July 15, 2024
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Feng Shui: Cleaning And Organizing Tips For Your Zodiac Sign

It is that time when want to clear out your closets to see what treasures you never knew you had. Also, decluttering and cleaning is a great way to improve your Feng Shui, as less clutter allows the energies in your space to flow. This week, you are encouraged to declutter, organize, and clean your closets and anywhere else in your home. You can devote your time and energy to do that. So how do you clean, organize, and declutter? Let’s find that out based on your zodiac sign.


Aries – Sets A Day And Time To Clean And Declutter

Aries, you are highly energetic as it is; however, your impulsive nature causes you to leave items in different places around your home, which causes clutter. You also know that you don’t like clutter, and you know that you need to find a day and time to clean. And that is what you do. You dedicate a day and time to clean and accomplishing the job quickly because of your high energy levels. Therefore, National Old Stuff Day is the perfect day to dedicate time and energy to cleaning and decluttering.

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Taurus – Organize The Pantry And Closet Using Containers

Taurus, you love anything material and spend a lot of time in the kitchen cooking as you appreciate food. Unfortunately, that is the one place in your home that could get messy and cluttered. The best thing you can do is get some stylish jars or containers and organize your ingredients and non-perishables in your pantries. And you will want to do the same for the food in your fridge and freezer. You will also want to label the items on the containers. You may also find many things you don’t need in your closet, so you will want to go through them and toss away what you don’t need or want. Get containers and jars for other items you want to keep in your closet to have them in one place.

Gemini – Add Cleaning To Your Schedule

Gemini, you are versatile, busy, and easily distracted. You, like Aries, tend to leave items lying around in different areas of your home for various reasons. You also tend to put cleaning off even though you know you must do it. However, you can set aside time to do your cleaning and organizing and add it to your schedule. If you look at your day planner and find time to do your cleaning and organizing, add a day or even an hour to dedicate yourself to cleaning. And you will need to stick to your schedule and not allow anything else to distract you from it. March 2nd is a good day to add cleaning to your schedule, even if you can do it for one hour.

Cancer – Use The KonMari Method

Cancer, your home means everything, and you want to keep it tidy, but you want to ensure that the items you treasure never get accidentally tossed away as you are pretty sentimental about them. The best method to use when cleaning and organizing is the KonMari method, which encourages you to clean by category instead of area. For example, start cleaning and organizing your books, clothing, food, and paper. Then you can manage and clean miscellaneous items, and last but not least, focus on cleaning sentimental items.

Leo – Use Fun Supplies To Clean To Make The Job Fun

Leo, you love to have fun, and cleaning is one of those things that is far from fun. So that is why you tend to put it off. However, if you are expecting guests, you will be motivated to clean your home beforehand because you love to be the center in the spotlight, and the last thing you want is anyone saying that your home is cluttered and not clean. However, you must also clean your home even if you do not expect guests. So if you want to make the cleaning and organizing experience more enjoyable, get fun supplies or get creative with decorating your supplies, such as putting happy faces on them or putting some glue and adding glitter.

Virgo – Prioritize Challenging Organizing Jobs

Virgo, you are very analytical and known to clean and organize your home or office, but you are also a perfectionist. And unfortunately, it is not realistic to get everything spotless. And you do stress yourself out over it too. Therefore, the best thing you can do is prioritize the challenging cleaning tasks, such as sweeping and vacuuming, which you will want to get out of the way. Then you can move down to organizing your items and junking or donating the ones you don’t need as you clear them away. Finally, if you find a spot you missed from vacuuming or sweeping, you can clean it immediately.

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Libra – Utilize Feng Shui When Cleaning And Moving Around Furniture

Libra, you are all about peace, love, and beauty, and you already know that you need to make time to clean and organize your grooming area by tossing away expired products. However, since you need harmony and balance, you must ensure you clean and organize once a week. Changing your furniture’s positioning is also an idea because it could improve Feng Shui and help the energy flow more readily. When you make these changes in your home or office, you will want to ensure that the Feng Shui is in your favor.

Scorpio – Get Yourself A Mini Cleaning Set

Scorpio. You are intense, and you are the one that needs to be in control. That is why you do not let your rooms get cluttered, as you will take care of it before the clutter gets out of control. And you are the type that needs to clean anything up right away that is out of place. For example, if you see dust bunnies behind the sofa or underneath the bed, you do not wait to remove them. Therefore, you could use a mini cleaning set to clean it easily when you see dirt or spillage.

Sagittarius – Choose A Time When The Most Energetic To Clean

Sagittarius, you are a lot like Aries with that fiery nature, as you are energetic and always up for an adventure. However, when you are sluggish and not in the mood for an adventure, you do not want to rest or sleep. That is why you will want to choose a time when you are the most energetic to do your cleaning and a day when you can commit to it. You will also want to ensure you tackle the most important jobs when you are the most awake such as mopping, vacuuming, or sweeping the floor. Then you will focus on dusting,  organizing, and decluttering.

Capricorn – Schedule Cleaning Sessions Around Busy Work Schedule

Capricorn, you are ambitious and goal-oriented, and you pay attention to fine detail, similar to Virgo. You know you need a clean home or office because you cannot handle clutter. Therefore, you schedule your time to clean during your busy schedule. You don’t necessarily choose one day a week to do your cleaning. You will choose a day when you have open time to clean and organize. When you are cleaning, you are so immaculate that you also ensure you clean the inside of the window blinds, which many people forget to do when cleaning.

Aquarius – Use Out-Of-The-Box Cleaning Hacks

Aquarius, you are one of a kind, and that is why you do your thing regardless of what others say, and you have a progressive way of thinking. You do not care what others say and think or do. Therefore, you will find innovative hacks for cleaning, such as using toothpaste to clean faucets, detoxing the garbage disposal with lemons, or cleaning cabinets utilizing a vacuum cleaner. You do not dread the day when you have to clean because you think of it as another opportunity to be creative.

Pisces – Take Bite-Size Times To Do Your Cleaning

Pisces, you are dreamy and artsy, and you do not like to do anything that is overwhelming, and cleaning is something that overwhelms you. When something overwhelms you, you will keep procrastinating, so the best thing to do is to do the chore in bite-size chunks. That means if you are thinking about cleaning and know you need to do it but are dreading it and want to put it off, stop yourself there, and spend about ten minutes cleaning one room. And the next time you have the same thought, do the same thing in another home or office area. You won’t have to dread cleaning the entire home so much by doing that.

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