June 21, 2024
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BL_AST_660_Venus Retrograde 2023 How To Thrive This Summer

Venus Retrograde 2023: How To Thrive This Summer

Venus is turning retrograde this month on July 22nd (note the number, 22 the Divine Feminine numerical expression) and will remain within this clockwise motion until September 3rd, when it will resume its anticlockwise trajectory again. An event that happens for 1.5 months, every 18 months. Why is this brief Venus explosion window so special according to astrologers you ask? Well, keep reading to find out.


What Does Venus Retrograde Signify

Venus, also known as the female goddess of Love, Aphrodite, is the celestial force ruling over beauty, aesthetics, harmony, unconditional love, relationships, value creation, and really anything to do with the synergistic communion between people and things.

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So when it does its backward motion, witnessed as orbiting around the Sun in a clockwise direction, rather than anticlockwise, it starts affecting us more “closely”, as in, we feel those areas more present in our lives.

And of course, this couldn’t be happening at a better time than summer. Beginning right at the start, on July 22nd, and extending all the way to the end, Venus is coming in and coming strong!

How To Thrive During this Venus Retrograde – The Gentle Awareness

As aforementioned, Venus spends about 8% of its orbiting motion in retrograde. During this brief window of opportunity, all lingering attachments, past life karma, or any present tethering to current matters, are brought to the surface to be witnessed by you and thus healed.

So during the upcoming summer holidays, we recommend spending extra time preparing for this period by placing your awareness in the gentle observatory spot, located within the centre of your physical being, called the sacral chakra. Just underneath your diaphragm, a couple of inches inside of you. (It’s the minus pole of the sacral chakra we are locating but that’s another story).

This spot is known in Hindu philosophy as the dantian, the source of your life force or qi energy. It is a guiding force, and based on how accustomed you are with it, the spiritual messages you receive go in accordance. And as you stay more and more grounded within this middle point of your body, within this core point, all experiences are more intensely felt, lived, and transmuted. This Venus Retrograde will allow you to do this in a more simple fashion than traditional meditation. You will simply start enjoying being!

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And at the same time, this practice, allows you to be patient, non-reactive, and at peace. Allowing the reality of each situation to kick in before you do something about it. Because you see, we humans, are quick to re-entangle ourselves within our entanglements. It is only through patience and being gentle inside, that illusions fall away. And when they do. Only truth remains.

And with truth? Well, you can see clearly. Seeing clearly means being able to respond “no” or “no thank you” when you have observed a certain situation that is prone to re-capture you within the attachments of the Earth matrix. Every “no” to something is a “yes” to something else. And often enough, the best way to liberate someone who is entangled is to, well, not re-entangle them. This is why saying “no” is key. It allows you to close off and not throw off any energetic hooks onto others. And that is always the first step.

Training Your Energetic Compass

The major secret here is to simply observe, as the moods and feelings arise within you. The way a father watches his child play with his toys. He isn’t quick to grab the game or shove his son away, no. He is patiently and lovingly enjoying his little boy, do his thing. And it’s within this energy, that all true magic lies. But it isn’t an energy exclusive to a father-son relationship. This gentle loving awareness is right here and right now with you. Always has been and always will be.

And as you allow your awareness to bring up all lingering attachments through being identified with All that Is, at the same time, your bliss arises. Following your excitement becomes natural. And eventually, money making with your natural excitements, with your hobbies starts becoming normal. And Venus being the planet of aesthetics and value, it also rules money and economy. But get this clear. It doesn’t want you to earn money slaving away your soul at a job you don’t like. It wants you to go out and create from your genius. It doesn’t want you to get rich or wealthy, but prosperous! And prosperity is a fine art, connected to one’s natural gifts, excitement and hobbies.

Following all the various pulls that life will present to you this summer, in conjunction with learning to be closed off from people or things which don’t feel good, might just skyrocket you well off into your spiritual and financial path! Go Venus.

And when we speak of pulls, it isn’t just for places or ideas that come to you, but also people. Especially with strangers funny enough. There’s a certain energy, rather thick, which happens to present itself during interactions with someone we haven’t yet been personal with. And the key here actually, is not to get too personal. Don’t start vomiting all your emotions within the first hour of meeting someone. Keep some mystery. Learn to be silent and witty. Open up, if it feels right, but do your double checkings inside first! Learn to feel intimacy without necessarily getting to know it on the surface. Sometimes not to know is better than to know. And sometimes not to do or say, is better than do or say. Once something is said, it cannot be unsaid, but if you wait patiently, and you always have the power of choice.

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The Summer Of Love – Venus in Leo

Go out, meet people on the streets, sunbathe at the beach, smile at strangers, and do whatever feels right to you. No explanations. No excuses. And no exaggerations. Just be your most beautiful loving simple self at every moment, and when the moment is over, move on. Don’t stay stuck. Onto the next one.

This time around, Venus will be retrograding in Leo, the sign of aesthetics, leadership, and personal style. Individuals who have been in the back of the room for too long, but are meant to lead from the front, now is the time! Individuals who have been withholding a personal transformation of style for too long, now is the time! Because you see, your main task here on Earth is to individuate. That is, to become who you truly are. Your own individuated fingerprint of Source, standing on your two good feet, here on Earth, without having to rely on someone else to keep you grounded. But being your self-centred force. Part of creation and bringing forth more creation.

So whatever you need to do to feel more like you, do so. Prioritize you and stick with it! You’re all you have and all you will ever have.

Past Lives – The Astral Is Opening

Venus is famous for bringing back old relationships that haven’t been sealed or completed yet. Now the important thing is that you don’t have to go back and relive the experience with that person in order to grow from it. There’s something called the astral planes which allow us to feel and experience the emotions that are in the ethers without actually being in the physical tangible experience to live them. Yes, you heard that right. And that is our inherent gift as humans. Fortunately or unfortunately, for most of us, it is dormant as it is underutilized.

Venus retrograde is a fantastic time for you to practice your astral senses and see how much work or so to say, how much you can feel on your own. Because at the end of the day, we’re all growing within our capacity to hold energy, to hold feelings within our body. Compassion. Empathy. And really harmony itself. Holding it and acting upon it. And in order to feel and understand harmony, one has to experience it, live it, actually go there and feel for herself. So go, astral traveller. The journey awaits.