July 13, 2024
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How to Use the Moon Energy

Astrology Today – How to Use the Moon’s Energy

There is usually one new moon and one full moon a month.

If there are two new moons in a month, the second is called a black moon.

If there are two full moons in a month, the second is called a blue moon.

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The moon is the part of astrology which rules the subconscious. More specifically, how people’s feelings and subconscious are affected by a certain energetic shift. 80% of the mind is subconscious, so when we can link the conscious and the subconscious, we recognize our own power and ability to create our own reality. Life changes completely.

Moon Phases

The moon phase begins with a new moon in which we are at point 0. New moons represent a time which is ideal for beginning projects, setting new intentions and focussing on manifesting things.

As the moon goes through its waning phase (as it grows more visible), this represents these intentions manifesting and being brought into physical reality (if paired with conscious action/ work/ taking opportunities).

If you have intended to bring something brand new into reality which you’re currently closed off to, it may take a few moons to work on manifesting this as first the moon will bring up all blocks and obstacles which are stopping you from getting what you want.

This is so that you can work through them and eventually get what you want.

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For example, if you’re single and you want a brand new, healthy relationship with your ‘soulmate’, you may set the intention on a new moon- but for the next few months you may be becoming more aware of things which stand in your way such as commitment issues, lack of free time, etc so that you can release them.

Where the full moon is used?

By the time the moon is full, either your manifestations will be with you in physical reality or you will be aware of a few things which stand in your way.

The full moon’s energetic purpose is to help you release that which no longer serves you. You may set intentions to release all the things standing in your way that you have been made aware of. You may also set the intention to be made aware of any other things you need to release during this time.

During the moon’s waxing phase (where it’s becoming less visible), this is usually a time of ending cycles, releasing beliefs or thought patterns, and adjusting to new ways of living. This is a time of replacing habits which no longer serve you with something that better suits your lifestyle. It can also be a time of what is known as ‘purging’, where we can become more and more aware of deep-seated past traumas/issues in order to heal, acknowledge and release the past so that it can no longer affect your future.

For example, if your full moon intention was to release commitment issues, you may find yourself crying and acknowledging hurt which scarred you from a past relationship and finding support and answers which help you recover and build up your self-esteem so that you can be healed and open.

Keep at the intention setting if it resonates with you because even if you don’t see results or buy into it straight away, there’s really no harm in trying.

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A lot of people go along with the moon cycles in this kind of pattern without being aware of it because you don’t need to be consciously aware of astrology for it to influence you. It’s just that awareness of it gives you more understanding and maybe control over how you’re gonna ride the wave.

By the time all blockages have cleared, you will see results in physical reality. Remember that every step of the way you will be guided, it’s not like a magical spell that’s gonna land a partner on your doorstep or £100,000 in your bank overnight. It’s a process. You clear the blockages, you listen to the guidance, you take necessary action and then you just remain open to receive.

Moon and the Zodiac Signs

Each moon falls in a particular zodiac sign, which means the energy surrounding that moon will affect you differently.

To speak in basic terms, the moon will take on the archetypal characteristics of the zodiac sign it is in. For example, if the moon is in Libra the focus will be on relationships and balance.

If you get lost at this point, don’t worry about it because I’m explaining a very complex thing very briefly. After I touch on this, I’m gonna talk about using practices to harness the moon’s energy more effectively.

To go more in depth, specific, and personal- the moon’s placement will hit your chart in a certain area of your life.

Wherever the moon is, it will be in that particular zodiac’s signs 1st house (which rules the self).

As the zodiac wheel moves forward, you count back.

So, say the moon is in Aries.

Aries – hits in the 1st house

Taurus – hits in the 12th house

Gemini – hits in the 11th house

And so on.

So how does this apply to you specifically?

Say, for example, you’re an Aries sun and the moon is in Scorpio. Your sun sign rules your conscious mind, so you’ll consciously be having thoughts in correspondence to how this moon is hitting your sun sign.

The moon is in Scorpio, which is a very confrontational and intense sign.

The moon will be hitting your 6th house which rules health.

This moon will make you consciously reconsider the way you’re taking care of yourself, the quality of your health mentally or physically, and perhaps influencing you to take care of yourself better. You may even have a health issue brought to light which will make you reconsider your day to day way of living.

The Practices

So, what are some practices we can use to harness the energy of a new or full moon?

Your practices can be as simple or complex as you see fit.

You can simply think about/meditate on some intentions, you can write them down, you can work with crystals or candles that you put your intent to. It’s not necessarily that your intent gives the candle or paper more meaning, but it’s the way that you’re bringing these desires into your conscious mind to motivate you to work on this stuff more. You are giving it power, which makes it powerful.

Clear your energy

Think of this process like clearing out a drawer so that you can fill it with new things.

You need to chuck some old stuff out so that you can make space for new blessings.

We are a human being so we can only hold so much energy.

You need to clear, make space, and become open so that new energies and manifestations can appear in our physical reality.

People do this in different ways. Some meditate and clear/balance their chakras, others smudge themselves. Others take salt baths.

Epsom salt is proven energetically and physiologically to help with our muscles, and it is used as a kind of holistic way of relaxing our energy. Many people use it to clear our energy.

If you put Epsom salt in a bath or rub it on you while you are showering with the intent that it will clear your energy, you’re clearing your energetic field to make space for whatever manifestations you are working with the moon to bring about. (Although, if it’s a bath,10 minutes is usually the mark to get out because if it’s any longer than that you’ll just soak up all the old energy again).

Again, I have no way of proving that this scientifically does anything. I believe that it does, and that science will catch up eventually, but while I can’t prove it I’ll just say that the more into these practices you get the more you’re blending the conscious and subconscious with the same intent.

Cleanse your space

Some use sage, others use singing bowls, others just declare that the space is peaceful and clear. Either way, find somewhere that you can just be quiet in for a bit.

Become calm and focussed

Meditate for a little while and center yourself. Connect with the elements (earth, fire, water, air) to ground yourself. Write your intentions and meditate on them. What feeling will this bring about? Why do you want this and what would you do with it?

Get into a space of gratitude

Know that now you have actively gotten clear on what you want and have set your intentions, this next energetic shift will only be aiding you in getting what you want. What you want is already yours and now it’s just a matter of working on it. Be thankful for that. Appreciate that. Know that now you get to enjoy the journey of working towards that and that you can rest assured and be satisfied that you will get what you asked for in an unpredictable way. It is already yours.

Begin to take action

No matter how big or small the actions you physically take to achieve the goals or manifestations/intentions you have set, act. It may mean just saying yes to opportunities more, doing favors for people (if they don’t put you out of your way) to get you out of your own little bubble. It could mean doing a job search, or meditating more, or posting on social media more. You need to take action though so that you ground your intentions into the physical.

The moon’s cycles will affect everyone, astrology pretty much rules the direction of the planet and controls the shifts that take place. When we work with the universe, we create our own reality, and we can have whatever we want.

Working with the moon is one of the easiest ways of beginning to do that.