July 16, 2024
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You’re continuing on a major path of personal growth at the moment, Pisces. Saturn marches into your sign in March 2023, and he’s set to stay until 2026. This only happens every thirty years, Pisces, making this year another one for the books. You are growing and maturing in ways you could never have imagined before. Even if, at times, it’s probably a little overwhelming, trust that you’re making enormous progress, Pisces. Because you are. Read on to explore how 2024 is about to unfold for you –

Pisces Horoscope 2024: Your Main Planetary Influences

Saturn, planet of lessons, karma and restrictions, is continuing to be the main planetary influence for you for your 2024 horoscope, Pisces. This planet only visits your sign every two decades, making this your biggest cycle of growth yet. Saturn rules the material world – career, finances and personal goals may all be big subjects for you, says your yearly reading. Saturn is here to teach you the value of limits, of restriction and of discipline. These are all words you’d usually run away from, but now’s not the time to escape Pisces. Now’s the time to face your karma and step up to the plate. 

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Challenges for Pisces Horoscope 2024

Saturn, as previously mentioned, is not only the main influence for 2024, he’s also your main challenge, if you haven’t picked that up already, Pisces. You’re learning the value of boundaries at the moment, and these boundaries may include you learning to say ‘no’. This is a word that you may have struggled with before, Pisces, whether that’s saying no to yourself or learning to say no to others. With Neptune having transited your sign for the last several years, it’s probably been even more difficult than ever to truly understand what ‘no’ feels like, never mind what your ‘yes’ feels like.

Now that Saturn has arrived, you’re finally getting to put up walls where there have never been walls before. On a physical level, you could be cutting certain things out, such as alcohol, smoking, sugar or even gluten, for example. Your lifestyle is changing, and along with that, your body and your identity. This isn’t easy but it’s part of growing up, Pisces, choose to limit rather than allow life to do it for you. This is the way to become empowered.

Career and Work Horoscope for Pisces 2024

What do your career horoscope say for 2024, Pisces? Once again, it’s very similar to what you had going on over 2023, what with the transit of Saturn through your sign. Many of you may be setting, or are still setting, new and clear goals for your professional world. You may even be starting your own business and finally becoming more and more independent as you go along. Yes, this is a lot of responsibility, but it’s also very satisfying, isn’t it, Pisces? Isn’t it wonderful to be in a position where you’re creating your own way, your own path?

For years and years, you’ve been drifting, probably quite uncertain of the road you’re meant to take. Maybe you’ve gone from job to job, never fully knowing your own purpose. Now you’re beginning to know, Pisces. Your aspirations are becoming reality. Keep going. Don’t give up.

This is an especially positive year for Pisces who wish to do any kind of healing work, such as energy healing or even Astrology. It’s also great for the Pisces who are drawn to the arts, music or other creative avenues. Film and photography may also be a viable avenue that’s finally starting to take shape for you over 2024, offers your career reading.

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Jupiter and Uranus are still travelling through your communication sector, Pisces, so for the first half of the year, it’s a great idea to be building (or rebuilding) your website, for example. You may want to be focussing on things like marketing, too, as well as rebranding and social media. Those of you involved in teaching or coaching will be busy and flying until May, with plenty of students and clients being drawn to you. Jupiter will move out of this sector in May, so make the most of his time, Pisces. Once he heads into Gemini, home is likely to be more of a focus than career.

Lastly, the retrograde of Mars in one of your work sectors from December 2024 will likely be felt as from October onwards. You may be returning to certain work projects whilst facing some tension, backlash or blocks financially. These are all offering you the opportunity to assert yourself and have your own back. It’s also a time where you’ll need to schedule in some rest if you can. Pisces, as your energy levels are probably going to be rather low.

Love, Marriage And Romance Horoscope For Pisces 2024

2024 is the year to be focussing more on yourself than on your love life, says your romantic horoscope for the year ahead. It’s not that you’re necessarily going to be alone, so don’t panic. Yet, for far too long, you’ve been subject to the needs and desires of others rather than your own. Now’s the year when you are creating your own identity, your own path, your own purpose, Pisces. If your sweetheart is supportive and wants to watch you flourish, your relationship will be stronger for this. If not, then you may face a few challenges over the year to come.

Some Pisceans that have been married or committed for many years may have to go through a major turning point in their relationship. When Saturn transits a sign, he usually brings with him a reality check. This is a common transit for divorce, but only if there’s been ongoing conflict and problems for a very long time – over three years, usually. If this does happen, you’ll feel sad for a moment, Pisces, but ultimately, you’ll be free. It’s as if you’ve been trapped for years and years and now’s your moment to unfurl your wings.

