July 16, 2024
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life of a pisces person

The Pressing and Pleasant Life of a Pisces Person

The Sagittarius artist Jay-Z said, “no two days are alike except the 1st and 15th pretty much.” With that in mind, there are no two fishes (Pisces) who are exactly alike. Pisces is a highly mutable sign, which means there is a lot of room for variation. As the last sign in the zodiac, Pisces is the sign that encompasses all the signs in one. For an Astrologer, this makes it exceptionally hard to guess the sign of a Pisces person. It can be said that no other signs have such contrasting male and female types. This notion makes it extra challenging to talk about Pisces because the men and women are so contrasting. That being said, we are going to try to explain the many movements of the Pisces person: The Fish.

Last in Line

Pisces may have to wait a little while longer than most in order for their luck to find them. Pisces will have experienced being the underdog, they will have experienced significant loss, which is why Pisces might want to give up from time to time. People make the mistake of defining Pisces as weak because they are emotional creatures, but truly this is one of the strongest signs in the zodiac. A lot of Pisces have fought the war and only come out stronger.

When it comes to talent, a Pisces person is full of it. Pisces doesn’t fail to prosper out of lack of skill, intellect, or creativity. In some cases, Pisces needs to be discovered because if they lack fire in their chart, Pisces will be hard on themselves, and even harder on their luck. A Pisces simply cannot get down, or tired out from rejection because it’s all meant to happen at the time that it is supposed to. A Pisces person may have to wait a bit longer for the things that they want in their life, but all will take form. Pisces is too powerful and persistent not to get what they want one day. The trick, Pisces, is not deciding they don’t want it anymore now that they have it.

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People do take advantage of Pisces. This is because Pisces generally has a very big, bright heart and they are not always careful about who they give it to. People will take Pisces’ kindness when they need it, and then totally disregard Pisces when they don’t. Pisces has to learn to walk away when things are no longer serving them. Don’t wait for things to fall apart. Don’t destroy things because you are scared of getting hurt. Learn how to love yourself enough that you will not tolerate poor treatment.

Unlucky but Lovely

A typical Pisces girl is sold on the Cinderella story and will wait for her prince. She will have to, however, kiss a lot of frogs because she is the kind of woman who will give the bad boy a chance. Pisces woman generally wants what does not want her, and the more you reject her, the more interested she becomes. It’s not to say that this sweetheart can’t find true love. When it’s right, it’s right, but Pisces woman needs to be ready for love in order for it to find her. She may also need to lower her expectations. Pisces, just because you aren’t initially attracted to who is attracted to you, it does not mean that an attraction can’t grow. Give things time, let yourself breathe. That being said, you don’t have to show interest in anyone who wants you. Yes, it is a great feeling, but only sheer chemistry will lead The Fish to bliss.

Pisces men are generally the total opposite of Pisces females. They enjoy women, but often can’t pick on just one. Pisces men are known for knocking up a woman, but never really committing to her. There is the total sweetheart Pisces male who will say things like, “I just have so much love to give.” This won’t, however, be every Fish. Pisces men can stay in relationships and not be fully invested. Sometimes for Pisces guy, it’s not about finding true love, but it’s about where he ends up—or who he ends up with.

No One is Like You

A Pisces Person is often that ‘special’ friend to so many. Friendship is something Pisces does well. They are very intuitive and have a lot of caring, sensitivity, and empathy for others. You might think Pisces will follow the crowd, but beneath all that “yessing” is a powerful leader and individual. Pisces will beat to the tune of their own drum and no one else’s. You cannot make Pisces do anything that they don’t want. They are very resilient. This comes down to everything, especially their sexual partners, and including their food. Pisces tends to be a little particular about their wants and needs. This is another reason why it takes them longer to truly grow up and get what they deserve. They know what they want, but their desires are not common, and it takes a rare breed to form a rare nest. Pisces know this is what makes you powerful. Your ability to exist and adjust to others can make it hard to let go. The more you learn about yourself and what you need, the better off you will be.

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