July 23, 2024
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The Basic Breakdown of a Virgo

The Basic Breakdown of a Virgo

Virgo is a mutable sign (a very mutable sign) that is symbolized by “the virgin”, but in reality, Virgo is usually anything but one. Virgo is a very moral, grounded and logical sign that identifies with its earth symbol that prefers to keep things real.

Virgos can be prone to “black and white” thinking, which make them seem sometimes like it’s “all or nothing at all” and this can be their downfall, but if Virgo really loves you, they will work to get past their judgments.

Virgo needs to learn to bury the past (forgive what’s over with) and focus on the future, their own happiness and try to cherish the significant moments in life. Virgo could be wasting their best years dwelling over something or someone that they need to let go.

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Virgo doesn’t commit to things they are uncertain of, which means if they commit to you, they truly mean it. Virgo is critical and judgmental by nature, you may perceive Virgo’s opinions negatively, but a lot of the time, most of the time, Virgo’s criticism is form of loving you—they just want to see you at your best self-living your best life. Also, if you are an extension of Virgo, they want you to possess the same wholesome attributes that they do.

Virgo in turn, may also enjoy a critical partner that challenges you to be your best oppose to being a lovesick, doting lover who thinks you are without flaw or improvement.

Virgo at Home

Virgo is a homebody by nature, they like their personal, private space and usually require some alone time in between socializing. This does not mean that Virgo can’t have a good time (just give them a few drinks), it just means that they often do feel a call to duty and responsibility. It is in Virgo’s nature to do the “right” thing even if this isn’t always the case. Virgo will be obligated to a moral code that alerts them when they are doing wrong, even if they do it anyway.

Virgo is well-known for being the anal, clean-freak of the zodiac, which is often true, but there are some messy Virgos. Regardless if Virgo is messy or clean, they will have some aspect of their life very organized. Virgo is usually the opposite of a pack-rat, they are more of a minimalist. In their fashion, they tend to pick neutral colors like earth tones and shade of black, white and grey. Virgo is modest by nature and usually is not trying to stand out with some crazy printed outfit.

Virgo and Friendships

Virgo is the type to be close with a select few, which they will likely remain loyal to for their whole life. Virgo will not grudge lightly so try not to piss them off. If they forgive, they don’t forget. Virgo doesn’t take things lightly and no matter how small matters might be in size, Virgo will always throw down in a fight because Virgo is nobody’s bitch. In fact, Virgo will know exactly where to hit you with an insult. Virgo can be beyond mean. You might come to realize that Virgo can be the meanest bully in the park if you so test them. Virgo is not the type to let anyone have control over them, or step to them with confrontation. They like to do what they want and they intend to keep it this way. Virgo is probably one of the most real friends you will ever have. Virgo hates fake people and cocky showboats, even if Virgo is super, super great, they will display a rather modest attitude. Virgo might not even beware of their greatness, which it is important that you tell them on the regular that they are appreciated.

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Virgo works hard by nature, but they hate doing something for nothing. Virgo want their hard work to pay off and they want to see and enjoy the fruits of their labor.

Virgo and Love

Virgo is very picky in love, so they may play the field for a long time until they settle down with what they perceive as “the perfect person for them.” Virgo tends to set a lot of standards for a long-term partner, which doesn’t mean they won’t date the wrong people prior to this—they will. Virgo might even find themselves attracted to dangerous or rebellious people, sometimes for the wrong reasons, but usually this is a phase Virgo overcomes. Virgo does care what other people think about their partner, and it is unlikely that they would marry someone with a poor reputation.

Virgo is the “sign of service” so they will go above and beyond to please you. Virgo isn’t a cheesy person, but their love is sincere and the fact that they are even with you in the first place is a huge testament of their sometimes, unspoken love. Virgo will strive to bring out the best in you because they see your potential and they will support you in all of your life goals—as long as they don’t go against Virgo’s principals.

Just be careful because Virgo is capable of carrying on with someone they are not serious about. Know Virgo’s intentions before you get intimate with them because Virgo can make you hooked just by being in your life, and that situation usually never ends the way you want It too. Let Virgo mature on you before you propose forever after with them because in their younger day’s Virgo will be distracted by attention and variety.