For those of you hoping to start a family, then go right ahead. From May, the planets align in such a way that you could very well be welcoming a new addition. This will spark off a year-long cycle of joy and happiness when it comes to family and cohabitation with your sweetie. You may even move in with your special person, Pisces. Or, it’s a case of you buying your first home together. Whatever happens for you, it’s bound to be positive for your relationship, Pisces.

Financial Horoscope For Pisces 2024

Your Financial Horoscope for 2024 looks quite similar to 2023, Pisces. The Moon’s Nodes have already moved into your money sector from around July, reflecting big developments for you when it comes to both your personal resources as well as the resources you receive from others.

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The focus is very much about you building your own financial independence, Pisces. No more should you rely on the support of others – no, you need to stand on your own two feet now. This lesson may be coinciding with actual events, such as the start or end of a career or marriage, events that push you towards greater financial freedom.

In fact, you might find that this year is one of big personal wins, Pisces. You could be making much more than usual, not just out of luck, but also because you’re working much harder for it. Sure, there may be some fear around not being supported in the way you’d like, but this is an important new learning curve. Embrace it. The Eclipses of April and May 2024 may bring along with an important material achievement or culmination of some kind, as well as a new beginning.

Health Horoscope For Pisces 2024

Pay special attention to your 2024 health horoscope, Pisces. The transit of both Saturn and Neptune have something important to share with you when it comes to your wellbeing. The Saturn transit in particular has been going on since March 2023, and will be continuing until March 2026, so prepare yourself for the long haul, Pisces. This is all about learning to limit yourself and put stricter habits in place. For example, you may start working out harder and losing weight as a result. Or, you may experience a health crisis that forces you to limit certain foods or drinks and start being more aware of what your body wants and needs.

This isn’t an easy journey, Pisces, but it is an important one. Neptune’s transit has likely been reflecting a few years of excess, escapism and potentially problematic issues with fatigue and general immunity. Saturn is here to help you get back on track. If you take responsibility, you’ll find that this planet can end up helping you rather than causing you to feel resentful and restricted.

Your mental health is also very important, what with the transit of Pluto through this sector of your birth chart from January 2024. You may be doing a deep psychological dive into your old patterns, traumas and baggage, thereby ultimately freeing yourself from the past. You had a taste of this in March 2023, so get ready for more, Pisces. Go ahead and think about working with the best healers and therapists you can find. You’ll be so much more empowered as a result.

Family And Social Life Horoscope For Pisces 2024

Your family sector gets activated from mid-2024, Pisces. This is when Jupiter – your ancient planetary ruler – changes signs. It’s the first time in about twelve years that you’ve had his visit here so think back to around a decade ago. What benefits and happy events were developing around family and home way back then? You can expect something similar now. There’s some sort of lucky break awaiting you, whether that’s finding the home of your dreams or expanding the current home you’re in. You may even decide to emigrate, Pisces, or move to a new city. Ultimately, this transit is all about freedom and expansion. Your family life will also get better and better, with all relationships improving. This is a very fortunate period for anything roots and family related, promises your 2024 reading.

The first half of the year looks especially great, Pisces. Jupiter is still gracing this area, so you’re meeting all kinds of new people, people who are expanding your world in some important way. This is healing. You’re laying some new and fantastic groundwork for the future, so go on and get networking.

Spiritual Horoscope For Pisces 2024

Your greatest spiritual lessons at the moment lie in your physical world, Pisces. What does that mean? Well, you’re growing and learning through the lens of your career, your physical health and your relationships. Often, we need these external lessons to help point us towards the inner growth, Pisces.

One of the biggest lessons you may learn in 2024 is how to stand on your own two feet and not ask for or need help from the outside. At first, this may feel a little lonely and even alienating, but ultimately, this is hugely beneficial, Pisces. By March 2026, you will be stronger than you’ve ever been, and completely transformed.

Pluto is also coming along to teach you some major lessons, Pisces. He arrives in your 12th house of spirituality, which will spark a two-decades-long journey of evolution. You’ll become that much more fascinated with psychology, trauma work and ancestral healing, Pisces. In two decades, you’ll emerge more powerful and in control of your destiny than ever.

Advice And General Outline For Pisces Horoscope 2024

Pisces, you have a big year ahead, thanks to the transit of Saturn through your sign. This is teaching you some valuable lessons around boundaries – including the boundaries that you set for yourself. You’re also becoming more focussed on your personal goals and aspirations, which look to flourish in the years to come. The foundations that you’re laying now are incredibly important for the long-term Pisces. Do the hard work. It’ll be totally worth it.

Jupiter, your ruler, changes signs mid-year. This brings growth and expansion to your home and domestic sector, with many of you experiencing a positive series of events in the family. This is also a lovely time to heal any issues from the past, Pisces. Rest assured that the first half of the year seems to still be very social, with plenty of opportunities for networking, travelling, teaching and education in general. Your head is in the right place, which makes all the difference towards making the year ahead one of your best yet, promises your 2024 horoscope.