June 18, 2024
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What Is A Typical April Fools Joke That Each Of The Signs Would Use

What Is A Typical April Fools Joke That Each Of The Signs Would Use?

April Fools Day is on April 1st of each year, full of pranks and jokes. You do something or say something to prank someone, and when they discover they have been fooled, you will yell, “April Fools.” A few historians believe April Fools Day started around 1582 when the Julian calendar switched to the Gregorian one in France. And those who needed to understand that the calendar had changed did not realize New Year’s Day was on January 1st instead of April 1st. And those who caught onto the calendar change poked fun at those who still thought New Year’s Day was on April 1st, which is how jokester day was established. Now let’s review each zodiac sign’s April Fools Joke.

Aries – Tossing Confetti At Someone

Aries, you are energetic, passionate, and always a kid at heart. You love playing a good prank, but you would get a kick out of it if you could toss confetti at someone out of the blue. Then, you would be ready to talk with someone and tell them you have a surprise for them before you speak any further. That will intrigue them because who does not want a surprise? Well, Aries, you will take a handful of confetti and suddenly toss it at them as you laugh and say, “April Fools Day.” Whether or not they will appreciate it depends on how well they can take a joke.

Taurus – Misplacing Someone’s Object

Taurus, you are stoic and stable, so playing pranks is not your thing. And you know that if someone played a prank on you, you would not appreciate it. However, you still want into the spirit of the prank associated with April Fools Day, so you would be the one to take someone’s object, such as a pen or an eraser, and misplace it. You will laugh harder as you watch the individual frantically look for the thing. If the individual were to step away from the area to look for it, then you would put the objects back and watch the individual sigh of relief as it returned as they would be confused as to what happened to the thing in the first place.

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Gemini – Anything Under The Sun

Gemini, you are the ultimate prankster, as you are a sign of versatility and communication. So you will think of clever pranks such as making fake announcements such as telling everyone that a big snowstorm has been announced in the forecast, which will get everyone busy checking the weather forecast. You can also make fake parking tickets and put them on people’s cars in a parking lot, which will annoy and confuse people. You would also be the type to put a cereal box or pasta in the freezer, and someone in your family will wonder how it got there.

Cancer – Pranks Having To Do With The Home

Cancer, you are the one that is associated with the home, and since you are moody, you will need to be in a particular mood to be in the prankster mindset. However, you will prank your family members at home when you are. For example, you may do silly things like taping the TV remote. That way, they may think it only works when they use it once they see you taped it. Or, you may tape coins on the floor, whereas if someone tries to pick it up, they can’t. That is until they see you taped the coins down. Your pranks are light-hearted.

Leo – Pranks That Will Make You Laugh

Leo, you want to have fun and be why others have fun since you want everyone to notice you. So you will do pranks such as putting signs on the back of vehicles that say “honk,” or you may put a sign on the grill of a large truck saying, “I need to stop eating, I know.” Those are the types of pranks you enjoy doing. You may also wear a dinosaur suit as you run errands to make others gawk and laugh in disbelief. That is a great way for others to notice you.

Virgo – Play Pranks By Using Food

Virgo, you are not known to be the prankster type, as you are serious and analytical. However, you still want to enter the prankster spirit on April Fools Day. Therefore, since you are all about food, work, and service, your pranks will involve food. You may do things such as putting baby carrots in a cheese balls bag, or you may even do something a little more sinister (you have that in you to do that) by putting caramel on an onion, which would make it appear as a candy apple! Yikes!

Libra – Plans To Prank Someone With Others

Libra, you are the one that values relationships, and you also struggle to come up with ideas independently. For example, if you want to prank someone, you will want to get together with others and plan the prank with them. Or, Libra may play the prank solo but will ask others for some ideas. For example, the joke will be light-hearted, such as sticking notes on someone’s desk about an overdue bill someone must pay. When that individual looks at their invoice and sees that they paid the bill, they will quickly realize that this is an April Fool joke once they know the calendar date.

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Scorpio – Immature Pranks

Scorpio, you are intense and passionate and do not give off the vibe that you find much amusing. However, that could be further from the truth. You have a sense of humor, which is one thing you keep hidden. Therefore, the pranks you would play involve something immature. Consequently, you could be the one who puts the whoopie cushion on a coworker’s chair, and after they head back from the kitchen or the bathroom, they will sit on their chair, and when they do, the rest of the office will look, and you would snicker.

Sagittarius – Pranks That Will Make Others Laugh

Sagittarius, you are the ultimate prankster for April Fools Day and any other day you want to prank someone. You look forward to April Fools Day because you can shine. You would be the one to put a fake spider on someone’s desk, which would look like the real thing at first. They could also shock you by tossing confetti at you out of nowhere.


Or, they could do something that matches their love for culture and foreign language. For example, they could tape a sign to your back that says, “Say hello to me in a foreign language,” And when people suddenly start saying “hola, bonjour, Guten tag, or ya,” that will confuse the individual being pranked until they notice something on their back, which is that sign!

Capricorn – Office Pranks

Capricorn, you are typically the one that is serious and goal-oriented, as you are all about business. However, you still have a funny side that you only like to show others if it is April Fools Day. If you play pranks, you will do it at the office. You do things such as cover someone’s mouse or wrap up a keyboard. You may do those things at home to your family, too, as you would do those things to their computers or laptops in their home office. Otherwise, you would only prank people you know.

Aquarius – Large And Out-Of-This-World Pranks

Aquarius, you don’t like to conform as you are a true rebel. You may not even bother pranking anyone on April Fools Day because everyone else does it. On the other hand, you may wait until the 2nd. Either way, whichever day you pull your pranks, you will do so in a big way. You would do something such as surrounding a solitary car in a parking lot with shopping carts, or you would wrap a vehicle, and on a smaller scale, you would do something like spray shaving cream all over someone’s sink. And you would film someone’s reaction to one of your pranks, but you know better than to share it online.

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Pisces – Fibs

Pisces, you are imaginative, and you would not play pranks that are physical at all. You would stick to verbal pranks, which means you would be telling fibs. For example, you may say things to people such as “I am quitting my job,” while those of you who know you would be shocked since you may be scraping by, so why would you remove the only security that you have? You would keep telling a story about why you are quitting your job, and the more you tell the story, the less believable it would be, especially when you say that you were tired of not being allowed to go to work in a clown suit. Then, they may catch on as they look at the calendar that you have been pulling their leg.


April Fools Day is great for playing pranks and saying silly things to others. Seeing their reaction to your pranks is what makes the experience priceless. However, if you decide to play some pranks on others on that day, ensure you do not do anything that could be too risky. Remember, some people have heart conditions or anxiety disorders, so make it light. Also, be sure not to say things that could upset people, such as announcing fake pregnancies. Otherwise, have fun with it.