July 23, 2024
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The Importance of Your Saturn Sign

The Importance of Your Saturn Sign – Life Goals and Happiness

Saturn or Kronos is the timelord of the astrological chart.  Like the changing fates of Dr. Who (in the TV show) our own rites of passage are co-ordinated by the position of Saturn through our lives.   Where Saturn was when we were born tells us all about our karmic path in this life, with the timings dictated by the 7-year cycle of Saturn’s movement.

Embracing the Lessons of Saturn

At around 7 years of age, we first become aware of our place in the world, and that our behavior can have an impact upon everything and everyone in our immediate surroundings.   The themes which come up when we are 7 are echoed through the ages of 14 and 21 also with a pinnacle at around the age of 29.

You may have heard of the ‘Saturn Return’ which affects us all between the ages of 28-30 as Saturn completes an orbit in the sky and for the first time returns to the position it was in on the day we were born.  This is an important time of ‘growing up’ for us all and intrinsically marks the point of passage between youth and adulthood.  Most of us will make big changes at this juncture in our lives, may buy a house or put down family roots by having a child, or becoming wed.

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Where we have been living for the needs of others, big changes may come to us instead.  Some will become divorced, lose their jobs or be forced to consider a big change of direction that wasn’t expected.

Here’s what your Saturn position is telling you about your karmic path in this life and what to prepare for during your Saturn cycles (which you will be reminded of every 7 years for your entire life).

I will begin with Saturn in Capricorn, as this is where Saturn is currently and those of you aged around 29 will be experiencing your great Saturn Return right about now.  All of you will be able to relate to the 7-year cycle of Saturn and how it has affected your life.  I’d love to hear your stories and feedback!

1. Saturn in Capricorn

You have an instinct for business, and commerce and you get a sense of satisfaction from hard work.  Ambition is in your nature and having something to strive for is important for your sense of satisfaction in life.  Your Saturn squares will put you in touch with a more ruthless side to your character, which may not be clear in your overall personality.  The Saturn return will show you that a sense of direction and purpose is very important for your happiness and that you do need to be more selfish in order to prioritize your goals.

You were born with a mission that is very important to you, some will be very sure of your life direction and others not so much.  For you to be happy, however, you do need to have something to strive for.  To learn more about this, do feel free to book a reading with me, your astrological chart will provide the details of your mission in this life and discovery of this will bring you an energy boost, followed by a sense of inner peace.

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2. Saturn in Aquarius

You were born with a rebel streak that you may not even be aware of….yet!  You have probably conformed very successfully throughout your life but there has always been a feeling that something is ‘off’ with convention and that there must be ‘something more’.  At the times of the Saturn squares, you have felt a need to break out and do something different, but haven’t always been sure exactly what.  At the point of your Saturn return, you are likely to be the type that wants to change everything, if you have been living a life that others expected of you.

You have a deep, intrinsic desire for freedom and a need to encourage equality and acceptance in the world around you.  In order for you to experience the best version of yourself, you will want to spend some time out, doing some soul searching and discovering more of ‘who you really are’.  Do contact me for a reading if you need some assistance in uncovering more of your true nature, this would be a better choice than making compromises and connections that you will need to extricate yourself from at a later point in your life.  Focus on your free-spiritedness; it will boost your soul immeasurably.

3. Saturn in Pisces

You have a great imagination and it is important you use this to further yourself in life, whether creatively, socially, spiritually or in your career.  Your dreams may become reality more easily than for most, and you have a natural ability to use the ‘law of attraction’ successfully, as your thoughts and dreams can be manifest in the world easily.  The Saturn squares will be tough for you and you may find it easy to lose faith in the world, as your sensitive soul feels the pain and suffering of all that is living.

Your Saturn return may feature you focusing more on human, animal or environmental welfare as a big feature of your life.  Certainly, unless you use your imagination and compassion regularly you may be prone to depression.  Remember giving and helping others lifts the spirit more than any chemical fix.  Your compassionate nature is the key to your happiness, try to develop an inner faith to avoid being dragged down by the hardships in the lives you witness.  You can make a difference, don’t give up!

