July 15, 2024
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Donald Trump: The Year Ahead (2024)

In astrology, profection is a predictive technique that involves advancing the natal Ascendant and its ruler through the zodiac to different signs, with each sign corresponding to a specific year in the individual’s life. The primary purpose of profection is to highlight specific areas of life that will be emphasized during a particular year. The time lord, often referred to as the “lord of the year” or “annual ruler,” is crucial in this technique. The time lord is determined by the ruling planet of the profection year, and its position in the natal chart provides insights into the themes and events that may unfold during that period. Let’s have a look at the year ahead for Donald Trump.

Trump’s Birthday and Profection Year

Donald Trump was born June 14, 1946 at 10:54 am in Jamaica, New York, making his natal Ascendant Leo. He is currently 77 and will turn 78 in the middle of 2024. His current profection year is running from June 14, 2023 to June 14, 2024, making the Ascendant Capricorn and the Time Lord Saturn, and thus activating his 6th House in his natal chart. When the next profection year begins on June 14, 2024, the Ascendant will become Aquarius, and activate his 7th House; the Time Lord will remain Saturn.

Note: The Time Lords are based on the Hellenistic astrology model, which assigned Saturn double duty with Capricorn and Aquarius. The modern ruler, Uranus, is not applied.

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In Donald Trump’s current profection year, until June 14th, the focus will be on the 6th House, ruled by Capricorn, focusing attention toward health, routine, and efficiency. This period emphasizes organizational skills, work-related matters, and perhaps a heightened awareness of health-related issues. Disciplined approaches to daily routines and potential shifts in health-related perspectives will show up.

In Donald Trump’s profection year, commencing after June 14th, the focus shifts to the 7th House, ruled by Aquarius. This brings attention to partnerships, collaborations, and diplomatic matters. The period underscores relationship dynamics, contractual obligations, and potential shifts in alliances. A strategic and innovative approach to interpersonal connections and legal affairs may take precedence during this profection year.

Time Lord: Saturn

With Saturn as the Time Lord during Donald Trump’s profection years (77 and 78), the energy of the greater malefic planet will introduce challenges and lessons.

Note: In Hellenistic astrology there are two points known as benefics (Jupiter and Venus, with Jupiter as the Greater Benefic and Venus as the Lesser Benefic), which bring benefits to the chart, and two points known as Malefics (Saturn and Mars, with Saturn as the Greater Malefic and Mars as the Lesser Malefic), which bring struggle to the chart.

Saturn often brings a sense of discipline, structure, and potential obstacles. In the context of a political pursuit like reelection, this could signify a period demanding meticulous planning, endurance, and navigating potential hurdles. There may be a focus on responsibilities, accountability, and perhaps a need for strategic adjustments to overcome obstacles.

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The influence of Saturn suggests a time of sober reflection on the foundations of his candidacy, emphasizing the importance of long-term planning and a measured approach. While Saturn can present challenges, it also provides an opportunity for growth and building a solid foundation for sustained success if approached with discipline and resilience.

Key Saturn Transits Throughout the Year

Moving Through the 8th House (the entire year)

Transiting Saturn moving through the 8th House brings a focus on transformative processes, shared resources, and potential rebirth. In terms of the pursuit of reelection, this placement may indicate a period where strategic alliances, financial matters, and considerations of power dynamics come to the forefront. The 8th House is associated with profound change and regeneration, so Trump might encounter challenges and opportunities that require careful management of joint ventures and resources, as well as doing things differently than he has before.

February 21st

Transiting Saturn in Pisces forming a trine with the natal Mercury in Cancer in the 12th House suggests a harmonious alignment between disciplined, strategic thinking and the hidden realms of Trump’s communication style. This configuration could facilitate a methodical approach to navigating behind-the-scenes matters, such as negotiations and political strategies. It encourages a structured, disciplined communication style, allowing for effective messaging in a more covert manner. Trump may find success communicating with the public during this time, but this activation will be happening rather far away from the election flash-point. This positive aspect will be followed by much more challenging ones for the rest of the year.

