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10 Tips if You Love an Aquarius

10 Tips if You Love an Aquarius

Aquarius are very reserved people, they aren’t secluded but that they choose people who are true to their core. Their sign symbolizes friendliness and eccentricity, but their character traits include cool emotional detachment or casual relationships. For an Aquarius in Love, they don’t like to repeat things, and they need originality. In this article through the science of Astrology using Aquarius Love Horoscope, we’ll tell you how to pursue the person of your dreams by making yourself unique and most importantly being original.

If you want to know your Aquarius love compatibility, then let’s start with the golden tips you need to follow, here they are.

1st Tip: Behold the Intellect

Now a good intellect might not be a genetic property, but in Aquarius case, it happens to be innately in their nature. They aren’t swayed away by corny lines or weird flirting techniques, and they don’t want to be fished out like everyone else. To really love an Aquarius, you just must accept their analytical analysis and try to be original and never put on a pretend act to impress. Uniqueness and individuality are what they look for in a partner. When conversing try to talk about things which they might get a reasonable answer to, don’t go too deep in superficial things.

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2nd Tip: Surprise her always

To surprise is to make her happy now where you either reveal something or secretly plan anything good. Since Aquarius doesn’t like a normal boring life, being normal and boring will make it think so. They need excitement, and constant surprises can pique her interest in you. Surprises can always be giving presents, get to remember the important dates from birthday to Valentine’s day. This will mark a good impression on her about you.

3rd Tip: Without Passion nothing is possible

The passion for love is a fire that needs to be kindled. Without passion, nothing can be true or meaningful. Aquarius are passionate, and their intellect requires them to hold onto their goals and struggle for it. This makes it important to get along with people who are rather passionate about life and love when it comes to a partner. Don’t ignore an Aquarius, for it will lose interest in you in no time. To make an Aquarius in Love try to give time and be fervent.

4th Tip: Independence: Decree of Freedom

while the title might seem something political of the sort, but it’s not. Everyone has their comfort zone and a degree of freedom they hold for themselves. Aquarius focus on their independence, and they are not to be manipulated. If you enforce your will or subject them to change it’ll only backfire. Hence the best way to really love an Aquarius has let it be. Never boss them around, if you are asked for any suggestion, don’t be too specific.

5th Tip: The Ideal Partner

Aquarius knows exactly what they are looking for in a partner. It isn’t necessary to fit by their standards, but it’s important not to be totally opposite of them as well. A person’s individuality is what attracts them the most, hence, being original is what makes it easy for an Aquarius in Love. They are idealistic hence their nature, and you can always get to know about your Love Horoscope to understand how much compatible you are.

6th Tip: Never miss a chance for help

Aquarius is a bit emotionally indifferent. They usually shut off their feelings. They might not always be aware of other people’s feelings, but they do get hurt and can be emotional at times. If your partner is Aquarius, there is one thing you should never miss out, A hug when it’s needed. Aquarius would try to hide their state of trauma or sadness but don’t let them ask you for help, instead, always try to notice it and help them in their sad times. This increases the chances of trust and loyalty in caring about an Aquarius and will ring the strings to the heart and make an Aquarius in love.

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7th Tip: Always plan things out

This is the most important thing you could do for an Aquarius. They are people who like to think about the future, their goals and work accordingly. People who are stagnant or stuck in their past are not something they’re interested in. for a better relationship, you just need always to be one step ahead. Try to plan things out in advance and have a variety of options but be firm to one. They would prefer to hold hands with someone who’s stepping ahead to the future, rather than a person who’s stuck in his/her past.

8th Tip: Let it Free let it be

It surely seems sarcastic to put two words with very different meanings but here is what it means when talking about an Aquarius in Love. like a caged bird, an Aquarius might feel trapped due to the curtaining of emotions, but to let it feel the warmth is your job. That’s how you let them free. Then let it be no matter how independent they get. They will take you in flying away high.

9th Tip: Be adventurous

It’s important to have a sense of adventure to oneself, and an Aquarius will expect the same from your personality. It means to let your partner explore life with you in a surprising manner where there is the element of enjoyment present.

10th Tip: Rate 10/10 in the niftiness meter

Now, this seems like a corny pickup line to use, but it’s the cleverness of your speech. Try to make jokes and be humorous so as to not let your partner get bored. An Aquarius might be very loyal, but once you get boring, it’ll find his/her interests somewhere else.

Aquarius is one of the most intelligent, quirky and adventurous people of the zodiac signs. They surely love mysteries and to make an Aquarius in Love is through constant surprises and deep care. This is something that can make the water bearer change its shape according to your love.

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