July 15, 2024
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4th of July US Birth Chart

4th of July: Happy Birthday America!

Astrology is a vast subject, but the doorway in is pretty straightforward.  Once you cross the threshold, it can be like walking through the wardrobe from our world into Narnia, which makes astrology a rather amazing spiritual tool if you are willing to plumb its depths, either on your own or with the guidance of a professional astrologer. Come explore this subject with me. I want to show you how beautifully complex the subject is and how useful it can be in many different ways in your life journey.

Traditionally and before the advent of modern psychology astrology was reserved for the rulers of nations. The charts of the king, princes, queens, and princesses were viewed as the guide for the development and fortunes (or misfortunes) of the nation. Beyond even the kings and queens, before the individual representatives, is the birth of a nation, its origin recognized in an official document dating its sovereignty. This article will look at the birth chart of the United States on July 4, 1776.

Choosing the Time of Birth

The Declaration of Independence signed and recorded on July 4, 1776, is recognized as the official birth certificate of the United States of America.  Dr. Ebenezer Sibley, a physician and astrologer in England (1751 to 1799) cast the birth chart of the United States for approximately 10:00 pm GMT (or 5:00 pm EST, Philadelphia, PA).  Dane Rudhyar, one of the pillars of modern astrology, researched and rectified the chart to 5:13 pm.  I am using the most commonly assigned time that appears in the default chart with the professional astrology program, Solar Fire, which is 5:10 pm on July 4, 1776, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

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As with all charts I cast, I have selected the Whole Sign House system, which keeps the US ascendant as Sagittarius, but does move the US Cancer Sun from the 7th House of Partnerships, to the 8th House of Intimacy and Death/Transformation, putting it the domicile ruled by Mars/Pluto instead of the one ruled by Venus.  I also use quite a few more points, bringing the masculine and feminine energies into balance.  Below is the US birth chart:

US Birth Chart Sibley

What is in the Chart?

Starting with the “Big Three” – Sun, Moon, and Ascendant

The US Sun is at 12 degrees of Cancer in the 8th House.  Interestingly enough, this gives the nation a nurturing mission with a strong need to “take care” of those closest emotionally to and aligned with its principles (allies).  I have always viewed Cancer as the sign best aligned with the superhero and protector of the less fortunate, more so than Leo, which can certainly look good in spandex but does not always strike the right tenor for why it helps people.  Next to the Sun is Hygeia, a point associated with health and healing, and just beyond is Vulcan (the arrow pointing down), which has to do with productivity.  The US can be most productive when helping others in need who see value in its ideals.  Hence, America evolved into the land of immigration, fostering an influx of diversity that helped it emerge as a great nation in a very short period of time.

The US Moon is at 29 degrees of Virgo in the 10th House of Prosperity, on the cusp of entering Libra and the 11th House of Community. America thus has a hard-working and industrious “soul” that can help it achieve prosperity through service and invention (the first airplane, the birth of the auto industry, and on and on).  To the right of the Moon is Mars, close enough to merge with the Moon’s energy and “power” the soul.  Just a little further to the right is Neptune, which infuses the 10th House with a spiritual purpose to succeed and achieve at a high level.  With both the Sun and Moon above the horizon (delineated by the AS and DS where the line between the two would form the horizon line of the day), this nation has an “extroverted” life and soul purpose.

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The Ascendant is Sagittarius, the explorer, the missionary, and the authority.  Sagittarius rules travel, expansion, expert knowledge, and spiritual authority.  While US official policy may sound protectionist or reluctant to be involved in world affairs, the reality is seen in economic companies, military bases, and diplomatic consulates all around the world.  Known for “spreading democracy” and as, currently, the world’s largest economy, America also has the distinction of having its currency as the world currency, which “backs up” all other currencies.  With Sagittarius as the Ascendant, Jupiter is the chart ruler, the largest planet in our solar system.  And of special note, Jupiter opposes the Ascendant in Gemini.  America is the land of “big talk”, big ideas (we will send a man to the moon), comic book superheroes, and loud motorcycles (Harley Davidson)!

Now, easily, an entire set of books could be written about the birth chart alone, but these three points can clearly give us a solid understanding of the fundamentals of this nation.  The US presents itself to the world as a leader (Sagittarius Ascendant), who is trying to help those in need (Cancer Sun) with its working-class soul (Moon in Virgo).

This Birthday – July 4, 2019

In astrology, there is a chart we cast when the Sun returns to the exact degree of the birth moment called a Solar Return chart.  Below is the Solar Return for the US for this year:

US Birth Chart Sibley Return

The Big Three Again

The Sun is, of course, in Cancer at 12 degrees.  The Moon is in Leo at 10 degrees and the Ascendant is Scorpio at 27 degrees, placing the Sun in the 9th House of Mastership for this upcoming yearly cycle.  Nearby and to the left of the Sun is the North Node, which compels the Sun to look for a new direction with regard to its use of expert knowledge and leadership. Current leadership certainly represents a new direction and it will be the full throttle of an election year starting at the end of this year (and in the middle of the Solar Return year).  Will the nation continue to “stretch” in its current direction or look for an even newer path; it is certainly not getting any energy to “go back”.

The Moon is in Leo in the 10th House of Prosperity, along with Mercury and Mars.  Expect a lot of performance and display in ongoing attempts to lead in the world (Leo/10th) in a “showy” or dramatic way.  It can be a very “center” stage year or one where the attempt is made to grab or maintain being on the center stage. There is nothing subtle about this placement of the Moon, either by house or by sign.

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Finally, the Ascendant is Scorpio, the ultimate change agent, and provocateur of power.  At 27 degrees the Sabian symbol is 28 Scorpio, which says, “A woman pursued by mature romance”. Could America get its first female president out of this energy? Jones says, “This is a symbol of the eternal promise underlying all objective existence since the fullness of life is ageless and the human spirit immortal in its functioning” (206). The keyword is DETACHMENT.  Every nation is something of and beyond its leaders and it appears this year will be one for the citizens to see beyond any leader or set of leaders and try to understand the essence of America’s birth and purpose.

Happy Birthday America!