4. Saturn in Aries

Your mission is to transmute your impatience, into a steady stream of energy which creates real results.  In youth, you will likely be prone to starting things with a great deal of enthusiasm but could struggle to maintain the kind of interest required for achievement.  As the Saturn squares develop your character, you may still find that you are easily stressed by paperwork and procedures, but also begin to learn that to get things done you do have to go about them in a particular way in this world.

Your Saturn return will show you becoming more grounded in your approach to life and dealing with your energy and/or anger in a more mature way.  You are the Saturn sign that is more likely to settle down after the age of 29, as your desire to experience everything life has to offer is as strong as your inability to conform.   Think before you commit though, better to be aware that you thrive on experience than try to make promises you cannot keep.

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5. Saturn in Taurus

You are in-tune with the basic principles of Saturn, as you are methodical and grounded and appreciate that it takes time and effort to get the outcomes you desire.   You tend to appreciate good food and fine dining and may be either a great cook or a pedantic food critic.  Either way, you appreciate the senses and have a bit of a flair for gardening and growing things also.  Your Saturn squares will mark times when you become aware of the realities of life and the resistance we all encounter trying to achieve our goals.

The Saturn return for you may show a very different perspective and as one who is in touch with the tangible, commercial world, you may decide to change careers or lifestyles quite unexpectedly.  Money is quite a priority to you until you make some and realize that it isn’t anywhere near as fulfilling as being outdoors in nature.   Finding the balance between worldly success and the natural life around you will be your point of finding happiness and true fulfillment.  What we give back to the land, is more important than making our mark in life, as it will last for longer.

6. Saturn in Gemini

Your fluency and flair for words will give you a level of charisma than can win arguments and impress your superiors when required.  Whilst you can be quite critical and speak out of turn at times, you do intrinsically understand the power of contrived, cultivated communication and how it can be used to win friends and influence people.  Although you are aware that it is better to be roused only when a battle needs to be won, there are many things to ‘fight for’.  Choosing your causes and focusing will be integral to your success in life.   There are so many areas that need to be refined, re-cultivated and re-written and whilst this is your remit in life, you can only do/fully learn so much; so make sure you choose your causes wisely.

For you, Saturn squares may make the injustices of life seem insurmountable at times, but you will come into your own with the Saturn return and pick yourself up with verve, realizing that ‘knowledge {actually} is power’ and if you are an expert on any subject, your ability to sway people will mean you really can make waves in the world and hopefully re-write the rule books too one day.

7. Saturn in Cancer

You need to be king of your own castle and will not be content without your own domain which allows you free reign.  In youth, your responsibility to your family will be notable and this won’t change as such, but you will ultimately become the center of the domestic universe for those close to you eventually.  Loyal and true, the Saturn squares will offer conundrums that require solutions to you and help you to gain confidence and faith in yourself, something which is often lacking in your nature.

You *are* capable and the Saturn return will provide a boost to your confidence in this regard, the key is to use this self-belief to build up your own domain and be that person who is a solid and reliable guide to those you love.  The weakness with this placement may be that you forget to become an expert in anything, preferring to solve puzzles as and when they arrive.  If you *do* develop your skills to the level of expertise however, your solid counsel will be second to none.  Allow your Saturn return to be the time when you choose a direction and learn to stick with it.

8. Saturn in Leo

Bravado is your middle name and courage is your first, you are able to stand tall and represent what matters most to you and this could bring you great success.  So long as you don’t fear the audiences you may so easily attract, you may discover that you have a natural gift for performing, or directing others who do.  Interestingly this placement likes to work in groups and will often end up becoming the leader, hence you may end up working in governmental organizations, due to your ability to combine tradition with your natural sense of presence.

