July 19, 2024
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Libra Dating Profile

What Is It Like Dating a Libra ?

Are you fortunate enough to be dating a Libra? This zodiac is so seldom single, so count your lucky stars that they’ve happened to come across your path. It is well-known as the ‘love sign’ of the zodiac, seeing as they’re ruled by Venus, the planet of romance. Expect your Libra to sweep you off your feet and make you feel like you’re the only one in the whole wide world. This is one sign that knows how to pull out all the stops, and their charm, magnetism and flirtatiousness is unparalleled. Are there any downsides to dating a Libra? Sure. You will have to get used to everyone wanting to be with them, so hopefully you’re not the jealous type. Your Libra is also a bit of a flirt, but that doesn’t mean you need to feel threatened. Instead, be proud of the person standing by your side who has chosen you, out of all the many options that they often have available. Here’s what else to expect when… 


Dating a Libra

The truth is, once you get used the romantic nature of the Libra, you’ll struggle to be with someone who’s less demonstrative. Libra people truly woo you – they always know the best restaurants, the best spots and have the loveliest gifts. In short, they’ll sweep you off your feet, so you’d better be ready! They are also the types who usually show up on time, and are always willing to compromise and find a middle ground when it comes to where to go and what to do. Not to mention the they’re usually also very creative and tend to think of wondaful things to do with you. Libra is a sign that adores sharing experiences with their special someone, so you can count on them to always include you in whatever they do.

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Sometimes, your Libra sweetheart can be so indecisive that they’ll leave it up to you to make choices, which could be annoying, but it’s just because they really, really want to please you. This is a sign that loves to make their partner happy, so just go with it.


Communicating With a Libra

Libra is an air sign, and like all air signs, they’re brilliant at communication. Possessed of a diplomatic and sharp mind, they excel at debate and often play devil’s advocate. This doesn’t mean that they aren’t on your team. What it does mean, however, is that they’re going to pull you into discussions that you might not always be comfortable with. They love to talk and communicate, and this often serves as a precursor to physical chemistry for the Libra. They need to be with someone who’s on their mental level and can keep up with them intellectually – you have been warned!

You can also always trust your Libra to be fair in their judgements. In this way, they are always neutral, always able to see something from a very objective viewpoint. You can always bring your issues to your Libra, and they’ll do their best to see all sides to the story.


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How A Libra Shows Their Love

Libra has many, many ways that they show love. We could even say that they make use of all the Love Languages, not just one of them. Sometimes, they’ll be the most affectionate sign that you can imagine, with plenty of physical touch. Other times, they’ll shower you with gifts. But most of all, they like to express their love and affection with words. Beautiful texts, letters and words are all par for the course when dating a lovely Libra. They’ll tell you how they feel about you – often.

Libra’s will also tend to flirt with you, charm you and wrap you around your finger so much that you’ll be left gasping for breath, most of the time. They love to woo you and make you feel adored by giving you plenty of attention and flattering you night and day. Enjoy every minute!


What Turns a Libra Off

Libra is a very refined sign. Dating someone who doesn’t have good taste can be sometimes a turn off for them – someone coarse, loud, rude or unkempt is a Libra’s worst nightmare. They want to be with someone who takes good care of themselves, and appreciates things like art, music and beauty. Looking and smelling good are top priorities for the Libra – they’re just not into the animalistic, primal thing that many other signs just love.

Libra’s also value harmony, balance and peace. If you happen to be someone who’s quite confrontational, then that’s going to be a huge turn off for your Libra honey. They absolutely hate arguments, which sometimes means that certain things may go unaddressed or be brushed under the carpet. So, a little pushing is needed, but not so much that you end up pushing your Libra away.


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Strengths of Libra

Librans have so many strengths, chief among them the ability to negotiate and compromise. This is one sign that truly wants everyone to win, and will put your best interests first. Pleasing you and being loved for it is topmost on their list, which makes them an excellent, easy partner to live with when it comes to the day to day. They’re also extremely skilled with words, and should never make you feel attacked or pushed. As such, you might feel very safe and secure with them. Libras are also highly social and charming, which makes them fit into any situation you put them into. Meeting the parents? No problem. Connecting with your friends? Easy-peasy. You’ll be very proud to call your Libra all yours as you integrate them smoothly into your life, and vice versa. This is one sign that naturally knows how to ‘do’ relationships.


Weaknesses of Libra

Unfortunately, no sign is perfect, least of all Libra. Their charm and flirtiness might be easily seen as flaky, or even superficial. Some Libras are definitely quite shallow, valuing surface level connections. Getting emotionally deep might actually be extremely uncomfortable for the Libran. As much as they love relationships, true intimacy might actually be very uncomfortable for the typical Libra – unless they have plenty of water energy elsewhere in their Astrology charts. As already mentioned, this is also one sign that often avoids confrontation and conflict at all costs. This means that you may sometimes feel that they’re completely disingenuous or not being ‘real’ with you, and this is probably the absolute truth in some cases. They’re so scared of displeasing you and getting into a fight that very often, your Libra will say anything to keep the peace. This is one of their biggest weaknesses which needs to be dealt with if they want a heathy and happy relationship that lasts. You can be the one to gently guide them – without too much force – to working through issues instead of avoiding them.


Most compatible signs with Libra

One of the most little-known compatible signs with Libra is the gentle, tenderhearted Pisces. Both of these signs avoid conflict and are rather passive, which works well for each of them. There’s also a high level of romance and things can feel extremely sweet when the Libra and the Pisces get together. Sure, issues are often brushed under the carpet, which is the only real weakness of this relationship.

The other air signs – Aquarius and Gemini – are also very compatible with Libra. Aquarius is especially good, because they stabilize and ground Libra in a way that few other signs do. This is because Aquarius is known as a ‘fixed’ sign, and is thus are very consistent and reliable. They’ll also overlook the Libran flirtiness, being quite friendly themselves. These two signs know how to give each other space, yet are also each other’s very best friends.


Least compatible signs with Libra

There really are very few, if any, signs that aren’t compatible with Libra. See, Libra is such an easygoing, compromising sign that they’ll make it work with just about anyone. But, if we had to pick one or two incompatible signs, one would potentially be Cancer. Cancerians are notoriously known for their need for deep emotional connection, which may come off as clingy to the Libran.  Cancerians also value home and family life, whereas Libra may be more about socializing and friends. This classic introvert-extravert relationship may bring some balance, but it’ll take quite a bit of work and adjustment.

Another potentially incompatible sign with Libra is Virgo. Although these two will have very intelligent discussions, Virgo tends to be a planner and likes things to be in order, whereas Libra could prefer some spontaneity. Virgo is also fairly reserved, whilst Libra is the opposite. These two are a little like chalk and cheese, though good communication will go a long way to help this become something special. Last of all, Capricorn may also be a tricky mix for Libra, seeing as they value commitment, tradition and duty, and may see Libra is too flirty. There’s a level of possessiveness here that the Libra won’t enjoy.