June 18, 2024
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things you didn’t know about aquarius

The Things You Didn’t Know About Aquarius

People often think if they are an Aquarius that they are a water sign. This is a commonly made error, Aquarius is the Water Carrier, they are carrying the water up in the air, which makes them a highly diverse air sign. Known as the “weirdo genius” of the zodiac, Aquarius can amount to all sorts of things that land all over the map.

Aquarius and Friendship

So, Aquarius is most known for their trait of friendliness. Aquarius is worldly and can make friends from all over the place. The trick is, Aquarius keeps an arms-length with most people. Aquarius might look like they have one million and one friends, but actually, only a select, elite few of these friends are actually true, emotionally close to the Aquarius.

Aquarius is very socially smart. They are kind to people and they don’t ruffle feathers, but they also don’t cross boundaries. Emotionally, Aquarius is rather private, and they will be picky and choosy of who they can confide trust in. Regardless, Aquarius is generally very popular and usually very well-liked. Aquarius is known to be aloof so it is possible that they might also be very independent and in need of a lot of solo time.

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Aquarius and Love

If Aquarius finds the right person early on, then they will be together early on. Generally, however, this is not the case for Aquarius who tends to find true love later in life. Meaning, Aquarius might not find “the one” that they settle down with for good until they are quite mature. Take for example, Jennifer Anniston, she’s been married more than once, has been in several relationships, but has yet to find her forever person.  When Aquarius woman does find her forever person she may be interested in him for life, she may even have his children, but that does not mean that she will want or request marriage. Look at the ultimately famous Oprah for example, she’s been with her partner forever, but she will never marry him.

Aquarius needs to connect mentally with someone and hit it off over time. They are not a’ fall in love overnight’ type of sign. It is very possible for Aquarius to hook up with people and not feel anything for them romantically. This is why it is best for Aquarius to get to know someone first, even start off as friends first and create a rapport before you jump into things. Aquarius will require someone who can keep up with them. They are very adventurous and vital. They like to get a lot out of life so you can be a lot of things, but basic is not one of them.

It might be good for Aquarius to be with a soft, emotionally sound individual. They need someone to balance them out, as they need someone that they can open up to. Aquarius may seem super open, but most of them are super private and protective of themselves—they will need someone that they can trust, but also someone who can keep them on their toes. It is easy to bore the Aquarius so you need to spark their attraction for the long haul.

Aquarius and Work

Aquarius generally likes to reach for the stars. It is very possible that they have more than one goal in mind. Not all Aquarius people will be into the same things, but what they will have in common is the passion for something that they love. When Aquarius invests their mind, heart, and soul, this life passion can amount to big things. Aquarius has the natural gifts to be successful so if they choose to be low-key in life that is their choice. Many, however, will choose to be wealthy and admired. Aquarius has something to share with the world.
They are natural-born leaders and have a wonderful way with people. In fact, Aquarius is the humanitarian of the zodiac, they are very concerned about the welfare of other people. They try to help wherever they can and are often quite charitable. Whatever Aquarius does, it will most surely be impressive. Aquarius is full of potential whether they choose to use it or not.

Aquarius and Life

So Aquarius is usually super unique and cool. And they don’t welcome drama. Plus, they have hearts, but first, they have brains and they use them to get through life. They seek the ultimate experience that life can offer. They are the sign which makes the grass greener and greater. Aquarius is a sign of supreme originality and supreme greatness. They can amount to a lot if they desire to. The potential is within. Aquarius sets the bar; which others might try to follow. They lead and live by example. And they aren’t the type to need a lot of guidance. They provide a lot of insight for themselves and rarely offer up weaknesses.

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