Saturn squares will show you have to work a little harder for the attention which you usually attract so easily and your Saturn return could show you choosing a spouse, who adores you enough for you to have a steady level of contentment in your day to day life.  You may have struggled as a child, knowing too surely what it was that you wanted to do and finding the ‘rules’ oppressive, but you will excel when you can make your own choices and dictate the new way forward for those around you.  You are a natural leader, use it for kindness and good.

9. Saturn in Virgo

You have very high standards and always know how best to do the thing.  At times you can come across as very pedantic and highly strung but that doesn’t matter so much to you, so long as everything is done to the level you expect.  Despite your need for perfection, you won’t usually seek a leadership role; preferring to implement your finesse and expertise, behind the scenes.

Satisfaction for you comes from watching your own impact on your surroundings.  You have great integrity and seek no glory, even though you will go beyond the levels of most, in order to ensure your impeccable impact.  Your Saturn squares will show you that no matter how much you worry/stress, you cannot control everything around you and your Saturn return; ideally will show you learning to take some time out and learn to let go and relax a little.  Your inability to relax and switch off will need your focus so that it doesn’t lead to ill health.  Learn to meditate and set time aside for fun and good humor.  You have a surprisingly strong link with music which is your greatest healer.

10. Saturn in Libra

You are the master negotiator and mediator with a talent for seeing all sides without bias.  This is the placement of the natural lawyer as you have the ability to represent any view and any cause, no matter what your own beliefs.  Of course, this is not to say that you lack scruples, just that you are able to be fully objective if and when the need arises.

With this placement, it is possible for you to excel in business, as you have an innate understanding of how to please others, and cater to their needs.  For you, the Saturn squares will show you the ugliness of the world, behind your natural idealistic slant and you may find these experiences deeply depressing.

The Saturn return will show you integrating deeper wisdom of life with your charismatic nature and oftentimes will lead to somebody who ‘wants to make a difference’.  The key here is not to give up on this desire when life becomes easier again.  You have a talent for persuasion which can be used for change, rather than political appeasement.  Happiness for you will come from guiding the more weak and selfish behaviors of others, towards integrity and compassion.

11. Saturn in Scorpio

There is no utopia and there are no roses that can tint your perception enough for you to ignore the darkness and starkness of the world around you.  You were born with your eyes open, having witnessed the selfish motives of other humans early on.  For this reason, you are mostly unshockable and at times of the Saturn squares, you will have experienced anger and frustration and others’ apparently obliviousness to the truths and hardships of life.

At the point of the Saturn return, you will have learned that whilst it is your job to open up others’ eyes in order to make a difference, there is a point to idealism and hope.  Faith really can move mountains, and since you are an expert on what needs to change already, you will benefit from looking into the mechanisms you can use to do so.

Learning to lighten up and develop focus, will help you to hone your natural instinct for what is wrong with society.   You cannot change things alone and learning to work with others will help you to have more power and impact.  For you, happiness will come from learning to laugh and then focus on what can be done fully, rather than worrying about all that you cannot change.

12. Saturn in Sagittarius

You have a great ability to see ‘the bigger picture’ and the broader concepts in life.  It may be that you are a keen traveler, or perhaps you are more concerned with understanding the mechanisms of how life works, than with where.  Either way though; you are fascinated by discovery and/or expanding your knowledge and are probably an eclectic collector of facts, objects or books.

Your Saturn squares will be heavy, as you are forced to develop an awareness of the gravity of life and the impact of your own self upon your surroundings.  Usually so distracted by everything outside of you, it can a struggle sometimes for you to deal with tangible reality.  The Saturn return may be quite a ‘wakeup call’ for those of you who have tried to ignore the real world up until this point.  Responsibility looms for us all at some point and no matter how knowledgeable you are, you still need a roof over your head and the bills to be paid.

For you, happiness will come of deliberately allocating a little time every week to deal with ‘boring areas’ of life.  If you are on top of them, they cannot loom in the background as a worry.  You will appreciate your freedom to explore, a whole lot more if you take a little time to balance your finances, pay the bills and ensure that your mind can be stress-free and liberated otherwise.