July 21, 2024
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Clairs of Psychic

Learn All About the Clairs of Psychic

If this is your first interaction of knowledge about the clairs of psychic, you are in for a lot of fun and surprises! To give you a very simple introduction, human beings possess something called a heightened sense, and no, it is not one of their regular senses hyped up. Some people call it the sixth sense too.

While there is little explanation offered by people as to what triggers it, but this sort of psychic knowledge helps them a lot in their lives. These are called the clairs of psychic, and lucky for you, you can have them too. It is a simple belief that everyone born in this world has at least a few psychic clairs to them, that they can actively control. They are subsequently divided into various types. Let us break it down for you.


Out of all the clairs, clairaudience clairvoyance is probably the most famous and sought after by people. Let us give you a brief introduction to clairvoyance first. The simple meaning of clairvoyance is basically having a heightened sense of seeing through people or situations. Movies and books have actively taken part to promote clairvoyance as the number one psychic ability to have.

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It is true that some people are born naturally with it. For those who are not, all is not lost, for it just takes practice and patience to gain what you do not have. When clairaudience clairvoyance goes head to head, it is probably clairvoyance that emerges as the most popular one, but do not let that make your assumption of it as the best one, for there are so many more that you still must know about.

Easy to spot types of clairvoyance in people are if they say “I see” a lot in conversation or solve their daily life problems and tasks through visual aid, be it in their head or on paper.


Clairsentience is yet another heightened sense or psychic power that one can possess, giving them an advantage over other people in their lives. When it comes to the clairs of psychic, clairsentience is mentioned quite a lot simply because of how it talks of human emotions.

This can sometimes go overboard as one may begin not just to feel emotional about their personal goals or challenges, but also other people’s problems, which may cause a lot of hurt and tension. The biggest challenge facing a clairsentient person is to channel their emotional strength to their own benefit actively and not let it get distracted. If you identify as clairsentient through the descriptions above, it is high time you started thinking about your personal goals and how to achieve them through the strengths that you possess.


If there is a most simple definition to any types of the clairs of psychic, it is to claircognizance. In the easiest words, it is knowing. Whether it is impending doom or a feeling of winning at a time, it is because you are claircognizant.

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Often there is not quite an explanation into how this came to be, you may be able to observe certain aspects of the environment to reach a conclusion, or just have a gut feeling, both qualify as claircognizance. The bottom line is, this type of knowledge when it comes to the clairs of psychic is very important.


Like we mentioned before, clairaudience and clairvoyance are probably two of the most widely known and popular clairs of psychic. The reasons are simple. These types of psychic abilities are widely advertised and glamorized in movies and TV shows.

In fact, so many internet searches on topics like how to increase clairvoyance and how to increase clairaudience have contributed to increasing people’s knowledge about the issue.

Clairaudience is about the inner voice that one may have. There are simple enough procedures to know if you indeed possess clairaudience or not. For instance, the most common indicator of such an ability is knowing what people are about to say before they say it. Taking such a clairaudience quiz can help you greatly in identifying your capabilities.

For instance, do popular sayings and songs come in your head as voices to guide you in times of peril and distress? Or an inner voice tries to help you make your decisions. Simply being a vocal person instead of a visual one can also be a core reason for you to be clairaudience.


Although quite uncommon, being clairscent can be very useful if you are an imaginative person. Basically, all the clairs of psychic talk about heightened levels of imaginative capability. When it comes to clairscent, it is given away by its name. The ability talks about having the power to recall and feel any kind of scent. It is also known as smell awareness.

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The key point over here is that your nose does not play any part in it. Having certain scents that can help you recall certain memories is the most accurate representation of being clairscentient.

Such an ability can also help contribute to building one’s memory because if they can recall any smell and actively feel it, they can also associate certain data or information with it and recall that along with it. So, this is probably the first of the clairs of psychic that has a dual purpose of this nature.

In conclusion

Lastly, it is important to always be responsible for using one’s powers when it comes to the clairs. It is true that everyone can achieve such heightened senses after practice and patience, however, to those who have a clair that comes naturally to them, it is never to be taken for granted because other spiritual concepts like that of karma are always to be taken into account too.