July 21, 2024
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Aries Moon

Exploring the Moon Signs: The Aries Moon

If you were born while the moon was traveling through Aries, a fire sign, your intuitional response is naturally assertive. You have a deep need for independence and a go-getter attitude about your desires in life. Just as important as the sun and the ascendant, your moon sign makes up the “inner you”. It’s a definitive part of your birth chart that shouldn’t be overlooked. Read on to learn more about the Aries moon.

Understanding the Moon

Our only satellite is often overlooked but equally as important as the sun or ascendant in astrology. The moon’s lunar cycles affect the Earth in powerful ways, such as directing the tides, stabilizing the climate, and keeping our orbit in balance. Astrologically, the moon influences our emotions, shows how we feel nurtured, and represents the deepest part of ourselves.

Ruled by watery Cancer, the moon finds its home at the IC or the Imum Coeli, Latin for “lowest point” of the birth chart. This is also known as the House of Home and Family. The IC is where you go to feel safe and comfortable. Just like only one side of the moon is visible from Earth, the emotional, intuitive part of yourself is hidden as well. Your moon sign reveals your emotional response that was first cultivated through your family and childhood years. Your opinions, attitudes, and approach to life are all shown through your moon sign. It is the ultimate window to your soul, and it carries huge significance in love and relationships.

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The Lunar Mars: Your Deepest Self

You have originality down pat. Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, ruler of the first house, and the birther of new cycles and beginnings. Because Aries season occurs within the spring equinox, you are made up of energy representing fresh starts, giving you a childlike nature. Energetic and enthusiastic, you’re rarely ever jaded or plagued by heaviness. Much like Aries’s symbol, the ram, you also have it in you to be courageous and straightforward. A hero or heroine in your own right! You charge onto the scene bursting with new ideas, excited about life and all of its nuances. People admire this about you; they notice your ability to initiate projects, your bravery, and it inspires them.

Moon in Aries is guided and shaped by its astrological ruler, Mars, which influences passions and desire. Mars is the masculine force within all of us, that basic animalistic instinct that tells us to fight for our survival and ignites attraction. When the moon transits through Aries, your emotional responses become instinctual. You are often impulsive, playful, and have fiery mood swings. Most people won’t have to wonder what you’re feeling as you prefer to be straightforward. When you’re happy, it’s obvious. When you’re upset, you tend to make that obvious too. Aries Moons are prone to lose their temper, sometimes in big, explosive displays. Mars is made up of all body and drive without a head, which means it’s important to think before you act. The good thing is, these outbursts never last for long and you don’t hold grudges. In fact, you may find yourself laughing only minutes after you’ve been crying. Don’t worry—this probably doesn’t mean you’re bipolar. You just don’t like to dwell and mope around. Aries energy doesn’t want to be slowed down. The same goes for a lunar Aries. Your emotional responses are always moving forward.


Burning Out- More than any other lunar fire sign, you have the tendency to burn out quickly. You dedicate so much of yourself to everything you do, and that kind of tenacity eventually reaches its limit. It’s important you make time for yourself. Aries moons need creative as well as physical outlets. Make time for your hobbies and doing things you love. Give yourself plenty of exercise and rest. This will keep your inner fire burning.r

Reigning in Your Mars- Your biggest challenge is to hold your momentum. Though you often start out with a bang, your follow through isn’t always up to par. Your ruler, Mars, gives you the drive to act, but you sometimes lack the stamina that takes you to the top of the mountain. This is where it’s important to learn from those slow and steady earth signs. They know what it takes to diligently plan and to keep climbing no matter how many challenges they face. Break up large goals into smaller ones and allow yourself to complete each one with the feeling of success.


You’re usually a solo act, preferring to rely on yourself and no one else. Aries rules the first house, better known as the House of Self. This is where we explore our individuality and independence. It’s where we learn the phrase, “I am” as opposed to Aries’s opposite sign of Libra, which focuses on “We are”. This can make forming successful relationships difficult. With so much emphasis on the self-interconnected with your emotional needs, your highest goal is to discover who you are as an individual. Nobody has your back like you do, which makes it hard to trust others. Sadly, the lone wolf mentality won’t get you very far in the romance department. This doesn’t mean a great love life is impossible. You simply need to choose your partners wisely. The perfect partner will allow you to stay true to yourself while also complementing your life as a duo.

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Compatible Matches: Fire Moons

Sagittarius Moon- Much like yourself, Sagittarius moon natives crave independence. Both of you do well in relationships where there is plenty of space and the freedom to be yourselves. Ruled by optimistic Jupiter, people with moon in Sagittarius have an inner optimism that keeps things lighthearted and fun. Their desire to travel and learn new things will satisfy your Martian instinct to move forward. You want to be on the go—and they want to keep expanding. Neither of you will ever be bored.

Leo Moon- Leo energy is fiercely proud and majestic. Your playful moon in Aries will harmonize with their outgoing nature. This relationship will be full of laughs and fun as both of you enjoy entertainment. Leo moons bring a lasting quality to your short-term attention span. They understand your need for attention better than any other sign. Their generosity and loyalty will make you feel adored and cherished. As long as you remember to respect their needs and feelings, this relationship can thrive.

What Your Heart Desires

Since the moon tells us how we feel nurtured, its sign plays an important role in how emotional nourishment can be achieved. People with the moon in Aries crave the ability to carve out their own path. You’re a pioneer in your own right, and you’re always on the search for your next adventure. There’s a great big world out there, but your most important discovery will be in exploring who you are. As Socrates said, know thyself. Make this your mantra in life. Every success and failure will bring you closer to those deep inner truths. The more you honor your “self, the more you will feel nurtured throughout life.