June 21, 2024
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The Most Incompatible Zodiac Signs For You According To Your Star Sign

We’ve all heard that there are certain astrological signs best suited to us. This is usually all down to elements. See, if you happen to be, let’s say, a fire sign, then you go with other fire signs – Leo, Aries and Sagittarius to be exact. Same thing for water, air and earth. It goes even deeper than that, where you also have other compatible elements – like air goes with fire (obvious, right?), and water goes with earth.

Can we apply the same principle to incompatibility? Is it also element based? Well, not really, actually. Incompatibility is more about something called modes, which, as it says, is a ‘mode’ of behavior. For example, two ‘fixed’ signs – let’s say Scorpio and Aquarius – tend to be to set in their ways and quite stubborn, so they’re not always the best together. They can ‘stick it through’ because they’re, well, fixed. But it’ll be hard work.

The truth is that we can make it work with anyone, given enough time and effort (and provided it’s not toxic, of course). And, your astrological chart does consist of ten planets which all interreact in a particular way, pointing to tension or flow. So, we can’t go only on your star sign. However, it is a good starting point, as this planet represents your basic personality, identity and conscious expression. Let’s get started!

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Aries: Most Incompatible Signs

Aries, you are hot and cold – one moment you like someone (usually because you can’t have them, or they’re a challenge), and the next, you’re bored. For this reason, earth signs are a problem for you as they tend to be quite stuck in their ways, and love their comforting routines. Taurus may be particularly challenging, as they like the same things all the time, making you want to run off a cliff in sheer frustration. They’re also very stubborn, and combined with your hardheadedness, it’s a recipe for trouble! Capricorn can also be an issue for you, as they are a ‘Cardinal” mode, same as you – you’re both leaders and you like things done your way. Uh-oh!


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Taurus: Most Incompatible Signs

You need a calm, peaceful and stable relationship, Taurus, otherwise you just get insecure. Thus, dating a changeable Sagittarius or Gemini could feel extremely uncomfortable, as they are ‘mutable’ modes, loving variety, whereas you are ‘fixed’ and need predictability. Sure, they can break you out of your comfort zone, but it’s going to be hard work to stay grounded. You might also clash with opinionated Aquarius, who is just as stubborn and fixed as you are! Leo may also be difficult, as they tend to be bossy and you absolutely despise being told what to do! Can you make it work? Sure – if you learn to both be flexible.


Gemini: Most Incompatible Signs

A drama-free relationship is important for you, as you tend to overthink things and mimic the person who you’re with. Thus, a fixed Scorpio may be very attractive, but at the end of the day, the intensity and crisis-mode can be toxic for your connection. Resist the urge, Gemini. You may get burnt. And Scorpio will far outmatch you for cunning, too. You’re also probably going to struggle with a rigid, stubborn Taurus. They want to visit the same restaurant every Friday, when all you want to do is try something new. And as adaptable as you are, it’s going to be tough doing the same thing day in and day out.


Cancer: Most Incompatible Signs

Cancer, you are a super-sensitive and caring sign – you have mountains of empathy to give and expect the same in return. Thus, signs that are very straightforward (AKA insensitive and inconsiderate) are probably going to rub you up the wrong way. Sagittarius, in particular, may hurt your feelings one too many times for you to stay the course. They’re fun, but they do tend to be a little tactless, and much too fickle for your tastes. You also tend to fall hard for Aries, even when you know it’s all fire and tears. They trigger your nurturing mode, but at the same time, drive you crazy with their self-absorption.


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Leo: Most Incompatible Signs

Romance is one of the major cornerstones of your life, Leo. Thus, your partner needs to really be someone you get along with. You tend to be extremely attracted to Scorpios, sensing their passion and loyalty – qualities that you share as ‘fixed’ signs. Yet at the same time, you tend to be high drama. And so does Scorpio. Two drama ‘queens’ in a relationship could be a little toxic, unless you find a way to tone it down and make it work – or just to accept it. You have potential, it’s just not easy. Capricorn holds a certain fascination for you, too, and you love their wisdom and power. Yet, you are two leaders, so it’s important to decide who takes the lead when and where.


