July 15, 2024
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Why You Should Never Rule Out any Sign

Why You Should Never Rule Out any Sign

There is always a good reason not to like a certain sign, maybe you had a lot of bad relationship experiences with one of them, maybe one of them broke your heart. I’m here to say that the zodiac is all different, many of which are mutable signs, creating a lot of variations—as no two people are ever exactly alike. Then there’s a personality on top of all of that, so there’s no saying who you could meet under any sign, regardless if you’ve been there before. Chances are if there was chemistry in the past, there will be chemistry in the future. Here’s a look at what each sign is capable of being like when they are truly in love.

Why you should give the signs a second chance…

Aries (Mar 21-Apr 19)

No two Aries are exactly alike, yes they like their me time and yes they aren’t always rushing to the alter, but when they love you they really love you. Aries is realistic about everything. They don’t want drama but often find it at his front door. Aries is good when their not aggressive, stressed or angry. An Aries worth dating is usually kind by nature, intelligent, hard-working and very capable. They are usually in control of their affairs and expect the same of you. They tend to have high expectations and like to see them met, but a good Aries makes for a fun, joyful and interesting partner. Someone who will show you a different way of doing things.

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Taurus (Apr 20-May 20)

There can be some bullies in this sign, but Taurus is truly looking for a serious relationship. Taurus is loyal, devoted and committed. In fact, Taurus holds the least likely divorce rate in the zodiac. They usually make for excellent partners. The downside is that they can be possessive, controlling and jealous. The plus side is that they will be your rock, and your ride or die. Taurus is ruled by Venus, the planet of love, which makes them very tender at the root. They are generally very loving people even if they don’t look at it. A real Taurus does not feel complete without pairing up with another in the union of love. This person usually becomes their best friend and their everything.

Gemini (May 21-Jun 20)

There’s a lot of playboys and flirty girls in this sign, and it’s no doubt you have a hard time trusting them. They are excellent with their words and know exactly what to say to smooth things over. There are, however, good breed, warm-hearted, jolly souls who love to open doors, take you out on the town and cook at home for you. Gemini is the master of wine and dine. They will want to show you off—especially if you wear that dress or that blazer you bought together last week. Secretly, being in love with the right-minded, and the right looking woman or man is all they want. Gemini has the ability to be good and faithful, despite what the books say. When Gemini finds a partner who can stimulate them, they can be kept happy.

Cancer (Jun 21-Jul 22)

Cancers are tricky as they bear so much broken damage from the past and fail to let go of things. They have a hard time getting over their past relationships. Even If you forgive them, it might seem like they never will forgive you, but at the root of it all, they are very sensitive, loving and caring creatures. They don’t really wish harm upon others, but they will protect the people that they love. Cancer is the type that you want to come home to. They always have your back. Their the kinds of people you build a home with, get pets with, and have kids with. Cancer is very home-orientated and paternal. They also have very strong creative and crafty energy—and this extends to computers and video games. Cancers generally are good, wholesome people with proper values and sound, down-to-earth goals in place.

Leo (Jul 23-Aug 22)

If anyone complained about a Leo it was probably because they weren’t the one or they met them too young. There is also the chance that Leo loved you, but the love fell out and Leo broke your heart. Generally, Leo is a lovely partner. When in love, love is all he sees. Leo is very particular about who he goes after, but when he doe, it’s as if he knows instantly, and she will be forever his queen. Leo Is the ruler of the heart, and they do and show kind things on a regular basis. They are very thoughtful creatures. It would surprise me if many people were trying to let a Leo back into their life, Leo would rather make peace not war, but if you betray their trust then there might be some issues. All in all, their loyally is huge and nothing can compare to their generally joyful disposition. A good Leo is an excellent catch to find.

Virgo (Aug 23-Sep 22)

Virgo can be known for being a dick to girls he just wants to fool around with, but nothing more. Virgo is looking for perfection in a mate. When they find that they are a different person, they are respectful, kind, caring, even sweet at times. they will do anything for this dream match. With the right person, Virgo really grows up too. They start to see a future for themselves. Virgo man is about setting goals, making plans and obtaining them. Love can really change them for the better, as they let someone else into their world, they can open up their horizons. Virgo man gets better with age and can mature to be quite the gentleman.

