July 19, 2024
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What Is A Star-Seed?

A star-seed, also known as a wanderer, is an individual consciousness structure which is seeded from the stars. The origin of this consciousness is not earth, but another planet, and sometimes an entirely different galaxy. Star-seeds are people who are “not of this world”, and often such people do lead lives as outsiders, lone wolves and social misfits, never quite feeling like they belong anywhere. The experience of the star-seed is of constantly being a stranger in a strange land. 

In truth, the origin of humanity is not on earth, and so for this reason we may say that everyone is a star-seed. Yet most do not live as star-seeds but remain asleep to the truth of who they really are. When we speak of star-seeds, what we really mean is awakened star-seeds— those individuals who have activated the memory of their origins, and who have identified themselves as someone living a spiritual mission, heeding the call to aid the earth.


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Veiled Mind

When souls incarnate into the three-dimensional world of earth, we opt into a veiled mind, wherein our memories of past lives and our awareness of our true nature are temporarily obscured so that we may immerse fully into the flesh-and-blood experience of being human. The vast majority of souls on earth remain entirely immersed in this experience, identifying entirely with the conception of themselves as human, three dimensional and connected to earth.

An awakened star-seed, on the other hand, on some level is aware of oneself as un-earthly. A star-seed may go through an awakening experience or may feel estranged from humanity and earth from childhood. Star-seeds do not identify with the system that has been constructed on earth.

They do not relate to the industry, technology, architectures, government, social customs, media or approaches to medicine. They find conventional explanations unsatisfying and are not easily indoctrinated or brainwashed. Star-seeds live entirely “outside the system” and think entirely outside of the box.


So, what is a Starseed main trait?

Star-seeds gravitate towards alternative news media, holistic healing, and esoteric or supernatural schools of thought. They often do not relate to matter and the third dimension, finding it much easier to conceive of the world as energy or vibration. Often there is a preoccupation with space, extraterrestrials or astrology; the attention naturally gravitates upwards toward the stars, away from the man-made systems on the ground.

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Some star-seeds may have profound and dramatic recovery of memory from past incarnations. They may recall lifetimes on other planets or have dreams where scenes like these are revealed. However, even when the conscious mind does not recover these memories in a visual sense, there will be an activation of memory at the cellular level.

One will experience this as feeling a certain resonance or attraction to certain philosophies, people, music, art, clothes, sacred sites, symbols, or holistic modalities. There will be an inexplicable attraction to certain topics, as though one already knows the information, and one will also find oneself in the company of other star-seeds, whom one will also experience as familiar.

Often the awakening of a star-seed is catalyzed by a supernatural event, dream or period of intense synchronicity. One may begin to experience widened levels of perception and even psychic events, like clairvoyantly knowing who is calling on the telephone or knocking at the door. One may be thinking about someone from the distant past, only to suddenly bump into them for the first time in a decade; or one may have a sudden curiosity about something, only to find a book on that very topic on the sidewalk.


Shining Light in Darkness

Star-seeds have incarnated upon planet earth in response to a call for help. Star-seeds are very old souls with a tremendous amount of accumulated wisdom, and they incarnate on planet earth to share these teachings in the very difficult and harsh climate that predominates on planet earth. Where they cannot teach, they can at least provide comfort, for there are many on this planet suffering from identifying as limited, three-dimensional creatures.

The vast majority of souls on planet earth are entirely identified with the “system” that confines them; they are so identified with this system that they are not even able to question it. They are so within it that they cannot step far back enough to see what it is and how it might be different.

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Many cannot conceive of a world without war; they cannot conceive of healing without pharmaceuticals; they cannot conceive of success apart from material possessions. In that sleep, it appears that the physical world is all that is real, and the goals of the worldly personality, such as ambitions in careers and marriage, acquisition of money, power and influence, and simply being well liked and fitting in, are the goals worthy of pursuit.

The role of the star-seeds is to shine light within this darkness. It is not necessarily to wake up any soul from sleep, for each has the right to choose his own path. Many star-seeds, when they first awaken, feel compelled to stand on a soap box and preach to everyone else about the truth that they have uncovered, and the hoax of three-dimensionality that limits and confines so many from powers that are theirs to use.


Yet they will be met usually with scorn, rejection and even anger, for each soul will only hear what it is ready and willing to hear, and very few will be receptive to hearing that they live in ignorance.

The role of the star-seed, then, is to raise the frequency of the planet. Star-seeds are those minority of people who put their attention into holding a high vibration, often through prayer, meditation or art, to help elevate the collective consciousness of the planet. In the end, there is only one of us here; we are all just sparks of light in a single sea of consciousness.

Therefore, any small ray of light that shines in any small corner of the world actually serves to brighten up the entire world, the entire galaxy, the entire Universe.