July 23, 2024
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basic essence of an aries

The Basic Essence of an Aries

Aries is the first sign in the zodiac so it’s no wonder that things are happening for your Aries friend. These fiery creatures are very goal orientated and make things happen. They tend to be quite smart, and they work so hard to achieve all of their endless life goals. Aries is generally pretty thirsty in that they are born with a wanting essence. They could have all the water in the world and still wonder about their potential with oceans on the other side.

Greed can play a part here, and it is so important for Aries to count their blessings and try to live more for the moment. Mindfulness is something that all Aries people could benefit from. Often, patience will run thin here. They can be emotional, but the first emotion they impulsively go to is anger or irritation—it will be rare to see your Aries cry. Aries can be angry or feisty and they generally take their stress out on the people that they care about the most. And Aries hates to show weakness so If they are vulnerable with you, this is a testament to how much they trust you.

Aries as a Friend

Despite how friendly Aries can be, they are very capable of forming life-long friendships. When an Aries opens up to you, this is huge and a testament of how much they love you. If you interest Aries, they can be in your life for an eternity.  Usually these people are a token few, but Aries loves to socialize with all kinds of people. They are usually the type that can chat up anyone if they want to. Aries has the confidence to make conversation happen, and they usually will fall on the inclusive side.

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One thing to be careful of is Aries selfish side. When it comes to friendship, they will not put your needs first. Don’t learn this the hard way. Acknowledge that your Aries friend is always going to do right by them first. This will come into play when it comes to the opposite sex. Aries may not care about your feelings and feel that it’s not their fault if the person you like wants them.

Intoxicated Aries is the total opposite of ‘at the office’ Aries. They will be impulsive and they will indulge in things which could be perceived as bad for them. Aries can grow out of this stage, but some Aries stay stoic in their ways and can’t learn how to consider another first. The people Aries surrounds themselves with will have a great influence on how Aries develops with their maturity.

Aries Essence at Work

Aries is a very ambitious sign. They make and meet goals in their sleep. Aries can be that “can do” energy, which is constantly putting in the work and making capital. Aries can have a lot, but often want more. At work, they are best as the head bitch in charge. Aries is a boss, and even if they downplay it, their need to dictate and control will come out.

Aries is the hard-working, intelligent sign that surpasses expectations and usually sees reward or promotion in their life. It’s very important for Aries to be strong and independent. Even if they have a wealthy partner who can provide, Aries will want to make their own money. So much so that it’s rare to meet an Aries who isn’t pulling their own weight.

Aries Essence in Love

Aries is not the sign that needs validation about how great they are, Aries usually knows. They have high expectations in love, and are not easily pulled. Aries will expect to be chased, but they will not chase you. They want to be with someone great, someone that they can feel proud to show off to others.

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If Aries feels bored or a lack of attention, they can cheat, but when they feel like they’ve truly met the one, Aries will give you the best of them. Aries men are not typical, they rarely express emotions and they may not want marriage or kids, but that does not mean that they don’t want you.

Wisdom for the Aries

It’s okay if you don’t have everything that you want. You probably have a lot already and it is important to count your blessings. You might think the grass is greener on the other side, but it’s just as green where you stand. Don’t put so much pressure on yourself. You don’t have to be perfect and you are already great.