July 15, 2024
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COVID-19 Horary Question Part 4

Update on COVID-19 with Horary Astrology – Part 4

There is a branch of astrology known as Horary Astrology.  The process involves asking a specific question and casting a chart for the moment of the question.  The chart provides the answer.  The question I asked for this article on June 20, 2020, at 04:21:57 in Durham, North Carolina was, “what do the readers visiting AskAstrology need to know about COVID-19?”  This article provides the answer.

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COVID19, What We Need to Know Now

The world is changing faster than it ever has in recorded history.  In fact, the pandemic continues to cause situations that are truly unprecedented, as it has never happened before.  It has been far too common to use the word “unprecedented” as hyperbole because life in much of the world has been mostly stable, and even the instability stayed within certain boundaries.  Not so anymore.

We are all looking for insights and answers, critical viewpoints that help, and knowledge that syncs with reality, and not wild speculation.  Astrology provides a practical and spiritual interpretation of events in terms of energy and timing.  One tried and true practice in astrology casts charts for specific questions at the time the question gets asked; this practice is Horary astrology.  I employed this technique and asked the question, “what do readers visiting Ask Astrology need to know about COVID-19?”

Below is the chart:

COVID-19 Horary Chart 4

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The Answers

You do not need to know anything about astrology to see some obvious visual representations that matter.  Most of the points are “in the upper half”.  In fact, only 1 point is “below” the horizon line, which is the divide between the part of the chart above the AS/DS divide.  The point below the AS is Mercury, and it is retrograde.  Mercury is our point of communication, and its position in the 1st House of Identity means that the virus is forcing us to address intense emotions about who we are and what we need to feel safe.

12th House of Spirituality

The heart (Sun) of the matter and soul (Moon) of the matter is our understanding (Gemini) of the state of the world and everyone in it (12th House).  Between the Sun and Moon is the South Node, which represents hard karmic lessons we need to address and overcome.  Also, in this house is Venus, which is retrograde.

Essentially, the message is about how the virus impacts our global consciousness that longs for the old way of understanding the world to still be “true”.  The Sun and Moon are in the balsamic moon phase, which is the ending phase of the lunar cycle before the start of a new moon phase.  The previous casting of this question last month, was also, unintentionally, at the time of the balsamic moon.

Symbolically this phase represents the winter and the period when resources are lowest before the renewal of energy with the spring.  In the context of this chart and the positions of the Sun and Moon in Gemini in the 12th House, there is a general and global desire to “go back to the way things were”, but a deepening understanding that we will have to move in the direction of entirely new beliefs (North Node in Sagittarius) because of the impact of the virus.

7th and 8th Houses of Relationships

The 7th House represents our connections to people in the world who help us succeed, while the 8th House represents intimate partnerships and shared resources at a personal level.  Pluto (death/rebirth) and Jupiter (expansion) are both retrograde in the 7th House.  All of our relationships are in upheaval and we will struggle to expand unless we have help from each other.

Saturn is in the 8th House, also retrograde, so our most intimate relationships are being pressure tested, with an expectation that we will need new visions (Aquarius) for how we will be in an intimate partnership.  This energy is moving backward towards Capricorn, suggesting that new thoughts about how we relate deeply with another will require difficult, but practical changes as move deeper into 2020.

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9th House of Mastery

Mars and Neptune both occupy this house at this time.  Mars is our drive and desire and Neptune represents the spirituality and mystery of life.  Mars struggles here because it wants to act with clear direction, but the sign of Pisces represents the great unknown, so there is a desire to master how we deal with the unknown.  Neptune here reminds us that mastery of spiritual matters requires persistent and ongoing effort, without any easy or quick solutions.

10th House of Prosperity

Chiron, the wounded healer, is here and in the sign of Aries.  We can expect more individual wounding, in need of healing, around work and careers.  The virus continues to drive home survival issues as well as the problematic nature of individualism in a collective crisis.  We will continue to “pay a price” or “feel a wound” from selfish behavior, which can be useful in times of stability, where we, as individuals, can develop our individuality to help society.  In times of crisis communal or social support behavior becomes necessary and healing.

11th House of Community

Uranus is here, which means more shocks to community and society at very practical levels.  The last time Uranus was in Taurus was 1935 to 1943, and during that time the world radically changed from something very different than what it had been in 1929 when the Great Depression struck.  Radical changes in daily life will continue and start to become the new foundation (Taurus).  Rethinking the very structure of our communities will continue to be part of the impact of the virus.

The Upper Half of the Chart

With only one point below the AS/DS horizon line, the concentration of the message is about partnerships (7th/8th Houses), responsibilities (9th/10th Houses), and societal/global issues (11th/12th Houses).  The astrology indicates that much of what we need to know about the virus is dramatically changing our relationship, the types of skills and knowledge we need to master to be successful, and how we relate to others and understand our world view.


The virus is still spreading and, astrologically, according to this chart, the virus impact will be long term, persistent, and do more to reshape the fabric of society.  We need to think about who we depend on and support in this crisis and how our understanding of civilization is rapidly changing.