June 20, 2024
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The Biggest Turn Offs Of Each Zodiac Sign

Ever had that moment where you think you’ve met “The One”, and then, all of a sudden, they do that thing. That thing you hate so much, like leaving a cupboard open or turning their nose up at some good old spontaneity. We all have something that get on our nerves – and sometimes, it’s an outright deal-breaker, A little turn off can become a problem for life – so wouldn’t it be great if we could nip it in the bud from the get-go? We sometimes don’t always know what our turn offs are until they actually happen. And that’s where Astrology comes in – forewarned is forearmed, right? Read on to discover what turn offs are connected to your particular zodiac sign…

Each zodiac sign has some specific things that can be a big turn off in a romantic relationship. So, whether you’re with someone new or in a long-term love affair, read on to discover what turn offs are connected to your particular zodiac sign. Check your lover’s as well – so you know just what to avoid!

Aries Biggest Turn Offs

Aries can actually be quite a fussy sign when it comes to romance. You tend to blow hot and cold in relationships, and the tiniest thing can get under your skin and be a major turn off for you. Your perfect partner has got quite a few boxes to tick: they have to be independent to make you feel like they’re a challenge – but not too independent that they don’t give you enough attention. They’ve to somehow need you to be their hero(ine) and rescue them, but not be too much of a victim, either. The ‘mystery’ has to be kept alive and heaven forbid getting into a ‘boring’ routine. An unspontaneous partner is the literal worst to an Aries!

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Taurus Biggest Turn Offs

Taurus are quite accepting as a partner. Even if it does take a long time for you to warm up to someone, once you do, you tend to be very patient and calm. Nothing much gets under your skin. Your biggest turn off would probably be a partner who is non-committal or unreliable. Someone who’s never on time, someone who disrespects you by not showing up and being fully present in the relationship. You’ll also find people who are reckless fascinating at first, but after time, it’ll turn you off and make you feel unsafe and insecure. Finally, a partner who isn’t into sensuality and creature comforts is a big no-no for you.

Gemini Biggest Turn Offs

Gemini, this is an easy one – with you being such an intelligent, sharp and witty sign, your greatest turn off will be someone who can’t meet you in a mental level. In other words, stupidity, ignorance or failure to grasp a concept will leave you high and dry. You also find people who are too stuck in their routines as very boring, and this, they won’t float your boat at all. You’ll probably also be turned off by people who want to control your every move or are possessive in any way. You need a partner who, if they’re an introvert, won’t stop you from living your very best life.

Cancer Biggest Turn Offs

Cancers need a partner who’s going to be completely present with you, especially emotionally. Someone who’s going to be there for you, come rain or shine. So, a turn off for your zodiac sign is a partner who lives in their heads, not their hearts – someone who can’t have empathy for you and support you through your changing moods and phases. In short, an insensitive person would have you turning around and running for the hills! The other thing you’d find a turn off would be a partner who never wanted to meet your family, or visa versa – unless they had a very good reason.

Leo Biggest Turn Offs

You’re the type who is proud of your relationships – you love to show your partner off, whether it’s to family or friends. A partner who doesn’t want to be a part of your intimate world is going to be a major turn off for you. Worse, if they’re not romantic, don’t spoil you and treat you like royalty, you’ll just have no time whatsoever for them. You’re the type that gives your whole heart to your lover, and if you don’t get that in return, that’s the end for you. Some Leos also consider someone who doesn’t want to have children and start a family a turn off as well.

Virgo Biggest Turn Offs

Virgo is quite famous for its turn offs – you’ve probably already heard that your zodiac sign is the cleanest and tidiest of them all – and often, that’s true. One thing that does seem to be common for Virgo is your desire for cleanliness. Your disgust reflex is pretty strong, so runny noses, dirty dishes, filthy feet or a bathroom full of grime will have you hightailing it out of that relationship quicker than a blink of the eye. You ‘re also not a huge fan of partners who are disorganized, but sometimes you can turn this around and make it work for you – you do like taking care of others, after all.

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Libra Biggest Turn Offs

The biggest turn off for you in relationships probably is a partner who doesn’t contribute equally to the relationship- whether that’s emotionally, romantically, materially or otherwise. It’s not that Libra need to give exactly equal amounts, but they have to do something to show the they are reciprocating your efforts. A lazy partner or someone who’s in their comfort zone, never taking initiative, is just not going to do it for you. You’ll kick them to the curb in no time and find yourself a new lover who appreciates all the gifts you bring to a romance. And, not to be shallow, but you’re not a big fan of people who don’t take care of themselves physically and make an effort to look good.

Scorpio Biggest Turn Offs

Your hugest issue in a love relationship would be someone that keeps secrets from you, refusing to open up and trust you. However, you’ve probably got to realize that you need to come to the party as well, and show your vulnerable side. You can’t expect others to open up if you don’t, Scorpio! Lack of chemistry or physical passion is likely to also be a no-go for you, so if you’re on a path with a new lover and there’s no spark, it’s probably a good idea for you to leave it sooner rather than later – or get some professional help and insight before you become frustrated and it gets more and more difficult to leave.

Sagittarius Biggest Turn Offs

Sagittarius, you’re another one of those zodiac signs that can have quite a few turn-offs. This is mainly because you’re the type that needs a very adventurous partner that will give you loads of independence and always be up for anything. Someone who never wants to take chances and do something crazy is just not going to be a good fit for you. You’ll get bored quickly, even if you appreciate the potential stability that they offer. You also need someone who is able to talk to you in a deep and philosophical way, someone who’s educated, aware and ‘woke’. A spiritually dead relationship is a big turn off for you, as is a relationship that doesn’t feel like fun.

Capricorn Biggest Turn Offs

You can be a little bit of a snob when it comes to romance, Capricorn! You like to play by the rules, and although you may flirt around, you’re actually just trying out different people until you find one that meets your very high standards. Because when they do, you’ll commit to them for life. A partner who is classy, well put together and refined is the ultimate for you. Thus, the opposite – a scrappy, graceless and ill-mannered lover is just going to turn you right off. You also appreciate someone who works hard – maybe not as hard as you do, but you won’t be turned on by someone who has no career or ambition.

Aquarius Biggest Turn Offs

Your number one value in life is your personal freedom and intendance, Aquarius. A partner who can’t handle that – someone who is clingy, insecure or needs you around most of the time – is going to just drive you crazy. The moment that they start texting to ask you where you are, when you’re coming home or demanding to know who you’re taking to, is the moment where it starts falling apart. You also appreciate people who are a little different. Unique people who are willing to break the rules with you are your best. Closed-off, conservative types are simply gong to bore you in the long run. A born non – conformist, you need someone who is as vision-driven and idealistic as you are.

Pisces Biggest Turn Offs

You’re pretty accepting, in all honesty, Pisces. Very little is a turn off for you, which is actually a problem in itself. You’ll gloss over people’s flaws and toxic traits and view them through the lens of your famous rose-colored glasses. This is dangerous, because it means that you get taken advantage of way too often. If you had to pick one or two things, you’d probably say that a lack of romance would be a relationship-killer for you. You need someone who will share in your dreams and fantasies, and make life feel magical. Secondly, a partner who doesn’t share your emotional range will probably turn you off, as you need deep emotional connection.

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