July 16, 2024
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The Love Languages of Leo

When it comes to the five love languages, all five love languages are tied for the first place spot in a Leo’s heart! That’s because no zodiac sign loves love more than this heart centered fire sign. Being ruled by the sun, everyone and everything seems to gravitate towards people with Leo placements, and because of that they have a hard time putting in the effort and energy into anything when their heart isn’t in it. And, honestly, that’s a lesson we can all take to heart!


Leo Sun: acts of service

Your sun sign is the most basic foundation of yourself, as well as your chart. It’s the blueprint which holds the key to your likes, wants, needs, hopes, and desires. You can think of your sun sign as the outline of your life, and by understanding it you can better understand your most authentic values and characteristics. When it comes to a Leo sun, love rules every aspect of their life, so it’s no wonder that these people value romantic relationships highly!

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The acts of service love language is all about anticipating the needs of your partner and making sure those needs are met (usually without having to ask every time). For most instances in life, Leo’s want to feel valued and seen, so doing something special for them when they’ve accomplished a goal, or done something hard, is key. Make a celebration dinner when they get the big promotion, or set up a luxurious relaxing bath after they’ve successfully navigated a hard conversation and you’ll be sure to win their heart!

Leo Moon: words of affirmation

Your moon sign dictates your overall mood throughout your life. It also represents the ways in which you like to be comforted and nurtured, as well as your knee jerk reaction to stress and stimuli. In other words, this is who you are when you are moving from an impulsive place of emotion. Any fire sign moon is going to be reactive and a bit dramatic, and we know that Leos love a bit of drama! At the core, a Leo moon is all about love, respect, pride and kindness.

The words of affirmation love language is all about making sure to verbalize the ways in which you love your partner, and believe me this is a big one for staying sweet with your Leo lover. The absolute best way to show love to a Leo moon is to continuously compliment them! Tell your Leo partner that they look hot, but don’t stop there, you’ll go farther if you can give them more unique and personalized compliments like “you have a beautiful vocabulary” or “your laugh is infectious” or “I love hearing you set a new boundary.”

Leo Mercury: quality time

Your Mercury sign dictates the way you speak and process information. Knowing yours and your partner’s Mercury signs is a great way to create more ease and less friction in your relationship, since we all know that communication is key! Having a fire sign Mercury means that you can go from 0-60 in a moment, both in terms of volume and energy, but this also means that arguments can quickly escalate! No one in the zodiac is more sassy and outspoken than a Leo Mercury, but that’s because–just like any Leo placement–everything they say comes straight from the heart.

The quality time love language is about sharing time and space with your partner in a way which feels engaging and connected. It’s one thing to sit on the couch every night and watch a movie, but taking the time to cultivate meaningful moments and foster a stronger bond between you two is another thing. This love language is very important to a Leo Mercury because they need good, active listeners as partners! Heart to heart conversations are the bread and butter of a winning relationship with Leo Mercury.

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Leo Venus: gift giving

The second planet from the sun rules over love, beauty, aesthetics, art, and what we find beautiful. This is the planet to look to if you want to better understand your artistic and romantic tastes. Having a Leo Venus means that love and relationships are very important to you, but you won’t settle for anyone who isn’t worthy of your time! Leo Venus is attracted to complimentary people with drive, ambition and their own unique style.

While a Leo Venus person can definitely appreciate a fine expensive gift, this love language is about having a physical token to represent your love, no matter the cost. Meaning, the gifts can be cheap or free as long as it comes from the heart! Keeping and gifting a momento from a magical date is a great way to spoil your Leo Venus partner with love. Keep in mind that this love language actually goes both ways, so a Leo Venus partner is likely to want to shower their partner with gifts in order to show their appreciation.

Leo Mars: physical affection

Mars is the planet which helps us understand our natural drive and how we can best utilize our energy. Mars is that special spark we feel when we meet someone that we are insanely attracted to! Life is so much sweeter with a crush, but especially if you have a Leo Mars since this heart centered sign pretty much always has love on the brain. Casual sex and dating isn’t usually your style if you have a Leo Mars because one doesn’t go without the other, so sometimes a casual fling can leave you feeling ready to say “I do.”

The physical affection love language isn’t all about sex, kissing and canoodling. This love language is more so about how being physically close or in contact with your partner is necessary to build and sustain closeness. It can be as simple as placing a hand on their knee even when you’re talking to someone else, but it is important to shower your Leo Mars partner in physical affection of all kinds. Pet their hair, kiss their neck, grab their waist as you move past them, and cuddle them as often as possible.