March 1st

Transiting Saturn in Pisces inconjunct natal Pluto in Leo in the 1st House signals a challenging aspect, suggesting potential tensions between Saturn’s disciplined, cautious influence and Pluto’s transformative power in Trump’s identity and public image. This may manifest as difficulties in reconciling the need for strategic, measured actions with the intense desire for personal power and influence. Navigating this inconjunct aspect could require careful attention to avoid power struggles or confrontations, particularly in matters related to his identity and public persona, posing potential hurdles in his pursuit of reelection.

May 10th to May 17th, and August 11th to August 19th (retrograde phase)

Transiting Saturn in Pisces forming a square with natal Uranus in Gemini in the 11th House, and inconjunct with natal Jupiter in Libra in the 3rd House, presents a complex dynamic. The square with Uranus may signify tensions between Saturn’s structured approach and Uranus’ need for innovation in Trump’s social and communicative spheres. Simultaneously, the inconjunct with Jupiter hints at challenges in integrating diplomatic communication with the disciplined strategy. This combination suggests potential friction between traditional and unconventional communication methods, impacting Trump’s social and diplomatic relationships. While his message(s) will resonate with his core; he may find that the wider electorate is much further away that it was in 2015/2016.

June 30th to November 5th

Saturn will go retrograde on June 30th and still be retrograde by November 5th, the day of the election. This strongly reflects an “uphill battle”, especially if Trump is unable to harness the discipline and controlled energy Saturn supports and expects when functioning as the Time Lord for the two years it moves through Capricorn and Aquarius in the sequence of his profections. New and old alliances will be continually tested, and a greater need for diplomacy will be required. This energy is very different than the profection energy Trump experienced in 2015, when he was on his way to winning the presidency.

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The Year Trump Won (2016)

Trump’s profection Ascendant from June 14, 2015 to June 14, 2016 was Taurus, activating his 10th House (of Public Image and Leadership), and making Venus his Time Lord during that time. Venus is the lesser benefic, so, astrologically, it should not be a surprise that Trump enjoyed a very good year leading up to his victory. From June 14, 2016 to June 14, 2017, his profection year shifted to his 11th House (of Community) and his Time Lord became Mercury (communication), which certainly helped his grassroots message.

The Year Trump Lost (2020)

Trump’s profection Ascendant from June 14, 2019 to June 14, 2020 was Virgo, activating his 2nd House (of Personal Resources and Needs), and making Mercury his Time Lord during the time he was running for election. Mercury is neutral, so, astrologically, it would not offer a benefit or detriment. However, the activation of the 2nd House is important because it brings a focus to private life, not public life, and could be seen as a predictive indication that Trump would return to “private life” and a focus on personal financial matters.

From June 14, 2020 to June 14, 2021, his profection year shifted to his 3rd House (of Communication) and Libra, making his Time Lord Venus once again, but while this profection invokes the lesser benefic, the action occurs “below the horizon”, keeping action more personal that public.

Chances for Winning the Presidency

Assuming Trump wins his party’s nomination and successfully makes it to the day of the election, this profection year is weak and highly problematic for reelection, giving him a less than 50% chance of winning if he is able to overcome the limitations of the Time Lord restrictions that Saturn always places on situations, especially because it will be retrograde from the middle of the year up to the day of the election, and beyond. Because of Saturn’s square to his natal Uranus and inconjunct to his natal Jupiter, his chances of winning are probably less than 35%.

While Trump is a fighter, especially with his Mars in Leo and conjunct his Ascendant, he will need to access more of his Sun and North Node conjunction in Gemini in the 11th House to find a new way of communicating that pulls away from his Moon conjunct South Node in Sagittarius, which expects to be embraced as an authority figure who should not be questioned. Basically, he will need some help from “the other team failing” as much as working towards his own highest level of success to win this year.