July 21, 2024
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Astrology Helps Love Relationships

Astrology Helps Love Relationships!

Astrology is a complete science if one sets out to explore it. Just like it can help through so many parts of one’s life and its challenges, astrology helps love relationships in ways you probably cannot imagine. Let us give you a brief introduction to the whole concept and how it moves on to affect and steer your love life. There are various factors that can set up a relationship between two people. We will be discussing all of them one by one, and let you decide what course your life is taking through these.

Compatibility between Signs: The Sun Signs

The first, and perhaps the most important of these factors, which end up deciding the path your love life will take, is definitely your sun sign. If you are hearing this term for the first time, do not get confused, sun signs are simply your zodiac signs, which are decided by your date of birth. With that established, there are various ways that the sun signs take up in order to determine compatibility between signs.

It is no joke that astrology helps love relationships, which is why astrologists all over the world have spent so much time trying to discover all the different ways zodiac signs can be used to determine the feasibility of a relationship, as well as the compatibility between two people. We will be discussing a few of these ways in detail further.

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The Zodiac Elements

Zodiac elements are perhaps the first thing an astrologist looks towards when determining what kind of relationship compatibility exists between two people. There is very simple science that exists behind determining whether a relationship is compatible, and you can learn it too, to gauge your next relationship before it gets to a point from where you cannot turn back. The 12 zodiac signs are divided into four elements, which as you may have guessed, are earth, fire, water, and air.

These elements tend to determine the personality traits of their respective zodiac signs and their general approach towards life. For instance, even though people with the same zodiac element may make different choices, their attitude or thinking towards their decisions would be inspired by the same reasons.

The Science behind Zodiac Elements

Determining relationship compatibility between zodiac signs based on elements is pretty simple. Without going into the specifics of what these signs mean, let us tell you how astrology helps love relationships through them. Just like you would expect these very elements to behave in nature, they do so in terms of relationship compatibility too. Fire, for example, gets fuelled by air, and so both air and fire are very good relationship partners according to astrology.

Similarly, water provides enrichment and nourishment for the earth, so both of these elements tend to go along very well with each other too. And just like water and fire do not sit too well together, these elements do have a lot of friction towards each other. Apart from that, it is common knowledge that if your zodiac elements match, you probably have nothing to worry about.

The Moon Signs

Just like your simple zodiac sign, the moon sign is also a pretty important factor when it comes to determining how astrology helps love relationships. When a person is born, their specific zodiac sign is determined by the position that the sun is in. Similarly, the moon is also going through a certain position, which determines your moon sign. It is a very clear representation of your family and home.

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Astrology helps love relationships greatly when it comes to the moon sign also. This again is quite dependent on the zodiac elements as well, as we discussed before. If your moon sign matches with the moon sign of your significant other, it is very strong of a chance that you two will bond together very strongly. If your sun sign and moon signs match, it is again very probable that your relationship will be very strong.

The Ascendant

Another pretty important factor when it comes to determining how astrology helps love relationships is that of the rising sun, which is more commonly known as the ascendant by astrologers all around the world. This is basically the sign that was rising on the eastern horizon at the time of the birth of a person. If the rising sun signs of two people tend to match, it can be a pretty safe bet that both of you will find a very strong relationship working out for you.

It is also unique in the sense that not only does compatibility work out in the case of the ascendant, but sometimes even friction between the two signs may lead to something working out in favor of the relationship.

The Lunar Nodes

This is different in terms of astrology because so far, we have just been talking about signs with regards to the skies. Lunar nodes, as astrologers would have, are rather mathematical or logical points at which the orbit of the moon crosses the celestial sphere. Nodes need to be overlapping of two people, for them to find something to build a relationship on. With that in order, one can be sure that if all other factors work in your favor, lunar nodes will do too.

In Conclusion

Just like we mentioned earlier, it is quite simple as to how astrology helps love relationships. There are certain factors that one needs to take care of in trying to determine how strong a relationship there can exist between two people. These factors can also help determine whether there are fewer chances of getting something done. With this kind of information in mind, it becomes quite a simple procedure, broken down into small steps when one wants to know about how astrology helps love relationships.

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