February 28, 2024
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What You Need To Let Go Of In Life Using Astrology

The Nodes in Astrology are some of the most fascinating parts of this ancient form of divination. The Nodes are divided into two and are known as the North and South Node respectably. The Nodes describe our fate and destiny in this life (the North Node) and your past life (the South Node). This is why understanding the position of your Nodes is important because it can show you what karma you have been born into this life with, and what you can do to let go of this baggage to live a more authentic and fulfilling life. 

What The North Node In Aries Needs To Let Go Of

Having the North Node in Aries and South Node in Libra can make you a bit of a people pleaser. You need to let go of attaching your identity to how others see you and develop your own sense of self. You have permission to be selfish at times, there is no reason to feel so guilty about it.

Your selflessness will get you into trouble and exhaust you to no end. It takes a lot of energy to always give so much of yourself and not expect anything in return. Being the Nice Guy or Nice girl all of the time can be quite dangerous to your self-esteem. You need to learn to say no and follow your own impulses.

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This will certainly help you to mitigate your co-dependent tendencies and help you see that you are worth a lot more than what others have to say about you. You can’t make other people happy, you can only make yourself happy.

What The North Node In Taurus Needs To Let Go Of

When you have the North Node in Taurus you also have the South Node in Scorpio, this makes you quite the drama King or Queen. Loving extreme situations that give you a feeling of intensity and excitement.

It is important for you to let go of any judgmental tendencies and realize that you cannot control others or their actions. You need to let people be and let them make decisions for themselves, you don’t always know best.

Learn to compromise a little and stop being so resistant to what others want. When you let go of your obsessive compulsiveness you will find that you are freer as well as generally happier in your life.

What The North Node In Gemini Needs To Let Go Of

When you have the North Node in Gemini you have the South Node in Sagittarius. This can give you the assumption that you are self-righteous and aloof because you make people think that there isn’t anything new that they can teach you. Of course, this is not the case.

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You need to let go of your need to always be right and open up your mind and listen to the perspectives of others. You never know, there might be something you can learn from them. You need to start seeing other people’s points of view.

Learn to check the facts because you cannot always solely depend on your intuition or your beliefs. When you learn to be more open to change you will notice your life opening up in ways you could never imagine before.

What The North Node In Cancer Needs To Let Go Of

Having the North Node in Cancer means that you also have the South Node in Capricorn. With this placement, you may feel the need to want to control everything and everyone around you because you feel most comfortable when you are in charge of the lives of others.

You need to realize that people have their own set of values and needs and sometimes this won’t align with your own vision. You might be too goal orientated and this is why you struggle to let go and let people be.

However, if you just learn to live in the present you will open yourself up to being more vulnerable and through this will be able to create deeper and more intimate relationships with the people close to you, without feeling the need to control them.

What The North Node In Leo Needs To Let Go Of

You might have the Noth Node in Leo, but you also have the South Node in the sign of Aquarius. This position can make you feel forced to bend your personality just so that you can feel like you “belong” or wait for the approval of others before you go ahead and make your own dreams a reality.

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You might get so stuck on dreaming and idealizing your perfect life, that you end up not actually getting anywhere. You need to learn to be self-motivated and to take action because it is what YOU need, not because someone else approved of your idea.

When you start to depend on your own vision and go for what you desire in life, you will notice that your dreams start taking shape. This is why you should embrace your own individuality and have confidence in what you aspire to.

What The North Node In Virgo Needs To Let Go Of

When you have the North Node in Virgo it means you also have the South Node in Pisces and unfortunately this can make you have a bit of a victim mentality. You might find that it is easier to blame others than to accept responsibility for your own misgivings.

This may lead you to be quite avoidant which could put you on a path of escapism involving drugs and alcohol. It is important that you realize that you are not a victim and start taking responsibility for your own life. You cannot always use the excuse that you are oversensitive.

When you learn to participate and bring order to your chaotic life you will immediately recognize the benefit of having a routine and how important it is to live in the here and now. This should help you to live a life of service which is truly where your destiny lies.

What The North Node In Libra Needs To Let Go Of

Having the North Node in Libra and the South Node in Aries can make you a bit reckless and often even selfish even. You tend to act on impulse without much consideration or awareness of others and their needs.

You need to let go of this self-centeredness and make yourself available to be a support for others. It might not be easy for you to be cooperative and open to compromise but through practice, you will find yourself quite enjoying being there for others.

You cannot always expect others to be like you or think the way you do, this is why it is so important for you to work on your awareness of others and through this, you will grow in immeasurable ways.

What The North Node In Scorpio Needs To Let Go Of

For those of you who have the North Node in Scorpio, it means you also have the South Node in Taurus. With this position, you might have an overattachment to comfort and the material world. You place too much emphasis on what you own and who you possess.

You will stubbornly stick to your way of seeing or doing something just to prove a point and you will put up so much resistance when others give you their input. However, if you just let go of this and open yourself up to being more of a collaborator than a dictator you will find your relationships start to flourish.

You don’t always have to rely on yourself to get ahead and when you become more vulnerable and open you will be able to learn to enjoy life without having the need to own or possess the thing right in front of you.

What The North Node In Sagittarius Needs To Let Go Of

With the North Node in Sagittarius comes the South Node in Gemini. You might find yourself constantly second-guessing what others are thinking and going back and forth on your decisions. Indecisiveness is something you might struggle with quite a lot.

You want all of the information and might feel paralyzed if you don’t have the full picture. You’re constantly seeking more and more insight about a subject, never quite feeling satisfied with what you already know.

If you just let go of this perpetual quest for knowledge, you might quiet down your mind enough to find that everything you could ever want to know is hidden within your intuition. Letting go will help you to trust yourself and to rely more on your intuition.

What The North Node In Capricorn Needs To Let Go Of

When the North Node is in Capricorn, it means the South Node is in Cancer. This position can make you feel dependent on others for everything from your mood to your sense of security in life. And when this placement feels insecure it can cause you to be stagnant and refuse to move forward.

You might find yourself limiting yourself because of fear and self-doubt, and find that living in the past is much easier than striving for something better in the future. If you could just let go of this insecurity then you will notice that you are more in control than you ever gave yourself credit for.

You need to let go of the past and remember to keep looking toward the future. Don’t depend on others to take care of you, you need to take responsibility for your own actions. When you do this you can take better care of yourself and your loved ones.

What The North Node In Aquarius Needs To Let Go Of

Having the North Node in Aquarius means that you have the South Node in Leo. With this position, you could come across as quite selfish, willful, and stubborn in your actions. You might have a my way or the highway kind of attitude.

You take risks just for the sake of it and find it quite entertaining being involved in your own melodrama. It brings you a sense of excitement, however, this is just distracting you from where you truly need to be.

If you let go of your prideful ways, you will find that it is much easier for you to express your unconventional nature and be more accepted by the group for your uniqueness. When you stop trying so hard you will find that everyone is special and that everyone has their own unique gift to share.

What The North Node In Pisces Needs To Let Go Of

Those of you who have the North Node in Pisces also have the South Node in Virgo. This position can make you feel anxious and stressed about every little thing in life. You might overanalyze everything and drive yourself crazy with all the overthinking.

Because of this, you might find yourself being critical of others and find it easier to find faults with people than truly allowing yourself to get close to someone. It is a bit of a defense mechanism because you aren’t the picture of perfection either.

You need to let go of this and realize that people are special because of their flaws. This will help you to be more compassionate and nonjudgmental in general. When you’re not trying to control everything you will find that there is more freedom for you to enjoy your life.