Virgo: Most Incompatible Signs

You can be fairly critical and fussy when it comes to love – you know this. Your perfect partner needs to make you feel stable, secure and accepted, Virgo. You may find that Aries rubs you up the completely wrong way, as they’re so adventurous, so bold, so focused on themselves that they fail to make you feel safe. You can give all the help you like and they’ll still not listen to your (good) advice, which drives you crazy. Sagittarius is also a challenge for you, as they’re so spontaneous and excessive that you’ll probably just feel stressed most of the time.


Libra: Most Incompatible Signs

The truth is, you really can make it work with absolutely anyone, Libra! You’re born compromiser and love to please your partner. So, there’s no sign that’s totally off limits. With that said, you may struggle a little with Scorpio, as they tend to be evenly possessive and sometimes jealous – and you’re a flirt. You could trigger them like crazy, and you’ll hate the feeling of being possessed, even if it’s romantic at first. Cancer, another ‘cardinal;’ sign, may be too much of a homebody for you, being the social butterfly that you are. You’re also not as emotionally attuned as they would need you to be for their changing moods.


Scorpio: Most Incompatible Signs

Relationships and extremely important to you. You want a deep, intimate a close connection – nothing superficial for the Scorpio! For that reason, you may not do so well with an airy Aquarius, who, although not superficial necessarily, does tend to live in their heads and be a little detached for your liking. They need their freedom – you’re their best buddy, and passion isn’t as essential to them as it is for you. You may end up feeling like you’re their last priority, which could have you feeling very insecure indeed. You’re also not great with the fickle Gemini or Sagittarius, as there can be a little too much drama there for you.


Sagittarius: Most Incompatible Signs

Sagittarius, your number-one need is for freedom, growth and adventure in a relationship. Thus, being with the possessive and peace-loving Taurus or Scorpio is likely not the best relationship for you. They’ll entrap you in a routine that will only make you feel uncomfortable in the long run. They’ll also want to know where you are and what you’re doing the whole time – yuck! Capricorn is also not your best match, as they tend to be reserved, controlled and to your eyes, boring. You can’t imagine spending the rest of your life working without a break, either. Sure, they can ground you, but you’ll probably clash over who’s the boss.


Capricorn: Most Incompatible Signs

Libra is a sign that you’ll find very attractive and sexy, Capricorn, but you may struggle to hit it off long-term with them. They’re social butterflies and love to be at every event, connecting with new people. You could say that they’re flirty, which doesn’t fly by you. You need someone a little more solid, stable and loyal, in your eyes. Plus, you tend to like quite a deep and serious relationship, which could bore the Libra to tears. You’re also probably going to have issues with warlike Aries, who simply won’t do as you tell them, even if you’re right. Two ‘cardinal;’ signs like you often don’t mix.


Aquarius: Most Incompatible Signs

Aquarius, whilst most signs are pretty good dating their opposite sign, you’re not necessarily going to find it easy with yours. Leo people can feel like your nemesis, and it’s because both of you tend to think that you ‘know it all’. Leo people are hugely dominating, and quite bossy, according to you. And with you being the absolute rebel, it’s going to be an issue in the long run. You’re also quite argumentative, and can be stubborn – as can Leo. No surprises there, seeing as you’re both ‘fixed’ signs. You may have the same issues with Scorpio, who wants to possess you but you just feel like they’re clipping your wings and drowning you in too many emotions.


Pisces: Most Incompatible Signs

You may be initially drawn to the altruistic and humanitarian Aquarius. However, you may soon find that they don’t have the stability to hold all of your overwhelming and powerful emotions. Their detachment may be a deep trigger for you and make you feel quite abandoned, especially when they run off to be with their friends. You could also struggle with Aries, who initially feels like the Romeo to your Juliet (or vice versa), but is a little too insensitive and their tendency to blow hot and cold could make you feel very unsafe. You’ll need to work hard on both of these relationships to make them feel easier, Pisces!