both dressed cute, enjoying the same music, the same cocktail, and the same food. As long there is laughter and witty charm, both can find an attraction for each other, but can this attraction go beyond sexual chemistry, can this attraction get deep?

The War of Water and Air Emotions

Pisces needs emotions to breathe and Libra does not. Libra likes that Pisces has a heart, but once Pisces opens up at that heart, Libra gets scared. Libra can be scared of emotions, because while Pisces is fluent in emotions, Libra speaks a different language. When Pisces is weak, Libra does not know how to pick them up. Situations that aren’t built on harmony cause Libra anxiety. When this occurs, Libra will retract, and take their space from Pisces. Libra might even go so as far as to say, “I’m always good”, which is a reality that moody Pisces can not relate to. Pisces wears their emotions on their sleeve, while Libra keeps them hidden in the basement. And Pisces tends to dwell and obsess and Libra likes to let things go. Plus Pisces might want to talk or have an issue and Libra will be rolling their eyes. Pisces is very sensitive and Libra doesn’t take things so seriously so little things will irk Pisces, and in public, this can embarrass Libra, who always wants to be seen as awesome in the eyes of others.

Sex Ties

Libra and Pisces can defiantly have good sex, but for Libra, it’s just a good time, and for Pisces, it’s everything and more. Pisces is a lot more emotional about sex. Once they sleep with someone, they expect to see them again, and they are exclusive. Libra is much better at playing the field and is capable of having more than one sexual partner. Pisces may have concerns about whether or not Libra is faithful. In bed, Libra is adventurous, but perhaps not communicative enough, and Pisces needs their validation in bed. You have to make your Pisces feel sexy before you try to get sexy with them. If Pisces do not know how someone feels about their bedroom performance, they will become whiny and insecure. Pisces already struggles for confidence, so if Libra doesn’t make Pisces feel good, Pisces will forever question Libra’s feelings for them. This will create a lot of unnecessary conversation. Libra is not prepared to lick the stamp of every partner they are with. They do not want to be forced into things, and will never do anything that they don’t want to do.

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Pisces and Libra could have a lot of fun at a concert or jiving on the dancefloor. Libra is usually a lot more adventurous than Pisces. Libra might be into snow sports, hiking, snorkeling, biking, etc. While Pisces might be more content on the beach with a drink and a book. Libra likes to do this too, but they need more than that, and for some Libra’s it is a turnoff if their partner does not do some of the same activities as them. Libra might want to go camping and Pisces might want to stay in a hotel.


Libras are not nearly as chatty as Pisces. Sometimes Libra will be begging Pisces to shut up. Libra can be a great listener, but sometimes their heart is not in it. Libra needs to be heard too, and sometimes just because they are chill, Libra does not always get the chance to talk about their feelings. Pisces also expects an immediate response when Libra is not capable of this. Libra is always doing a bunch of different stuff at once, and because commitment is hard for them, this also makes it hard for Libra to commit to getting back to people on time. Pisces can get frustrated and send multiple messages, which will only push Libra further away. Being too emotional and being too much is not the key to Libra’s heart. Libra will ghost on Pisces if they go into this mode of emotional communication. Pisces can become blunt, rude, and mean when they are not fulfilled. These kinds of dramatics only turn Libra off more.

The Main Deal Breaker

Libra is just “too cool” to experience romance the Pisces way. Pisces wants to feel, express, and connect. Libra seems unsure about what they want, while Pisces has been narrowing it down for years. Pisces does not feel motivated by Libra, who has many talents but can be lazy and immature. Sometimes Libra does not understand that in order to play hard you have to work hard, and if Pisces is an unmotivated Fish, this pair can be self-destructive.

How Can Libra and Pisces Work?

The sun signs of Libra and Pisces on their own are not very compatible long-term. Birth charts may reveal more information, which can prescribe a match between these two signs. For instance, if Libra has a water sign rising or if Pisces has an air rising. Moon signs will also tell us more, for instance, Libra could have their moon in Pisces and this would make the couple more compatible. Venus is also a huge indicator. If your Venus placements are compatible, then you naturally have the potential to connect. Also, you could discover through your chart that you are a different element entirely. The Astrological element make-up of each of your charts will also reveal more about your potential connection.

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