July 16, 2024
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Love, Soulmates, Twin Flames and Past Life Compatibility

Have you ever wondered about the secret of eternal romance? Or bliss in the interaction between each soul, experiencing new sparks every day? For me, the answer lies in sharing a spiritual mission that transcends the self, dedicating your actions to a divine connection. We are born with a purpose and destined to work with specific souls, like in a ”Sharing is Caring Puzzle”.  We’ve previously discussed past lives and acknowledged that the people in our lives can significantly influence us, as we cast and manifest our destinies. Today, we’ll delve into the various types of soul connections, exploring the depth of these bonds and the frequency of our contract-forming with different souls. Are we all unique aspects of one another, facets and colors of the same cosmic gem? One common thread connects us all: regardless of how stubborn we might be or how many consecutive incarnations we spend making poor choices, we will inevitably, at some point, gravitate towards a divine connection with our twin flame. Many talk about this connection, although just a few actually met their significant other. Let’s unveil the mysteries about our dearest friends.


Soulmates facilitate Karma Clearing – paving the way to Twin Flame Connection

Initially, we can categorize connections into two types. The first type, which we can call soulmate connections, involves friendships, soul sisters, and brothers. These connections may span lifetimes, and they often manifest in different roles, such as becoming a close friend or even your mother in a particular lifetime. Soulmates, on the other hand, offer a more versatile connection. The types of contracts we form with them depend on the karmic lessons we need to resolve and our readiness to experience certain circumstances. It’s conceivable that you’ve shared past incarnations with a soul moving in a different direction than you, or growing at a different pace. In such cases, you may choose to connect with someone else, even though you still hold love for that person. Sometimes, these soul connections no longer serve a purpose, leading to situations where you recall old friends from childhood with whom you’ve lost contact. The difference now is that the impact of such loss is less profound, as you’ve gained wisdom from previous lives.

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The second type of connection, a direct route to fulfilling our spiritual mission, revolves around the energy of the twin flame. What makes them unique is that they are essentially ourselves in the opposite gender. This intense spiritual bond transcends time and space. We need to have a sense of responsibility for our own actions, because both good and bad choices contribute to our Twin Flame’s journey, creating sparks of enlightenment or blockages along our path. How we respond to everything is our choice, as the universe continually tests us. Yes, Karmic partners can be soulmates, twin flames can and normally have uncleared karma between each other, but they always find back to each other. However, you may still struggle with effective communication if you continue to attract painful partners. Karma accumulation means distancing from the twin flame connection bit by bit. Sometimes, this is just how the universe prepares you to fulfill your desire of purification and higher love. Deep down, you’re yearning for your twin flame.

But is it that easy to recognise yours? Those who have already encountered theirs describe it as the most profound relationship they’ve ever experienced. Some say they didn’t realize that their twin was standing in front of them for longer periods of time. Both sides! This connection can occur unexpectedly. Mastery of your energies and self-awareness can help you identify and communicate with your twin flame inside yourself first and foremost.



How to telepathically communicate and attract Your Twin Flame

So, how to communicate, even if you haven’t met them in the physical realm? Sometimes, emotions or past conflicts can hinder the process. We may search for reasons to distance ourselves, causing our masculine or feminine energies to evolve differently than our twin’s. However, with time, you’ll realize that other people can be more bothersome than your twin, and you may long for their return.

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But is it too late now to say sorry? No, but just saying it doesn’t help. Practice communication without words, forming strings of light and information between you and your twin, not long letters that you never sent.

Connect to your center (solar plexus chakra) and heart chakra and start feeling what is missing there? Is there someone else’s energy that makes me diminish my own to let them in? Which energies of your twin soul could complete you even if they are miles away? If your mind starts imposing ideals or expectations, then open your mind, concentrate back to your center and be as honest as you can. If this person is energetically here right now and always, what are WE going through right now? How is their presence making sense in all of what I’m experiencing? Did I put myself in this situation which feels like I’m not home, but far away from it?

Recognising this, is the first step in initiating telepathic communication. In many twin flame relationships, one or both individuals may already be in a relationship with someone else at the moment they meet, which can be vastly different from the true twin flame connection.



Why did we disconnect in the first place?

It can be challenging to fully love oneself. Sometimes love requires space to breathe. We all possess both feminine and masculine energies. If you’re a male, searching for your female counterpart, you may have disconnected over time from important aspects of yourself which your twin mirrored in you. For example you may start dating females who support your emotional stubbornness and only congratulate you when you signed a valuable contract, instead of actually sharing the emotional bond. If you are a woman you may start looking as well for the opposite of what your twin actually is, that’s because everyone starts to believe that it is not possible to find a perfect match. If you haven’t met your twin for many lifetimes, you may have lost touch with your understanding of these energies.

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This separation can be likened to experiencing and overcoming pain for the first time, helping you understand its nature and equipping you with a unique ability to defend yourself and the legacy that you and your twin created.

Face and embrace the person in the mirror

In today’s world, reuniting with your twin flame becomes increasingly essential as we confront our collective karma and seek profound connections. And since this is the lifetime where we should face all karma and let the masks down, I know a lot more twins will find each other, since they are not hiding anymore. This isn’t to diminish the significance of soulmate connections, but connecting with your twin flame, either energetically or physically, can elevate all your relationships, including those with soulmates, the natural world and everything around.

It’s not uncommon for both parties to regret their separation, as mistakes are made in the process. Remember, others make mistakes too, and it’s essential not to hold onto anger. You may attempt to avoid your twin flame, treating the connection as a lesson you wish to escape. Still, you’ll ultimately understand that this bond is eternal, and you cannot evade it ,so better try to get along!