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Libra (Sep23-Oct 22)

If they could just make up their minds about what they want, things could be a lot easier. Libra is troubled because Libra questions their own feelings. Libra in love is romantic, expressive, generous, sexy, considerate, and content. Libra in love is also sure and doesn’t doubt her love, she doesn’t have a list of reasons not to be with her love. Love on Libra is a beautiful thing, it makes them a happy, free-spirited and open person who can finally embrace all that she is. Libra might not always like titles or things like marriage or even kids, but they crave companionship, and they enjoy the presence of a good company. You know Libra isn’t fully invested when they are still hooking up with other people. Good Libra is loyal, confident, and satisfied. Love is the magic token which helps Libra grow up. Invest in love, and watch you blossom.

Scorpio (Oct 23-Nov 21)

It’s probably just so hard because they are always single or lurking in the shadows. The Scorpio has to be ready for love, and when that day comes, they will just know and they will secretly act on it without telling anyone. Two days later they will have a new partner. Scorpio is like that. They know they can have it, but when they don’t want it, they restrict themselves to it. True love for Scorpio will be deep and all-consuming, they will talk every day, probably move in quickly, whatever it may be, it will be intense. Scorpio’s emotions bear on an intense spectrum. It will be hard for them to get rid of their lovers and it will be hard for them to get over their feelings when they are sincere. Just be careful, Scorpio can have sex without emotions, and if you feel like you’re getting involved with one just for that, but have deeper feelings, you might want to save yourself. A good Scorpio in love is a beautiful thing, they are generous, loving, considerate, helpful and empathic.

Sagittarius (Nov 22-Dec 21)

They seem so hard to settle down, some of them are in it just for one thing, but some of them are recovering from their past, and some of them are scared to get hurt again. Once the dust settles, Sagittarius can be the boss of a lover. They can take charge. They will impress you with their charming and powerful ways. Sagittarius is looking for love; someone they can take care of. Sagittarius man doesn’t mind being the provider. Though he is open to any kind of household. Sagittarius is highly optimistic, compliments you often and makes you feel so good about yourself. They are adventurous and loves to travel, things with Sagittarius are exciting and stimulating, and never dull. Sagittarius can be a very thrilling sign; you just have to meet the right one.

Capricorn (Dec 22-Jan 19)

They might be hard to break the ice with because they seem so serious and keeping to themselves, but don’t be too shy to say hi. Capricorn is often called dull and boring, but they actually make for great partners. If you want security and trust, then Capricorn is your pick. They will stand behind you until the end of time. Capricorn isn’t going to do complicated with you, in fact, that turns them off. They want things to be nice and easy, even if they understand that this isn’t always the way life goes. Capricorn would rather keep pushing through the pain as opposed to giving into it. They’ve proven to be a lot stronger then people give them credit for. Capricorns are a great pick if you are serious about love and know what you want. Capricorn doesn’t play games, and neither should you.

Aquarius (Jan 20-Feb 18)

They tend to find love later in life, but when they do its pure bliss. If they did you wrong, it’s likely because they are quite charming and might have swept you away for a night and then never called. Aquarius men are notorious for that. Aquarius women are capable of that. Still, this sign is looking for a special connection, even if both male and female Aquarius have had their fun in their time. They need a connection, one of mind (particularly), body and soul. Aquarius needs to meet someone they can really open up to emotionally. They are pretty picky, but when they meet their mate it’s usually a match made in heaven. Aquarius is smart, adventurous, and goal-driven. They are humanitarians. They want to help in any way that they can. Some of them want to save the world. They are the type to usually speak positively about an ex, some of them are even friends with exes. Aquarius is a friendly sign, and really just wants peace, so please, save your hate. It’s not going to go over well with this sign.

Pisces (Feb 19-Mar 20)

Sometimes those fish are hard to catch. They have an agenda of their own, but that agenda does include love. There are some bad catches in the sea, so it’s no wonder some of you have had bad experiences, but if you catch a good fish, you should be in the right hands. They’ll be sweet as can be, or at least really kind, perhaps chatty, maybe not so much, funny, or at least love to laugh, with a lot of empathy and a lot of intellect. There’s a stereotype Pisces aren’t so bright (so more so than others)—that’s simply not true. Albert Einstein was a Pisces for starters, Pisces are very intuitive and often can be like mind readers. Your Pisces partner will be very understanding, but they’ll have a child-like essence. Sometimes it seems like they are the third child in the family as they love playing with the kids and probably eating the same foods as them. A good Pisces match is hopeless for love and will make you a priority.

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