June 14, 2024
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Signs That Past Life Memories Are Affecting You Today

What Are the Signs That Your Past Life Memories Are Affecting You Today?

Whenever you think of past life memories or anything from your previous lives affecting you, you think that the only way to really find out is through a past life regression. There is some truth to that. And a past life regression can help you when it comes to unveiling specific issues from your past lives that have been plaguing you or affecting you in some way. But that is not the only thing to rely on when it comes to having memories from your past lives.

Your Past Life Memories

Past life memories are also not just stored in your brain. They are stored in other parts of your body, which is referred to as cellular memory. Cellular memories have a strong influence on your needs, your wants, and your responses to different stimuli subconsciously.

Past life memories affect you in many ways. It would be rare to have specific memories of things that happened during your previous lives while you are in a completely conscious state. That does not mean it couldn’t happen. But it is rare. For instance, if you are eating a chicken sandwich that is spiced in a certain way, you aren’t going to immediately remember that you had eaten a chicken sandwich just like that during your life in England during the Victorian era. What you may end up experiencing instead is déjà vu. That is the first common way of how past life memories affect you.

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Déjà Vu

When you think of déjà vu, that is an odd and sudden feeling you get when you have felt, heard, or done something in the past. For instance, you are driving in your car and you hear a brand-new song on the radio that has never been released before. But you feel as if you had actually heard this song at some point even though it is brand new. And you feel like you had heard that song at a time that was not recent.

Deja vu can also happen when you experience something that you one time had dreamed about. Maybe you are reminded of the experience of doing something that you did when you were a toddler, while your long-term memory was still in its infancy. But all of your experiences from birth and prior to that are in your subconscious. With that said, past life memories are ‘remembered’ through moments of déjà vu as well.

In that case with the song on the radio, you would not have heard that particular song. But perhaps in a previous life, you had heard a song that had a similar tune to the new one you are listening to on the radio. Now you know déjà vu can be a past life memory emerging. What about likes and dislikes?

Likes and Dislikes

Have you ever wondered why you like certain things and you don’t like others? Sometimes your personality has a lot to do with why you gravitate to some things and why you are repelled by others. However, your personality is often shaped by some of your past life experiences as well as your upbringing in your current life. You can easily develop likes and dislikes as you evolve and grow.

However, what about the likes and dislikes you had since you were a child? There is more to a child just simply ‘not liking peanut butter’, or ‘liking rabbits more than guinea pigs’, for example. Is it possible that the child not liking peanut butter results from the past life memory of them eating peanut butter and getting sick – and then being turned off from it for the best of their previous life? Is it also possible that the child had a pet rabbit in their previous life? And at the same time, they didn’t know much about raising guinea pigs because they never had one? Those things can most definitely stay in your cellular memory from other lifetimes.

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At the same time, that child may like rabbits better than guinea pigs, but they don’t dislike guinea pigs either. They have a neutral attitude towards them. That means they’d be open to having one for a pet. And eventually, they may grow to love guinea pigs as much as rabbits as they become older. And their love for guinea pigs would have started in their current life and would stay in the cellular memory for good.

However, what does that mean that the same child who loves rabbits strongly dislikes cats to the degree of fear? Is there a good chance that the child had a bad experience with a cat in their previous life? Let’s explore that more.

Fears and Phobias

Fear is a response that is emotional to a threat that is perceived or real. A phobia is the same thing other than the fact it is amplified to the point that it is consuming and can interfere with your quality of life. Fears and phobias can develop in your current life if a traumatic incident occurred that had a lifelong impact on you. However, what about young children that have extreme fears over certain things? What about adults that have fears and phobias that they cannot explain? Fears and phobias can be stemmed from past life memories.

Let’s take that example of the child being fearful or phobic of the cat. That child has never been around a cat during their brief time they have been alive. Could it be that the child has a phobia of cats due to having a traumatic experience with one in their past life? There is a strong chance they did. Therefore ‘unexplained’ fears and phobias are likely traced back to traumas you endured in previous lives. On the flip side, unexplained passions, and things you love can also be traced to your previous lives.

Your Passions and the Things You Love

Is there something you have been passionate about since childhood that makes you wonder why you were so passionate about that thing, to begin with? There could be some reasons for that. If you have always loved pasta or Italian food and don’t know why there are several reasons behind that. Your parents may have taken you to an Italian restaurant when you were two years old and you tried pasta for the first time and loved it. Therefore, your love for pasta has stayed in your subconscious memory since then.

Or, it is possible that you developed a strong love for pasta and the Italian cuisine in your previous life and carried it over. If you feel you have a strong tie to the Italian culture on top of that and have always wanted to go to Italy – then you may have been Italian in your previous life. You may have lived in Italy or in another country, but you were of Italian descent.

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The strong passions that you have in your current life can also be the result of your past life as well. Perhaps your passion is music. You want to become a musician, but you are not naturally good at playing music. You need to take some courses. One explanation is that you wanted to become a musician in your previous life but was denied the chance. Therefore, you didn’t get a chance to learn and you didn’t have a musical skill to carry over. Skills that come naturally to you are another thing that you can bring from previous lives.

Your Natural Skills

You may have wondered why you are gifted in some areas, but you are not very good at others. There is a reason that you have some natural gifts and talents and that can be traced from the skills you had from previous lives. Those were the skills you used in your previous occupations. For instance, if a young child seems like a natural-born writer, then there is a good chance that the child was a writer, a journalist, or an author in a previous life. Maybe they were in many previous incarnations.

And when it comes to school subjects that you were never good, there could be many reasons for that. Sometimes you simply have learning deficits in areas such as math or sciences. However, you likely had not developed skills in those areas in previous lives. Therefore, those areas would be challenging for you to develop skills. Therefore, now you know that if you have always been good in a certain area, you likely had strong skills in that area in previous lives.

Finally, your dreams can cause you to remember your previous lives. The dreams you have are often full of symbols that represent important things in your life at the current time. Sometimes you can have prophetic dreams which can give you a glimpse of the future. Other times, you could have dreams about certain experiences you had in previous lives.

Based on all these factors that are ‘unexplained’ that affect you today in one way or another, you can likely trace them all from previous lives. And the one way to find out is by working with a past life regressionist. And getting to the bottom of something from your previous life that has been having a negative effect on you is the first step to healing.